"Black N' Roll"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Have Chrome Division changed their name?! No, I guess not...this is another "down n' dirty" rock n' roll band formed by black metal guys for something to do when not summoning demons or trying on corpse paint. That's pretty much the idea behind Chrome Division,too, and if it wasn't for Taff's distinct sandpaper vocals here, I'd have this pegged for the new CD album.

These guys are OK at what they do, but they don't totally convince me that they're into this as much as their ordinary bands (which include Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir and Vesania). I suspect our Wormwood pal Jens Hellroute, a guy who smokes, drinks and breathes raw-boned rock n' roll, would not consider these guys anywhere near the level of Hammerlock, Antiseen, Cola Freaks, etc, etc. Myself, I'm not so schooled and so "Black N' Roll" is a fine little diversion for me. On the cut "Isabel", this band really cooks, coming up with something fast, sweaty and authentic. An album full of tracks like this could get anybody rocking in a hurry. Unfortunately, that cut is by far the standout. Other tracks like "Too Far Away" and especially "Morphine" are such obvious Danzig knock-offs that you really cringe. I mean, substitute the word "Mother" for "Morphine" in the song of the same name and you will obviously see what I mean. I prefer the fast sleazy rockers like "Barf Bag" and "Loaded Weapon" to the moody stuff.

Not bad by any means, I still don't get the impression that Black River is much more than a momentary side gig for these guys.