"Drown In Blood" 

By Derelikt Waugh

Ah, what can we say about Ruin? Well, not much, according to the band's "mysterious" bio. Not so mysterious if you happen to know and talk to one of the members of the band, but hey, I ain't gonna spoil anyone's fun. That's Ruin's job...and they take that job very fucking seriously. In fact, they threatened to murder me and post it on Facebook if I spilled the beans on the actual identity of any of the band, yeah. I won't. Which leads us to the question...what kind of beast are we dealing with here? A beast of meaty and macabre proportions, to be precise. Ruin delivers a very swampy, muddy, thick-as-concrete take on death metal, one that sounds like it was dredged from some ancient, sweltering sewer. For the weak and meek, it is certainly nothing pleasant to the ears. But that's the way we like it, isn't it? Rotten, festering, bowel-crushing DEATH FUCKIN METAL! If you like your death metal feral, vicious and mainly played at slower to midpaced tempos, then look no further. Ruin has exactly what you need.

This mountainous slab of venom is also spiced throughout with reverb-laden samples of serial killers and other disturbing ambient sounds, an element that breaks up any potential monotony and adds to the overall atmosphere of darkness and misanthropic decay. Furthermore, the production on this monster is just terrific, making clear and concise what their numerous (and equally sick) demos only hinted at. While we're on that topic, I highly advise you to give the demos a listen as well. Hear the birth of the beast! Anyway, back to the debut...clocking in at thirty plus minutes, Ruin's "Drown in Blood" is an absolute abomination from front to finish. This is the way olde skull death metal was meant to be played, not to mention the fact that Ruin pulls it off without sounding even remotely like they were attempting to ape/clone any death metal gods from the good ol' gory days. Yes, this is truly a breath of foul and funereal air! Enter the bog at your own risk...and prepare to DROWN IN BLOOD!