“Blackest Horizon”

By Dr. Abner Mality

This record is a real grower and a pleasant surprise. Valgrind hail from Italy, but they’ve come up with a sound that owes a lot to classic Pestilence. For some reason, I’m starting to hear more bands using this style, especially the kind of slurred death vocals that Martin van Drunen pioneered.

Valgrind is more than just a band aping Pestilence, though…they’ve come up with some really good songs that stand on their own and use some clever twists.  The third cut here “Third and Last” is a real eye opener, with some very cool mid-paced riffs that catch my interest right away. The lead soloing on the album is intense but melodic and very well done. The final “Last Angel” trilogy shows they saved the best for last, as each separate part has its own identity. There’s even expansive, spacy keyboard work on “The Blackest Horizon” and “Last Angel”(Hades Horseman) to add atmosphere.

Very solid album from Valgrind, well written, well played and well produced. Mandatory for Pestilence fans.