Blood Red Throne - Come And Get It!

Interview by Dr. Abner Mality

The elder gods of death metal don't give up their crown lightly. In 2007, many of the most popular death bands are the same as they were in 1987...Obituary, Napalm Death, Morbid Angel, Bolt Thrower. Most, but not all...some newcomers have staked out a pretty strong claim to the throne. Blood Red Throne is not exactly a "new" band, but their presence in the United States is fairly recent and growing all the time.

"Come Death", the latest blasphemous blast, proves these guys don't take a back throne to anybody. It's a grim and gritty slice of old school death metal values mixed with the speed that modern fans demand...think of stuff like Suffocation's "Pierced From Within", Dismember's "Indecent and Obscene", the early Cannibal Corpse. You'll be right in the fetid, foul pit with Blood Red Throne.

The band's most visible player is extreme metal Renaissance man Tchort, who has played in Emperor, Carpathian Forest and Green Carnation as well as BRT. But guitarist Dod is really the heart and soul of the band. I recently connected with Dod to ask him about BRT's theory of death metal and if the band will make it to the States...

WORMWOOD CHRONICLES: The band endured a lot of hardship in the past. Was there ever a time when you felt like putting an end to Blood Red Throne?

DOD: Never. I started this band in 1998 and enjoy at least as much now as I did when I started listening to death metal in 1992, so BRT will remain active for years!

WC: What background do your new members Vald and Anders come from and what do they bring to Blood Red Throne that wasn't there before?

D: Trioxin was a band Mr.Hustler(first BRT singer), Erlend(BRT bass player) and I had for a couple of years. Vald was the singer. I've also known Vald for years and I knew he was the right choice when BRT was looking for a new frontman!

WC: Your previous record "Altered Genesis" was terrific. Was "Come Death" an attempt to top it or was it just a natural follow-up?

D: It was natural for me at least. I wrote 6 of the songs and I really wanted to go back to my roots and incorporate more old school riffs and also bring some cool melodies and groove to it. Naturally, we have brutal and fast stuff as well, so it's basically a perfect mixture of everything BRT is all about!

WC: "Come Death" is kind of a return to oldschool values in death metal. Did you think "Altered Genesis" was overproduced and too "modern" sounding?

D: Everything was intended on Altered Genesis, so we totally stand behind that one, but we really wanted a more old school and organic album this time indeed!

WC: "Come Death" is not overly "technical" like a lot of modern death metal, but it's not too simple, either, like Six Feet Under. How hard is it for you to find that line between catchiness and technicality?

D: This has never been a problem. We write our songs separately and if a riff is cool, we don't care if it's simple or technical. But I really don't understand the meaning of playing so fast you can't hear the riff and details. Sure, we enjoy fast and technical stuff, but the groovy is way more essential to us!

WC: Is there one old school death metal band that gave you more inspiration than others for Blood Red throne and who is it?

D: Death is my absolute fave band ever, so Death and the debut of Gorguts really reflects my songs on Come Death!

WC: Tchort's involved in some very different musical projects such as Carpathian Forest and Green Carnation. Does this present any difficulties for Blood Red Throne?

D: I know Tchort focuses 100% on BRT, so time will tell what happens with his other bands...

WC: First track on "Come Death" is "Slaying the Lamb", which sounds like it might have a Satanic vibe to it. Is that where the lyrics are coming from?

D: "Slaying The Lamb" was the first song I wrote for Come Death. We're not a satanic band, but a anti religious one which our lyrics should support pretty clearly.

WC: Is there any sort of theme running in all the songs or are they just a celebration of "normal" death metal subjects?

D: They're mostly dealing with anti-religious stuff, but also some basic killing and blood shit going on, hehe!

WC: Do you guys have any plans to tour the United States?

D: It's our biggest goal, so we're just waiting for promoters to arrange something. We've been around for ten years, so it's about time we get to play for the US maniacs!

WC: Is there any update on the status of Green Carnation? I understand that band is going through very trying times.

D: I believe Tchort is having a long break and then he will return with a new line-up...

WC: How about Carpathian Forest? What are those guys up to?

D: They've also had a long break since Nattefrost (C.F. mainman) has been dealing with different problems. But I know he's doing pretty ok these days and I know they've been offered to to some gigs, but the future will tell what happens...

WC: Are there any other musical avenues you'd like to explore, or musicians you'd like to work with in the future?

D: Hm, I've played in Satyricon, I've done an album with Steve DiGiorgio and several other great musicians, so I'm fortunate. I'm most comfortable by writing my own music alone though, but maybe one day...

WC: Tchort was involved with Emperor at the very beginning of the Norwegian black metal scene. What are his feelings about that time?

D: I don't think he misses that period, but he's glad and proud he was a part of the scene when it started!

WC: Was there a sort of thrill being involved with the black metal underground back then that's missing from music today?

D: I started listening to black metal in 1993, so I've been a part of the scene as well, but I must say that the death metal thing is more appealing to me,though I still listen and enjoy lots of black metal stuff today as well! It was pretty cool and a great feeling back in the 90's, but I feel the same thing today when it comes to death metal and my dedication to BRT!

WC: What lies ahead for Blood Red Throne?\

D: World domination! At least, being able to do our own headliner tour and also get the chance to play in countries we haven't been before. The US is a big goal for us. We'll still record quality death metal for years and fortunately we'll get the credit we deserve one day...

WC: What was the last CD you picked up for your own pleasure?

D: I'm a huge fan of music and I collect cd's. I buy at least 50 cd's a year. I actually bought Come Death on e-bay the other day, and gave it to Holger(chief of the Wacken festival), so I hope he will offer us a spot next year, haha!

WC: What was the last gig you caught just because you wanted to see it?

D: Funeral. They played at the same festival as BRT and this is a really great doom band from Norway!

WC: Have there been any "Spinal Tap" moments in the history of Blood Red Throne that you'd like to share with the readers?

D: Lots of them, hehe! I was pretty wasted and climbed up on the roof of the bus, while it was driving like 50 miles an hour. I stood there surfin' while bridges were coming towards us. Fortunately, our singer dragged me into the bus right before the bridge or else I'd been chopped in half!(Thereby becoming the literal embodiment of an Obituary lyric!-->
WC: Any final words?

D: Support quality death metal. Check out for songs and videos. Buy our albums and see us live. You won't be disappointed! Cheers, Død!