By Dark Starr

I would consider this album to be progressive rock, but your mileage may vary. Yes, it's noisy. Yes, it's very techno in nature. That said, this is very much in line with space rock like Hawkwind. Given that Helios Creed (one of the members of this outfit) has worked with former Hawk Nik Turner, that seems to come naturally. Add in the fact that it's progressive music in a very real sense, working the whole post punk thing forward nicely, and it's a slam-dunk. Whatever you call this, though, it's compelling and powerful. It's noisy. It's weird. It's also exceptional. It's actually likely to make my best of 2017 list. 

The first song bears the title "Administer the Treatment" and noisy electronics start it. There is a screaming, raw sound that joins. Then all kinds of layers of sound are added over the top. This is crashing and clashing. Yet, it is somehow almost hypnotic. It's compelling. In a lot of ways this makes me think of a cross between a noisy, techno sound and something like Hawkwind mixed with Kraftwerk. I love the echoed, science fiction like spoken vocals on the verses. The chorus is closer to screamed. There is some weird sci-fi based stuff that serves as the final section It has some odd music along with strange soundbites and more. 

Speaking of Hawkwind, "Black Diamond" really makes me think of that band. Sure, there is a techno edge to this, but I reminded in a lot of ways of the kings of space rock on this tune. There is some cool fast paced jamming on this, and as strong as the opener was, this surpasses it. 

Weird backwards tracked stuff, sound effects and more make up the shorter piece titled " Sex Pocket Meister." There is a spoken, heavily processed chorus on this, too. 
Super hard edged and rocking, "Death Is a Pusher" has more punk and techno in it than it does space rock. That said, there is still enough space rock here to earn it that label. In some ways this reminds me of Robert Calvert just a little. 
"Tears in Space" is next, and I love the space sounds of the piece. It's perhaps mellower and more electronic. I can make out Hawkwind along with some pure psychedelia and other things. I love the guitar solo on this one. Hawkwind merges with punk on the screaming hot tune "Time Slider." Electronics end it. 
"Pyramid of Planets" is just a bit over a minute long. It's electronic weirdness that sounds like it might have some backwards tracked stuff in there. There is a highly processed spoken vocal. Hard edged, rough around the edges music emerges right at the end. 
Ambient space opens "The Mandela Effect Pedal." There is a rhythmic element that emerges almost train like. It builds from there before exploding out into echoey, noisy space that's quite freaky and also cool. 

Driving space rock, "Execution" is noisy and quite industrial in a lot of ways. I can definitely make out some Hawkwind on the driving rocker titled "The Other Side." Mind you, it has more of that raw edge, too. I can almost hear some hints of Lords of the New Church here. 

Next in line is "Devils Flight." Roughly a minute in length, while there is a definite percussive element, this is more pure electronic music. It's the most traditional proggy thing here. It actually makes me think of something like Tangerine Dream

The closer bears the title "Just for You." Killer hard rocking space music, it has some Hawkwind reference built into it. It's arguably the most punk rock based thing here. I like the echoey vocals on this.