"Hallucinating In Resurrecture"

By Dr. Abner Mality

In 2011, it was the band Disma that made a huge impact on the death metal scene, demonstrating the correct way to do massively heavy and monolithic metal with an occult feel. Well, in 2012, it will be Binah who take up that torch. "Hallucinating In Resurrecture" is crushing, cyclopean and absolutely merciless in its Lovecraftian dementia.

The first impression Binah makes is being in the tradition of the first wave of Swedish death metal. If you love that patented Swedish chainsaw sound, you've come to the right place...the opening onslaught of distorted riffage on "Morbid Ombumbration" harkens back to the first Carnage and Entombed albums. There are a lot of bands trying for that kind of sound, but Binah do it better than any other I've heard. However, do not mislabel these guys as mere retro-death revivalists. The songs have obscure yet intelligent structure to them, with a heavy emphasis on doom but not afraid to blast. The title track brings to mind the very best of Edge of Sanity, a band not much remembered now but who were one of the great death metal pioneers. The cut has such an arcane atmosphere, with moaning gothic vocals and strange solos popping out of nowhere...then it cuts loose with a fury at the end, leading to a memorable climax. "Crepuscular Transcendence" has an even more mystical feel...a feel that new bands like Maim and Funeral Whore cannot obtain. Listening to this song is like wandering through a prehuman crypt.

There's also strong influence from Incantation, Autopsy and Asphyx in the mix. "The Emissary" is utter deathly doom while "A New Rotten Dawn" sounds like a missing track from Entombed's "Clandestine" album. "Eminence of the Sombre" is a morbid  but catchy instrumental while "Dissolution" and "Absorption Into the Unearthly" are fast-paced, war-like anthems to rattle your teeth. Add a couple of eerie but appropriate instrumental bits and "Hallucinating In Ressurecture" is a sacrificial offering to dark old gods that none can deny.

A superb example of death/doom metal, this is a cryptic classic.