"Deathless Master"

By Dr. Abner Mality

These guys are going to be one of the future faces of American death metal. There's nothing awesomely original to what they're doing, but they are so nasty, so filthy and so fucking BLEAK that you just get mashed into the pavement by what they bring. Everything they did on last CD "Interminable Night" has been magnified and jacked up on "Deathless Master" and it just seethes with nightmarish malice.

The band themselves agree that early Grave is their biggest influence and you will hear that in spades here. In fact, on "Blood of Desire" and "Tombs Of Our Fathers" you won't hear much else. But Acephalix triumphs because they are every bit as sick and dark and ROTTING as the first couple Grave albums...and that's something very few bands can do, even Grave itself these days! You just get the feeling these guys MEAN IT! One big advantage are the horrific swamp-sludge vocals of Dan, a kind of choked, mushy roar that sounds totally evil and inhuman. No pig squeals or cricket chirps or trendy deathcore rasps here, no sir! And also, though the Grave feeling is undeniable, I can hear some hardcore and d-beat underlying the catchiness of Acephalix's attack "Bastard Self" and "Raw Life" seal the deal on that score. The music feels heartfelt and sincere, not just a hackneyed recreation of old Swedish sounds. You hear it and you can feel it.

Acephalix are as dark and primitive as it gets. Watch for my interview with them soon!