"Death Thy Lover"

by Octopi Mills

Ah, a new collection of songs from a long legacy of music, and one of the doomed and epic status of old lore and renown. As I listen i hear certain gear or industries at times, something both imagined and cunningly real, and divest things from such matters accordingly, and from the brief rock solo things that draw away my attention. In this manner one battles real foes, both psychological and of the current dimension, which has rules like stone and there is a danger for the listener who guards his own treasures. 

The title track has the elements needed for Candlemass, as does the following "Sleeping Giant", and theirs is a simplicity that is ornate and of formulas old, with a ancestral feeling to the new vocalist that pays the piper to their own lineage. This is a sort of mini-album, or an ep, and I would forecast a tour ahead, for those who have followed Candlemass thus far. "Sinister N Sweet" nearly has the title of a old glam metal number or worse, so the fear came over me, nearly one of the hippo-campus, though it was not  the sweltering meaty drivel of a dark lord's tenderloin, nor the dark meat of a pool party song, as some would do to you- and in turn some would do in turn to themselves through the diversity of such half cloven means. But wait, there is a song called "The Goose", and my mind begins to wander to stranger pastures of greener grasses and lichens, in a manner that will prove to be more in my own head than theirs, and this I know so I almost smile inside. It turned out to be an instrumental, which makes even more superstition and curious thought...

The old metal feel of Candlemass is newly at hand, and will be a good listen to their long adoring encampment.