"Vanishing Kids" EP

By Theron Moore

Remember the “Kraken” from “Clash of the Titans?” Unleash that with the essence of Blue Cheer and that’s “Mockingbird,” the first track from Vanishing Kid’s 4 song ep.  Like the other songs here, “Mockingbird” has a flowing, dreamy tapestry about it, like something you’d hear on a David Lynch soundtrack.  Nghtmarish and beautiful.  With layer upon layer of texture.  The kind of thing you can reach out and touch with your mind; guided by Nikki Drohomyreky’s vox, a lifeguard in a sea of strangeness; her soothing vocals guide you ashore, safely.  

“Eyes of Secrets” roots out, like a tree searching for water, goes deeper, scouring the depths of heaviness and doom in other ways, not overtly heavy.  Rather travelling psychedelic pathways to humming consciousness, paying homage to Windhand marrying Ty Segall; in a fuzzed out conjoining of sounds and soundscapes traversing planes of terra firma.  That is Vanishing Kids.  Neural pathways electrical, alive…

Last to final track, “Without a Sun,” dreams further, velvet, smooth, and instead of going for the anvil’s forge, pounding, streaks upward to the sky, searching for Icarus, conjuring notions of Salems Pot and Wooden Shjips, multiple freak outs allowed, and often.  Embrace it.  Escape into it.  Get lost and found again.  Somewhere between LA Witch and the end of forever and still, heavy like the Earth.  

And then slip into the last track, “Magenta Blue,” beyond the horizon, through the rainbow and silent, heavy drift; the land of lucid, wavy, thoughts, where heightened, sensory perception kicks in, giving nod to active brain, active players Nikki Drohomyreky’s vox with Jason Hartman- Guitar; Jerry Sofran- Bass and Hart Allan Miller- Drums.  The dream is complete.  Psychedelicized.  Doom be thy name.  Your brain will see you now