“Misery Rites" 

by Thor

Alberta, Canada’s bleak and crusty grinders Wake return with “Misery Rites” – a full-length album of relentlessly heavy grindcore.

Wake play a style of grind that skews more toward death metal than it does hardcore punk and as a result the songs on “Misery Rites” are mostly typified by thick, down-tuned guitars, blast beats and super aggro guttural vocals.  It’s pretty damn potent for the most part.

The energy on “Misery Rites” ascends to great heights at times—overwhelming, even.  However, the somewhat frequent lulls are caused by my least favorite grind tropes: slow, repetitive droning and fast, dissonant open chording.  There are enough passages of this sort on the album to confine “Misery Rites” to the status of being good rather than great.  Even so, Wake’s “good” is REALLY good.

When Wake’s “Misery Rites” is moving forward it does so with enough violence and heft to literally take your breath away.  And while you do have to navigate through too many soft spots, this album’s highs still manage to outweigh its lows by a wide margin.