“Sonoran Deprivation”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Here’s yet another band strongly inspired by the glorious chainsaw buzz of old Swedish death metal. This one hails from the unlikely locale of Phoenix, Arizona, which is as far from the frozen streets of Stockholm as you’re likely to get.

Although this sub-genre is way overstuffed, Gatecreeper do a very credible job of crushing skulls the old fashioned way. “Sonoran Deprivation” really has the sound of  Dismember circa “Hate Campaign” and “Death Metal”.  “Desperation” is about as close to Dismember as you’re gonna get without being the real thing…a short, compact tune mixing full blast death metal speed and melodic guitar hooks. But I must say that Dismember is not the only noticeable influence.  “Stronghold” has the regal mid-paced crunch of the later Bolt Thrower albums. Now that B.T. has called it a day, maybe Gatecreeper can step in and take the torch.

This is a very solid but not yet spectacular example of buzzing pseudo-Swedish death metal. If these guys can add a bit more of a unique style, they will really be getting somewhere.