“Lords of Death”

By Dr. Abner Mality

This is the kind of death/doom I really like. Super heavy, crawling riffage with enough melody to creep you out. Temple of Void is not rewriting the way this music is done, but they know what makes it work and are determined to roll over your brain like a tank running over a tube of toothpaste.

Detroit, Michigan is the unlikely home of these growling fiends. Imagine the slower Bolt Thrower sound applied to a Candlemass framework and you have the gist of TOV. The vocalist uses those extremely grinding growls that we hear in early Paradise Lost or Ahab…they add immeasurably to the crushing doom feel of “Lords of Death”. The one exception comes on “Graven Desires” and it’s brilliant. The growls transition to a clean but strident kind of doom vocal, which works beautifully. Hooded Menace is another band that can be logically compared to Temple of Void.

The sound remains very consistent throughout, reaching its peak on “The Gift” and “Deceiver in The Shadows”. The subject matter is exactly what you would expect and the macabre cover art of Paolo Girardi fits perfectly. It’s nothing trail-blazing, but “Lord of Death” is heavier than a battleship filled with concrete.