"New Dark Age"

by Octopi Mills

CBP have quite a few personnel in their roster, and i see credits include banjo and saw, which makes one wonder if they are crafting a boat for the local folk festival flood season. The song "Spider island" comes across at first as a cold ham sandwich with lots of sauce, but somehow offers something different; attempting something powerful and not trying to be a typical modern metal entity.

 There is a wide use of different instrumentation by CBP, and one might hear something progressive if so inclined to point a finger. "Endtime Ballads" are used to describe what old timers have been pointing a finger to for years, the fall of man-Of course this must happen, though we been waiting for a long time. As I listen to the first and second songs, there seems to be a identity to the music that is hazy and free loading, much like the relationship with a cousin i once had who lived in the basement and ate prescription pills, and I liken the music to not him but what the concept would be if his makeshift kennel bound schnauzers had got out of their prison and been left to taste freedom in the open air. Freedom is a powerful thing, and once had, can scar the very nature of the organism, whether single or multi celled. Women want it, and as such, movements occur, though when animals get it, it must be from blood-thinned humans who trample the microcosm. 

CBP are much too gaseous for this, and there is a calm flow to the work much like Pink Floyd at times; a band whom I see they have covered towards the end of the album, doing the legendary "Echoes". I enjoy what sounds like the breaking off of the human island into the sea at the end of the second song; the calm flow of deathlike repose, like sipping a warm cup of nightcap with the grim reaper in the form of an old counselor in a Hawaiian button up shirt. "Echoes" slips in like a crazy person slips coyly into a warm bathtub of conger eels , and they have the flow somehow down; that good flow I have tried to mention in words, but somehow lets my hand motions turn into mad crustacean pincers; clumsy and with slime that lets objects slip through. The Floyd cover is not bad a tall, and I cannot really say much bad about this band, which might be seen as a compliment from my peers and staff. Let it be known that such a cover song, is long and epic, and not something employed very often by most, either from sheer cowardice, or from short attention spans. As a lifelong Floyd listener, i now want to cue up some of their stuff after hearing this.