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This week's update marks the end of this phase of Wormwood Chronicles. For the last 11 years, we have been hosted on this version of Google Sites, which gave the Good Doctor a quick and easy way to update the site. Plus, we didn't have to flood visitors with a sea of ads. As of Sept. 1, we will no longer be able to use this platform. So it's time to move! We're working on a new updated version of Wormwood with a slicker look. And the good news is, still no ads! The new site should appear in late August 2021 and will feature all the reviews, interviews and articles you love, but in a new format. Still, I've grown use to this version and feel wistful about letting it go. Keep watching this space, humanoids...the new Wormwood will be here before you know it!

Our last article on this site takes us to the Philm Phreaks section, where DARK STARR takes a look at the late horror movie maven STUART GORDON's films inspired by the works of the immortal H.P. LOVECRAFT. This includes "Reanimator", "From Beyond", "Dagon" and more! For one last dive into the world of weird film in this version of Wormwood, click HERE!

And here's the last Torture Chamber in the current format! We will see you in a few weeks at the new and improved Wormwood!

OXYGEN DESTROYER                                   "Sinister Monstrosities Spawned by the Unfathomable Ignorance of Humankind"

WALD KRYPTA                                             "Possessed by Nothingness"

WORMWOOD                                               "Arkivet"

CEREBRAL ROT                                            "Excretion of Mortality"

URNE                                                          "Serpent and Spirit"

WANDERER                                                  "Liberation from a Brutalist Existence"


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Just a remind to all you folks out there...next week will mark the LAST update of the Wormwood site as it currently exists! The NEW version of the site should debut in late August!

In the meantime, I'm proud to present my interview with thrash metal legends FLOTSAM AND JETSAM! These guys have endured since the latter half of the 80's and have always been a prolific and interesting band. I was lucky enough to talk to three of members...golden-throated lead vocalist ERIC A. KNUTSON, long time guitar maestro MICHAEL GILBERT and veteran drummer KEN MARY! They talk about what's kept the band going all these years and also about their most recent masterpiece "Blood In the Water"! Click on the link HERE and hear everything straight from the maw of FLOTZILLA!

Next week will see the last Philm Phreaks article for this version of Wormwood, DARK STARR's look at the H.P. LOVECRAFT inspired films of the late director STUART GORDON And I can tell you that one of the first interviews to appear at the new Wormwood site will be a chat with those underground commandos of anti-Christian metal, NUNSLAUGHTER! Somehow I hooked up with DON OF THE DEAD for that one! Working on a lot more stuff for the new WC...keep tabs on developments at the Wormwood Facebook page HERE!

And now, an especially generous version of the Torture Chamber for your perusal...

INFEX                                                         "Burning In Exile"

STARLIGHT RITUAL                                      "Sealed In Starlight"

GODSLAVE                                                  "Positive Aggressive"

MENTAL CAVITY                                           "Mass Rebel Infest"

VREID                                                         "Wild North West"

LUCIFER'S HAMMER                                      "The Trip"

CRAVEN IDOL                                               "Forked Tongues"

ORIFLAMME                                                  "L'egide Ardente"

NOTHING SACRED                                         "No Gods"


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Dr. Mality here with a major announcement about the future of Wormwood. In two weeks, this version of the website, which we've been using for 11 years, will stop updating. The version of the platform we've been using will cease to exist so we will be moving to a new version. Wormwood will be getting a long overdue upgrade and change in appearance. For approximately one month, there will be no updates here. But have no fear! When the new version of the site launches, we will have tons of new material for you to check out, including a new interview I just secured with death metal maniacs NUNSLAUGHTER! Plus lots of other goodies yet to be revealed! All the material on this current version of the site will be archived, but will be easily accessible. I'm excited and a little nervous about this but it's long overdue. Further updates to follow...stay tuned!

This week, we turn the mike over to the esteemed LORD RANDALL, who brings us an interview with up and coming doom/stoner overlords SUNCROW! He speaks with guitarist BEN NECHANICKY about what drives this heavy riff machine. You can check the interview out HERE!

And here is this week's edition of the Torture Chamber for you to gnaw on...

WITCH CROSS                                                               "Angel of Death"

FLUIDS                                                                         "Not Dark Yet"

DISTRICT 97                                                                 "Screenplay"

GO AHEAD AND DIE                                                       "Go Ahead And Die"

UNGFELL                                                                       "Es Grauet"

HEXORCIST                                                                   "Evil Reaping Death"


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This week brings us a first time WC interview with one of the true veteran bands of the U.S. death metal scene, Washington's DRAWN AND QUARTERED! These cats have been grinding out their putrid yet powerful odes of destruction for about 30 years now. Guitarist KELLY SHANE KUCIEMBA has been with them since the very beginning and it was an honor to speak to him about his time with the band and their revolting new album "Congregation Pestilence". He tells in very precise and articulate fashion what his vision of DRAWN AND QUARTERED is...learn from one of the best right HERE!

