“Realms of Eternal Decay”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Some albums just typify a certain sound so well that you can overlook their flaws. So it is with Outer Heaven’s debut album Everything about this nasty sucker screams 1993 in big drippy death metal font.

While lacking even the remotest semblance of originality, these guys hit the jackpot when it comes to summarizing the American death metal style. The tracks here range from total Incantation style sickness to something approaching technical Florida style DM to ultra-brutal slam. All points of classic US death metal are touched on. The opening cut “Vortex of Thought” is a sloppy, almost out of control jolt of Lovecraftian riffing. On the opposite end, “Multicellular Savagery” is tight, catchy and laid out with some thought. 

None of the songs is excessive in length and the album is a pleasingly concise 33 minutes, which is just about right for material like this. The record doesn’t really have any totally mind-blowing tracks, but it’s consistent in its feeling of morbid sickness…something modern tech-death or deathcore bands utterly lack. It’s hard to conceive of any old school death metal fan not enjoying “Realms of Eternal Decay”.