“Downfall of the Apostates”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Deiquisitor’s name suggests they’d like to be a combination of Deicide and Inquisition.  Their actual resemblance is to Hate Eternal and the faster side of Morbid Angel. These gentlemen hail from Denmark and are said to be veterans of the scene there. Denmark is unusual in that the extreme metal scene there is very active but it doesn’t have its own distinctive sound like Sweden and Finland do. You can hear every kind of metal and grind originating from the home of Vikings and softcore exploitation.

This is a solid album if you like death metal on the speedy side.  It’s pretty relentless stuff with an emphasis on heavily repeated riffing. That can be hypnotic or boring depending on your take. I got a little bit of both here. There are some interesting technical riffs to be found in the title track, “Order of the Pegasus Light” and “War on the Gods”. They reflect a kind of cosmic theme which the band deals with in the lyrics.

A strong death metal album here, but not quite in the realm of the classic yet. Maybe a little further down the road…