“Wounds Deeper Than Time”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Some might say “Morta Skuld” is back after hearing “Wounds Deeper Than Time” but the truth is that they’ve been actively churning out their particular brand of heaviness for quite a while now. Their visibility should take a sharp increase after the release of this album, though.

This might be the heaviest MS platter yet. It is a work of monstrous girth and basic brutality. If you prefer the swampy stomp of Obituary or the meat and potatoes death metal of Massacre, then Morta Skuld is a no-brainer. Literally. This will blow your brains out.

The band has experimented with their style in the past but stick to the tried and true here. Just get a load of the mountainous plod of “Breathe In The Black” and the title track, where the guitar seems to be tuned to a level so low it’s almost subliminal. The band can also attack with speed, as “My Weakness” and “Scars Within” show. There’s also a kind of mechanical, Godfleshy feel to how songs are constructed.

This is not really challenging music. It you want a lot of tricky time changes and oddball riffs, Morta Skuld is not your band. But as far as sheer massive HEAVINESS goes, they’ve got things nailed down pretty good.