“Feeding the Crawling Shadows”

By Derelikt Waugh

On their fourth outing, Finland’s Sargeist has gone deeper and darker into satanic black metal territory than on any of their previous (not to mention, excellent) efforts. They’ve also chosen to travel down a much rawer path (aka old school production). Many of you would instantly assume that this means that Sargeist churns out the same old boring shit you’re overly accustomed to hearing from this style of black metal. Nine times out of ten, you’d be absolutely correct in making that assumption. Not the case with Sargeist. This is no mere retro black metal album. This is a real ritual of utter darkness, despair and malignancy of the caliber of those old acts we’ve come to worship and revere as much as Sargeist themselves.

It would be far too easy to pigeonhole this album as one that’s simply trying to recapture the grim glory of black metal’s past if it did not actually do so. “Feeding the Crawling Shadows”, however, is loaded with supremely majestic riffs, actual song writing chops, and black-blood atmosphere obviously culled from Hell itself. In all honesty though, I think the production might be the only negative aspect of this album. I know why they took this route, but I’m just a tad unsure as to why it was truly necessary. I think it slightly detracts from the over-all power of this album. That’s a fairly small bitch with a record of this magnitude though. The proof’s in the extremely evil pudding, fiends. I highly recommend that you purchase it, kill the lights, plug in the headphones, and prepare your noise-addled brain for a journey towards a place that’s utterly lacking the light of the lord.