"Through Wilderness"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Mortuous hark back to the days when death metal was wild, untamed and chaotic, when the music sounded like it was always on the verge of flying completely out of control. Nowadays even the "brutal:" stuff sounds utterly planned out to the last note and done with machine-like precision. There's none of that on "Through Wilderness". This is oldschool sickness that has a lot in common with Autopsy and Incantation.

The Autopsy connection is no coincidence. Chris Reifert and Danny Coralles from the long running psychopaths both put in an appearance on "Anguish and Insanity", one of the most potent tunes on here. Chris' vocal vomitings perfectly fit the woozy, unpredictable Mortuous attack that lurches and staggers along drunkenly. There is very little verse/verse/chorus/solo structure here. Insane and violent guitar solos erupt frequently at the most unusual times. Tracks like "Bitterness" and "The Dead Yet Dream" blast forth in hurricane avalanche of downtuned sickness. But there's plenty of doom overtones as well, which is where the Incantation comparisons come into play. During "Screaming Headless", the somber sound of a flute surprisingly enters the fray. The name of My Dying Bride is invoked in the press sheet but only the barest resemblance exists. This is much more of a straight death metal onslaught.

Your tolerance for this will depend on how much structure and formula you like in your DM. If you're a fan of tech death, keep on walking, because Mortuous is a pretty fair piece away from any of that. But if you like music that sounds genuinely diseased and which is not so easy to predict, this might be a band to reckon with.