"At The Darkest Night"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Brazil's EVILCULT is a pure nostalgia act in the vein of many others from South America. Those who like 50's rock n roll enjoy the sounds of SHA NA NA and STRAY CATS; well, for dudes who came of age during the 80's metal underground, EVILCULT is the equivalent. It's for guys who are nostalgic for bullet belts, six inch spikes and cartoon goats. Yes, that includes me.

To be adept at this kind of fuzzy evil, you have to really have a knack for it. Otherwise, you just sound like a two bit knockoff. EVILCULT is better at it than most. It touches all the bases you would expect for a revival of 80's evil thrash. Mostly there are a lot of callouts to the classic German bands like early SODOM, old DESTRUCTION and, surprisingly, the first two RUNNING WILD albums before they set sail to Tortuga Bay as metal pirates. The sound is pleasingly primitive, the singer sounds like he growls into a coffee can (until he cuts loose with one of those high pitched screams) and the riffs are kick-ass and hooky. I like how songs like "Sons of Hellfire" and "Burning Leather" have a lot of straight heavy metal feel mixed with sinister thrash. "Drunk By Goat's Blood" and "Necro Magic" have song structure similar to SODOM's earliest, gnarliest days....the age when black, death and thrash metal was all basically the same thing.

Yes, it is highly derivative, but I can tell EVILCULT really put their blackened souls into this. If you wanna go back to the satanic days of RUNNING WILD and SODOM, these are your boys.