"Solar Plexus"

By The Gil-Man

 I can see it now, you're sitting around one night having a beer with friends and inevitably the conversation turns to naming the best heavy metal bands out of Iberia...yes, Iberia, that peninsula located in the southwest corner of Europe.  A quick scan of Wikipedia tells us that, "The Iberian Peninsula contains rocks of every geological period...and almost every kind of rock is represented."  Well I'm here to tell you that Wikipedia, in all its glory, couldn't be more correct. 

 If you've never heard of the band, Green Desert Water, do yourself a favor and Google them. Better yet, get a hold of their latest CD, "Solar Plexus", released late in April on Small Stone Records, and enjoy. "Solar Plexus" hits you right in the gut with heavy psychedelic-stoner-blues-metal-riffs that surely don't come from just anywhere in the world, the least being Iberia, or do they? Apparently so. Self-described as a power trio that find the place where Black Sabbath and Mountain could have met, these talented guys (Kike Sanchis-lead vocals/guitar, Javi Gonzalez-drums/backing vocals and Juan Arias Garcia-bass), now based out of Spain, are damn good, also reminding me a little bit of "The Sword", out of Austin, TX. 

This 6-song release, their second, is a great example that rock, specifically heavy metal, is not dead, or going anywhere anytime soon. I can only imagine the great music that is being made and waiting to be discovered from all over the world, this record giving me hope that there is much more like it to be found and enjoyed. And don't be fooled by just 6 songs either, as all but one song is at least 6:00 long. There is well over 40 minutes of head-banging music to enjoy. 

Strong, fuzzy guitar and bass riffs dominate this record, on which you will find no ballads. The same formula of good song writing, great musicianship and a style that's right up every metal head's alley is consistent throughout and serves the band well, as this record is absolutely one of my favorite, and most unexpected, finds ever (thanks Dr. Mality). 

 Starting with "Open Your Wings", an 8:00+ epic, there are no bad songs. As a matter of fact, it's almost impossible for me to pick a favorite. The bottom line is, you will love this record if you're into psychedelic/stoner metal. A pleasant surprise, this one is a keeper and will be in my rotation for years to come.