“Under the Manchineel”

By Dr. Abner Mality

And what, pray tell, is a Manchineel? It turns out that it is actually the most poisonous tree in the world. Found chiefly in North and South America. The leaves, bark and fruit of this nightmare tree are all extremely toxic. Despite its harmless looks, eating the green fruit of the Manchineel is almost guaranteed to kill! Today’s lesson in botany…

This toxic tree is a very apt choice for power trio Treedeon to deal with. The band specializes in ugly, highly corrosive sludge metal that oozes much like the sap of the Manchineel, dealing punishment to those who sample it. This is one mean and incredibly HEAVY release, with a bass sound that could grind concrete block to dust. The vocalist is a very angry woman, who puts maximum bile into every syllable. Much of the album deals with man’s destruction of planet Earth and the contempt Treedeon has for its own species is palpable.

“Cheetoh” is an atypical opener in that it’s a short and raucous blast of punkish rage dealing with our orange-hued orangutan in chief. It’s awesomely pissed off and brutal. The other tracks are slow and gooey, with massive sludge riffs. “Manchineel” and “Protoplanet” are two of the heaviest sludge tunes you’re ever gonna hear, both based on elemental hooks and relentless repetition. This festering boil of an album ends with the 16 minute “Wasicu”, which will put your endurance to the test. It features a lot of skull-splitting feedback and ends with a gradually slowing drumbeat that sounds like a dying heart.

Fans of angry sludge like Iron Monkey and Weedeater can take a bite out of this particular Manchineel’s fruit…it might kill you but you’ll die with a smile on your face.