We've got a prodigious edition of the hallowed Wormwood Torture Chamber for your inspection this week, featuring bands from all across the globe...

BLAZON RITE                                                          "Endless Hall of Golden Totem"

ERADICATOR                                                           "Influence Denied"

THE GRASSHOPPER LIES HEAVY                                "A Cult That Worships A God of Death"

CHALICE OF SIN                                                      "Chalice of Sin"

DESASTER                                                               "Churches Without Saints"

SXUPERION                                                             "Auscultating Astral Monuments"

ASSAULT                                                                 "Aevum Et Illustrata"

SILVER TALON                                                         "Decadence and Decay"

THE DAY OF THE BEAST                                           "Indisputably Carnivorous"


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A horde of nuclear behemoths is on the way! They're coming to crush, stomp and annihilate what's left of the human race. Only the massive metal might of OXYGEN DESTROYER can stop the onslaught. But is the cure worse than the disease?!

OXYGEN DESTROYER is a kaiju-worshipping death metal band coming out of Seattle, Washington. As you will discover, they are EXCLUSIVELY motivated by giant monster movies of all kinds. I ask you, what band fits the Wormwood profile better than these guys? They've just unleashed their latest album, the ponderously titled "Sinister Monstrosities Spawned by the Unfathomable Ignorance of Humankind", which should help leave a Godzilla-sized footprint on the underground. In an underground bunker, I hooked up with band mainman LORD KAIJU to discuss both monsters and metal in freewheeling fashion. Get the lowdown HERE but make sure you evacuate your home in a timely fashion...

I also wanted to let you know I'm going to take an in-depth look at the one of a kind 60's sci-fi tale "CREATION OF THE HUMANOIDS". Long known as Andy Warhol's favorite movie, this low budget but intellectually fascinating film deals very intensely with the conflict between man and machine and primal questions of what it means to be a human being. Coming soon!

And now for your weekly dive into the depths of the Torture Chamber...

AGENT STEEL                                                              "No Other Godz Before Me"

STENCH COLLECTOR                                                    "Effluvitorium Du Jour"

MEPHITIC GRAVE                                                         "Into the Atrium of Inhuman Morbidity"

THE VINTAGE CARAVAN                                                "Monuments"

LYCANTHRO                                                                 "Mark of the Wolf"

HERMAN FRANK                                                           "Two For A Lie"

DRAWN AND QUARTERED                                             "Congregation Pestilence"


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Time to dive into the dark waters of modern horror cinema as DARK STARR takes a look at two recent independent films. First up, he takes a look at "Baphomet", a tale of Satanic sacrifice and skullduggery. This one stars DANI FILTH from symphonic black metallers CRADLE OF FILTH in a small but pivotal role. Then we take a look at a more subdued type of horror drama in "Theshold", which focuses on strange family relations and has a strong connection to punk rock. Are either of these worth watching? Only way to find out is to click HERE!

There's more big news to report. Very happy to announce that I've secured an interview with one of the legendary bands of the 80's thrash scene, FLOTSAM AND JETSAM! Their new album "Blood In the Water" is a banger that all fans of classy thrash should seek out. LORD RANDALL tells me he's grabbed a chat with heavy duty doom metallers SUNCROW, so you can expect that in the near future as well. I'm also going to tackle an article about one of the most unique classic science fiction films ever made, "Creation of the Humanoids"!

New Torture Chamber features the latest from CIRITH UNGOL, EVILE, BURNING WITCHES and more!

HANNES GROSSMANN                                                             "To Where The Light Retreats"

EVILE                                                                                     "Hell Unleashed"

SUNBOMB                                                                               "Evil and Divine"

THE LION'S DAUGHTER                                                            "Skin Show"

CIRITH UNGOL                                                                        "Half Past Human"

BURNING WITCHES                                                                 "The Witch of the North"


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After a week off, Wormwood returns to action and how! We have an interview with Britain's rabid thrash cult EVILE, who have returned after an 8 year layoff with a fierce new album, "Hell Unleashed". Drummer BEN CARTER has been with the band from the very beginning and he tells us how they survived the loss of a key bandmember, the pandemic and numerous other obstacles to get back to their thrashing roots. BEN has got a lot to say, so find out more about EVILE's triumphant return to action HERE!

