"The Test of Time"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Another cool band from the incredibly fertile metal hotbed of Chicago has arrived on the scene. Deathcult look on the surface to be extremely primitive death or black metal, but in actuality, there's a good dose of thrash and just very dark "regular" metal mixed in their ghoulish stew of basic but appealing debauchtery.

If you're looking for your bones to be ground to paste as if by some slamming death metal or super-techy deathcore stuff, keep your Carnifex shirt dry and walk on past the graveyard. But if you're looking for metal that's gnarly yet almost comfy in its catchiness, welcome to the tombs. What cool about these guys is that all 8 tracks here have their own identity and their own feel...."Form of Things Unknown" has a very dark heavy metal sound, "Mutant Generation" and the title track are hook-laden thrashers, "Born To Lose" is a sludgy death metal brute and "Inner Beast" even has a sizable black metal feel to it. All of these songs are easy to get into as a custom made coffin.

I cannot say "The Test of Time" blows me away or makes me rage around the room like a rabid ape, but instead it emerges as a pleasing and satisfying romp through an old school cemetery strewn with the bones of past greats. It's as much fun as a carnival ride through Hell!