“Descent Into Hell”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Remember the old paper fanzines and underground mags? They’d give coverage to demo bands long before they got signed to a label and put product out. Some of those bands never got signed but developed a cult following anyway. Such a band was Chile’s Death Yell. Today Chile is one of the hotbeds of metal, but back in the late 80’s and early 90’s, extreme bands there were few and far between. Death Yell managed to create a brief buzz before self-destructing.

Now almost 30 years later, Death Yell have made their debut with “Descent Into Hell” and what a glorious trip to the early days of death metal this is! There’s a hard to define spirit of wildness and rawness on this record that has been lacking for a long time. These cats are really smoking here! If you dig the very early Sepultura and Krisiun stuff, this is for you!  The riffing is frantic, the time changes are frequent and there's a feeling that things are just short of going off the rails completely. But actually the music is quite tight. This peculiar mixture of tightness and chaos was unique to many South American bands, but Death Yell do it better here than almost anybody else, as a listen to “Cries of the Nazarene”, “Betrayed Chastity” and “Thy Will Be Done” will attest. These guys are probably well into their 40’s if not older, but play with fire and fury. The rasping vocals are sinister, too!

It’s crazy, but 28 years or so after their limited distribution demo days, Death Yell is ready to take the throne. A must for any fan of the glory days of extreme metal!