"Opus Mortis VIII"

By Dr. Abner Mality

These brutal Swedes continue to puke up pure death metal in the style of their homeland with "Opus Mortis VIII". There is not too much to say about this one if you're familiar with their previous material...they just keep on doing what they do best.

The most noticeable difference this time around is the production, which is a lot cleaner than the roaring bonfire of their last album "Carnage Euphoria". Whether this is a plus or a minus depends on your taste in death metal. The actual songwriting itself holds true to the blunt and speedy deliver Vomitory is known for, so don't expect keyboards, clean vocals or melodic flourishes. However, each instrument stands out more clearly this time around, making the riffing more discrete and understandable. This makes the differences in the individual songs stand out more than they have in the past. But it's not quite the wall of crushing guitars the band's made its reputation on.

I don't want to make "Opus Mortis VIII" sound less heavy than it is. The likes of "Combat Psychosis", "They Will Burn" and "Bloodstained" are all classic Stockholm style DM, gnarly and crude, with Erik Rundqvist's vocal the same bestial blur we're accustomed to. I enjoy Vomitory just as I always have here. It's just painfully obvious that they are not going to play much of a part in the evolution of death metal.