"Fear Itself"

By Rusty Coffinnails

Criminal is a Chilean-British thrash metal band that kicked off in late 1991 in Santiago by Anton Reisenegger (guitar and vocals) and Rodrigo Contreras (lead guitar).
Being no strangers to the metal scene, these cats can rock! This latest work is full of good classic thrash that will get your blood pumping and make you throw your neck out.

The album is very constant in its pure brutality and touches on political and social issues of the days and times we live in dealing with all the not so great and awful shit that makes humans human.Track 5 "The Needle And Knife" kinda stood out for me. It deals with vanity and the struggle of trying to outrun time with surgical procedures and the sort, then the thing you become.

A few of the tunes start off with spoken word sound bites from world leaders of the past. This takes absolutely nothing away from the songs and helps to drive the point home.I would go on but as I mentioned they have been around since 91 so if you are familiar with them you know what they are about and if not, now is your chance to check them out!