"Burial Ground"

By Dr. Abner Mality

To call France's Loudblast veterans would be like calling the Pacific Ocean a large body of water. They formed back in 1985, a time period when the words "death metal" were barely in existence and when France's metal scene was hardly more than Vulcain and Nightmare. It has taken a long time for the rest of France to catch up to Loudblast.And I include myself in that group...this is my first record from them.

Extremely intelligent and well-produced death metal with good variety is what we have here. "Burial Ground" is a well rounded album that is better appreciated as a whole than song by song. Those looking for pure filth and sleaze in their extremity are not the target audience. I would say "Human"-era Death and "Testimony of the Ancients"-era Pestilence are good comparisons to make, but it is an amazing tribute to "Burial Ground" that it doesn't sound like a "throwback" album. It is definitely of the here and now.

You can tell these tracks are not thrown together in a hurry. Listen to "I Reach The Sun"...just a beautifully constructed death metal song with a lot of cool changes and some wonderful guitar soloing. This is a work of art. There's plenty of atmosphere throughout.. "The Void" is very cold and steely, with a doomy pace. "The Path" is buoyed by twisting guitar riffs and more excellent arpeggiated solos. "Ascending Straight In Circles" is harsh and aggressive like an Arabian sandstorm. Throughout the record, rough vocals emphasize the death metal roots of Loudblast.

This band has done themselves and their country proud with "Burial Ground". If you still appreciate death metal with class, this is one not to miss.