By Dr. Abner Mality

Chicago has long been known as the home of dark and queasy industrial music. FEARSORE fits right in with that tradition and has coughed up 3 tracks of creepy crawly sonic experimentation on “Wetworks”. If 3 tracks sounds like a meager offering, be aware one of the tracks is over 18 minutes in length.

This is a bit more subtle than the hammering thrash-tinged industrial of MINISTRY. There are certainly some heavy moments to be found here,  particularly in first track “Incubation”, but more often FEARSORE creates moments of dark ambience and electronic gloom with glitchy beats, found sounds and noise manipulation. “Dissent 2020” alternates a post-punk Gothy approach with louder, harsher sounds. But it’s the massive “Music To Travel Where One Would Not Like To Go” where they throw everything but the rust-caked kitchen sink at you. The length of the track is not as monolithic as you might think since FEARSORE constantly changes things up, ranging from washes of electronic sound to SKINNY PUPPY type beats to SWANS style harsh loudness. And everything in between. It’s haunted house industrial in best Chicago traditon.

Although not something of overwhelming quality or originality, “Wetworks” is a listenable dive into midnight sounds.