“Holocene Extinction”  

by Thor

Ladies and gentlemen, TERMINAL NATION is a band from the American South, Arkansas to be specific, and they play some of the crustiest, most pissed off hardcore-based extreme metal I’ve heard in a while (and I’ve heard a lot)…AND I’m here for all of it.  

TERMINAL NATION is the rare modern metal band that’s less concerned with technical wankery and the execution of their musical chops than they are with using music as a vehicle to deliver a blistering indictment of the fucked up social, economic, and political systems under which we find ourselves.  “Holocene Extinction” is as raw and as real as it gets.  They are to extreme metal what RUN THE JEWELS are to hip-hop.

Musically, these guys offer up a range of tempos, defaulting often to a home base of slow, ominous doom that ramps up to d-beat fury and back again, track after track. The tones on “Holocene Extinction” are thick and sludgy from the down-tuned, hyper-distorted guitars and the grinding bass tone to the fat, nay, morbidly obese drum sounds and the Barney Greenway-esque vocal assault. While TERMINAL NATION sprinkles in a fair variety of elements—even melody occasionally—to keep things dynamic, “Holocene Extinction” is mostly an exercise in musical aggression and that’s where the album excels.

Song titles such as “Expired Utopia,” “Death for Profit,” and “Caskets of the Poor” are indicative of the things these guys want you to think about.  This album is timely, it’s angry, and, frankly, it’s exactly what music for the revolution should sound like.

“The system isn’t broken. This is exactly how it was always meant to be.” – TERMINAL NATION