“All Hail The King”

By Dr. Abner Mality

India’s metal scene is growing by leaps and bounds and it’s also extremely diverse, ranging from experimental black metal to gory death metal to pure doom. Against Evil have carved out a niche in the traditional metal field. Their latest “All Hail The King” is a record that slowly grows on you until it dawns on you that it’s pretty damn good.

First proper song “Enemy At The Gates” is very basic and definitely not the album’s best. But it establishes a “base line” that tells you where Against Evil is coming from and gives something to grow on. The title track is stronger and heavier…crunchy old school power metal with a great vocal hook. Speaking of which, it’s impossible to tell vocalist Siri is Indian. This song could pass for an 80’s British metal track. “Stand Up and Fight” has some Hammerfall overtones for sure, but mixed with more of that tougher Brit-metal sound.  “Sentenced To Death” and “We Won’t Stop” are excellent surging metal cuts that have strong melodic choruses…the latter song even features a solo by Jeff Loomis! “Bad Luck” is almost hair metal in a Skid Row kind of way while “Gods of Metal” is a deliberately paced crunchy song that soars.

As you can tell by the song titles, originality is hardly Against Evil’s strong suit. If this band appeals to you, chances are that won’t matter to you much anyway. This is an Indian band that could be a great opener for Saxon or Accept.