"Unholy Cross"

By Dr. Abner Mality

With the slavering demon/zombie/vampire and the burning cross on the cover, you'd think these guys would rip your heart out and feed it to you raw. Instead, Bloodbound is about as dangerous as a wet hamster. Talk about false we have a bald-faced Hammerfall ripoff of the most obvious kind, specializing in saccharine singalong choruses meant to be stirring but winding up cloying instead. I can find no trace of anything unique in Bloodbound this time around. It's funny, but I seem to remember that when Urban Breed was their singer, they had some grit and guts.

Even Hammerfall themselves don't sound like this anymore, so those looking for a clone of "Glory to the Brave" 15 years after the fact can rejoice. Now the guys know how to play and occasionally there are signs of something enjoyable like the chorus of "Drop the Bomb" or the twisting guitar work of "In the Dead of Night", but in almost every case, an overdone, sappy chorus drains the life from already over-familiar material. Patrick Johansson, who has done good work elsewhere, sounds so much like Joacim Cans that Cans' wife probably couldn't tell the difference.

Sorry to be harsh, but I was expecting a LOT more from Bloodbound. There's a lot better and more original power metal out there than "Unholy Cross".