“The Year Is One”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Time for a picnic! I’ve got a basket full of bread, cheese and wine! Grab a blanket…we’re heading to the cemetery. And the musical accompaniment to this morbid fun will be Spiritus Mortis and “The Year Is One”.

This band is Finland’s oldest doom metal cult and “The Year Is One” is so traditional, it hurts. This is almost like a lost Candlemass album…even vocalist Albert Witchfinder, formerly known for Reverend Bizarre, sounds uncannily like Robert Lowe on this album. The record is barren of creativity but the spirit of true doom metal oozes from every note. This is music to dig graves to. “Robe of Ectoplasm” opens with chugging power but then things slows way down for the very moody “I Am A Name On Your Funeral Wreath". Ye”sir, this last one will have you dancing and laughing for sure. And if that doesn’t do it, then try the lumbering “Holiday IN the Cemetery” and morose “World of No Light” to get your doom fix.

Epic doom metal is still hardly the hippest subgenre so “The Year Is One” is a welcome sight. Time to give Spiritus Mortis some love and get yer doom on.