"Satanic Slavery"

by Theron Moore

I can’t think of anything better than a good old dose of death/black metal to make my day shine, in this case, bestial black metal, thanks to French maniacs Necrowretch who’ve plumbed new highs in wicked blasphemy with their new disk, “Satanic Slavery.” We’re talking eight songs of hellish darkness that delve deep into the darkened bowels of all that is black/death, and wholly perverse in the eyes of god.  And I’m here to tell you:  Hail Satan, it’s good!

One of the best things about this record is the dual guitar sound of both singer, Vlad, and guitarist K. Desecrator.  The ferocity of this dual guitar attack is a beast unto itself, a monster wall of sound with a nasty, vicious edge to it. Mix in Vlad’s demonic vocals and Ilmar Marti Uibo’s relentless drumming skills and suddenly, the record takes on a strong vibe of early Slayer (“Haunting the Chapel” / “Hell Awaits”) meets Possessed (“Seven Churches”) that packs one hell of a black metal punch.  

Of all the releases Necrowretch have put out since forming in 2008, “Satanic Slavery” is the full-length record that’s finally realized the vision this band has been striving for since inception. “Satanic Slavery” has that feel of a band that’s found its identity and is ready to conquer the realm of bestial black metal, which, at the moment, has several suitors to its throne, namely Witch Vomit and Weregoat.  But there’s room for everyone, the more blasphemy and satanic perversity, the better.  Their musical vision seems solid at this point which makes Necrowretch a band to watch.