“Paradigm Shift”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Hmmm, wonder if Jon Moxley knows about this album? An in-joke there for wrestling fans...but now on to the band! And what a delightful surprise AMON ACID turned out to be! An almost perfect combination of doom metal and space rock, heavy enough to bang to, trippy enough to space out to.

The band is actually a duo...a Greek singer/guitarist and an English lady bassist who looks like Edwige Fenech! Together they create some sublime heavy riffs and cosmic frequencies. On 90% of albums, the obligatory intro is a complete throwaway, but not here. “Intro” is actually a pretty cool combo of horror movie tones and dark, subdued doom, the perfect lead in to the first main track, “Monarch”, which features heavy crunch with very psychdelic guitar effects and space sounds. Vocalist Sarantis has a deep bass voice which is different than the usual Ozz-isms.

Continuing on, “Alien King” deftly tosses some Mediterranean/Grecian stylings into a heavy, MONSTER MAGNET style track. “Overlord” is thicker and stranger, more on the level of ELECTRIC WIZARD but not quite as dense. There’s some great psych soloing here. “Fear of Space” is more pure space rock, not as doomy or riffy, but throwing a lot of quirky guitar effects and synth into a tense tune. It serve as the lead in to the gargantuan title track. I haven’t heard a better long, droning doom track in a dog’s age. The main riff is absolutely hypnotic and will have you nodding your head for the duration while a massive amount of space weirdness is piled on top...enough to make Nik Turner and Julian Cope both smile.

The result is an extremely pleasing example of psychedelic doom metal. Keep an eye out for AMON ACID, they could really be a contender!