“The Coming Scourge”

By Derelikt Waugh

This here is, quite simply, some good ol’ fashioned Dutch death metal tempered with some other metal genres from the past, and forged in the flames of slick, modern production. Unfortunately, that’s kind of the problem with this record as well. That isn’t to say that “The Coming Scourge” is a bad, or even a mediocre album. It’s quite good, actually. It’s just that nothing really jumps out at you and shakes you by your scrawny little neck the way a REALLY good death metal album should. I think too many influential ingredients were thrown into the melting pot here, and as a result, Bodyfarm has ended up sounding like quite a few of your favorite metal bands…at times, all within the space of one song. I hear some Bolt Thrower here, a little Dissection there, and on certain songs the twin ghosts of old Slayer and Metallica are found lurking in the deadly shadows.

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with those influences by any means. At least when you see influences of this caliber mentioned in a review, you know that the band being reviewed is capable of writing some riffs. Yes, Bodyfarm has guitar heroics to spare, the rhythm section chugging and chainsawing with a machine-like precision and some of the acoustic interludes are quite haunting, it’s just that…well, the riffs don’t punch me in the gut the way that I feel they should. I don’t know, maybe I’d like this a bit more if the production was rawer, a little closer to the sound of old. If you’re going to go for an “old school death metal approach”, I think that a truly old school sounding production is an essential element as well. I don’t know, just a personal opinion. As it stands, “The Coming Scourge” is an extremely solid effort by a band which I can see accomplishing really great things in the future (if they manage to put their influences on the backburner, and find the strength to do their own thing). Different production wouldn’t hurt either, but what the Hell do I know?