"Mature Necropsy"

By Dr. Abner Mality

In 1991, you could probably fit all the serious French metal bands into one bus. France was as far from a metal capital as you could get in Europe. But Putrid Offal were there and they were grinding skulls with their extreme death metal attack. 1991 was the glorious year of death metal's apex, before the grunge invasion, and Carcass and Cannibal Corpse ruled the world.

Things change. In 2015, France is a very strong metal country and death metal has splintered into about 100 different forms. But Putrid Offal remains and believe it or not, they have just released their first full length debut, "Mature Necropsy"! Maybe these guys needed a few years to ripen, like a fine wine or a decayed corpse. But I was very pleasant surprised by this record. I was kind of expecting pig-squealing goregrind that goes in one year and out the other. Instead, I got early Carcass-style grind with catchy riffs that makes you want to bounce around the room with a bloody hatchet.

"Mature Necropsy" is composed of material written early in the band's career and it shows. This is old school grindcore/death metal. But the songs are just as strong and infectious and the modern production brings out the beast in tunes such as "Purulent Cold", "Repulsive Corpse" and "Organic Excavation". There's also a strong feeling of the early Grave albums to these filthy odes and the vocals are suitably horrific. The songs also don't overstay their welcome...they make their impact quickly and leave. The record is nothing original, but it's pure fun for those who like cadaverous death in the old style.

25 years in the making, "Mature Necropsy" introduces us to a powerful "new" band!