"Grand Malevolence"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Rumbling out of Australian swamps like a blood-crazed Bunyip comes DEPRAVITY. This is archetypal death metal brutality drawing on primal sources like NILE, SUFFOCATION, CANNIBAL CORPSE and SINISTER. From the gruesome cover art to the roaring grunts of Jamie Kay, this is pretty much everything you'd expect if you're looking for mayhem in the tradition of Florida and New York. No Swedish DM influence here...this is classic American death delivered from half a world away.

Nothing revolutionary is forthcoming from DEPRAVITY, but they nail the sound they're after. More vicious and raw than most tech-death, this still has some pretty advanced and frantic moments and the songs are not all clones of each other. "Invalid Majesty" has some anvil-heavy medium riffs that are as catchy as fuck mixed in with the whirlwind of devastation. When it comes to flat out sickness, the second half of "Trophies of Inhumanity" s enough to send you to the ICU. Some of these riffs are just warped and demented.

A couple of tracks like "Barbaric Eternity" kind of blow through one side of your skull and out the other without leaving much of a mark, but careful attention will reveal some hidden depths to this madness. "The Coming of the Hammering" has a real strong NILE influence right down to Egyptian sounding guitar work and last track "Ghost In the Void" surprises with some twin guitar harmony. The drum clatter is omnipresent and expected...I've heard better but I've heard worse as well.

A nice sounding release if you're into wholesale slaughter. Recommended for fans of the bands mentioned in the opening paragraph.