There's more news for you Wormfiends! I also got an interview with monster-obsessed death metallers OXYGEN DESTROYER, so expect that city-crushing rampage soon! As if that's not enough, we also hook up with one of the most venerable and long-lasting American death metal bands, DRAWN AND QUARTERED from the Pacific Northwest, so that's something to look forward to as well. Plus DARK STARR is doing review of a couple of recent underground horror films, "Baphomet" featuring DANI FILTH from CRADLE OF FILTH and "Threshold", a punk-themed horror shot on an iPhone! Other things are in the works and will be revealed shortly...

Needless to say, the Torture Chamber is also back and features some eclectic new reviews!

ROBOTS OF THE ANCIENT WORLD                                                             "Mystic Goddess"

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM                                                                             "Blood in the Water"

VULTURE                                                                                                 "Dealin' Death"

OXBLOOD FORGE                                                                                     "Decimator"

CHEST ROCKWELL                                                                                   "The Existentialist"

RUACH RAAH                                                                                          "Misanthropic Wolfgang"


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Things have been pretty hectic in the forbidden domicile of Dr. Mality the last few weeks. After many years in my subterranean abode, I find myself moving to a new location that is over 100 years old and hopefully haunted. With all the chaos that this entails, I'll be taking a week off at least before coming back with a new EVILE interview and lots more. This time around, we are featuring some choice new reviews in the Torture Chamber, including the latest from ALICE COOPER, the return of goofy grindcore kooks BIRDFLESH and a new record from Swedish death metal stalwarts THE CROWN! Check 'em out and we will see you humanoids soon!

ALICE COOPER                                                            "Detroit Stories"

HELLRYDER                                                                 "The Devil Is A Gambler"

THE CROWN                                                                "Royal Destroyer"

PHARAOH                                                                    "The Powers That Be"

BIRDFLESH                                                                 "All The Miseries"

CVLT OV THE SVN                                                        "We Are The Dragon"


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After visiting Vampiro Rivera in Houston last week, we stay in Texas to speak to one of the most ferocious bands in the Lone Star state, STEEL BEARING HAND! This bunch delivers some of the best old school death/thrash available in the scene today on their latest album "Slay In Hell". I was battered enough to seek them out after I recovered from the beating and I managed to speak to the voice of the band, WYATT BURTON! He tells the story of STEEL BEARING HAND in detail and you can get the lowdown on these up and comers HERE!

Now some real world news from the lab of Dr. Mality. I'm moving to a new location and will be out of the loop for a week, maybe longer. There might be some issues getting internet at the new digs, we'll have to see. When the smoke clears, Wormwood will resume and in fact, will undergo a major renovation later this summer. I just got a great interview with British thrashers supreme EVILE which will play a major part as well.

Here's this week's edition of the Torture Chamber...

BLOODBOUND                                                         "Creatures of the Dark Realm"

ARTILLERY                                                               "X"

BEAST OF NOD                                                         "Multiversal"

THANATOMASS                                                         "Black Vitriol and Iron Fire"

WORMHOG                                                              "Yellow Sea"

IRON JAWS                                                              "Declaration of War"


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This week I go deep into the catacombs of Houston, Texas to find heavy metal's #1 blood drinking frontman, JAMES RIVERA of HELSTAR! Otherwise known as "VAMPIRO", James has been one of metal's most distinctive presences for 30 years plus and has done more than anybody to bring the subject of vampirism into heavy music. There's a new HELSTAR EP out called "Clad In Black" so what better time to speak to Vampiro? He tells us where his vampire fascination got its start, the details behind an intriguing new tribute project he's working on and what the legacy of HELSTAR truly is. Grab your cross and garlic and find out more HERE!

IMPORTANT NOTE! I'm moving my physical address in a matter of days and in addition to the usual chaos that goes with that, I've also had to change my entire internet platform. So there will likely be a gap in updates of Wormwood. We also may have a couple of weeks of just Torture Chamber updates. This is all a lead up to the complete overhaul of Wormwood which will take place later this summer. So just be aware that there will be some quirks coming soon...

Now here's the latest Torture Chamber, which is all over the map and includes a visit from MICHAEL SCHENKER!

UNFLESH                                                                          "Inhumation"

NORDGEIST                                                                      "Frostwinter"

MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP                                               "Immortal"

COSMO JONES' BEAT MACHINE                                           "Skeleton Elevator"

FUATH                                                                               "II"

GATEWAY (BE)                                                                   "Flesh Reborn"

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