By The Gil-Man

Guitar virtuoso, Gus G, has teamed up with pals Dennis Ward (vocals/bass) and Will Hunt (drums) for his third solo album, "Fearless", which is set to be released in late April.  Most of us know Gus G from his band Firewind (1998-Present) and, of course, his work with Ozzy Osbourne, when he replaced Zakk Wylde as lead guitarist for a short run in 2009.  Looking forward to some killer shredding, I was more than excited to hear the new record.

The opening track, "Letting Go" is an in-your-face metal masterpiece, with an opening riff that knocks you off your feet.  Easily my favorite song on the album, it is a killer track that really highlights Gus' talents.  The next song, "Mr. Manson", begins with a killer bass riff and is the second of four opening songs - along with "Don't Tread on Me" and the title track, "Fearless" - that are catchy, full of great hooks and are the stuff great albums are made of.

 I must say that I get a different vibe with "Nothing to Say" and "Chances".  The songs sound a little more like pop songs to me, drifting away from the heavier, more metal sounding songs from earlier in the album.  "Money for Nothing" is a cover of the old Dire Straits song, which sounds great with an updated, more guitar-based metal sound.  The rest of the album, including the second instrumental track on the album, "Thrill of the Chase", is good, but honestly, it left me wanting a little bit more.  The beginning of the album was so strong that my hopes were maybe a little unrealistic.  I thought the album lost its way through the middle, but did rebound some during the last three songs.  Overall, there are enough good songs on the album that it should make Gus G fans happy.