“Sea Savage”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Ahoy, mateys! The sea is a harsh mistress, so what better subject for some nautical thrash metal? These rugged salts from Ireland present 12 tales mostly inspired by the briny deep and they’ve thrashed things up in fine style. “Sea Savage” flies by and is nothing too dark and deep. It’s more of a “fun” thrash album, which some dour dunderheads will be displeased by, but which the Good Doctor thinks is welcome in these days of lockdown and diseased anxiety.

Although there’s a fair amount of humor to be found in tracks like “Miami Supercops” and “She’s Not My Mother, Todd”, don’t get the impression that GAMA BOMB is a joke. The playing here is very tight and focused and the songs are good examples of lean, fat-free metal. Their style is generally more inspired by the Bay Area instead of the raging German stuff, with a lot of precise picking and catchy riffs. All of these 12 songs are fast and focused and fortunately, there’s no token ballads clogging up the bilge pumps. A lot of bands can imitate the style of the greats, but few really understand the inner workings of good thrash. GAMA BOMB do, or at least they do on “Sea Savage”.

My favorites here are the riff-tastic “Iron Blood”, “Sheer Khan” with its high pitched yelping and “Monsterizer”. But the quality is pretty uniform and the tracks vary only by the slightest of degrees. It’s not a heavy philosophical or depressing effort and that’s part of what makes this a lot of fun.