By Dr. Abner Mality

Lately I’ve been rather underwhelmed with some of the old school death metal offerings I’ve heard. They had all the proper form but somehow the heart and substance was lacking. With “Necrovortex”, we have the opposite situation. Somehow these maniacal French Canadians manage to do everything exactly right. This is textbook morbid DM that has the rotten soul that made the originals work so well.

It is hard to put a finger on what Outre Tombe does so right. Maybe you can just tell when a band puts their heart and soul in their playing instead of phoning it in. From the very first minute, this is Finnish/Swedish influenced death metal that crushes bones and reaps souls. Just the right mixture of fast and slow, with a great grinding guitar tone and growled French lyrics that actually seem to fit the music. There’s a little bit of Autopsy-style craziness injected into the rifferama that gives things an extra push. Above all, the music sounds MORBID and ROTTEN.

Fave tracks would be the unbelievably killer “Ecorche Vif” featuring a riff that Dismember circa 1990 would have sold their soul to use, the bleak “Hecatombe II” and the album ending “Ronge Par Les Miasmes” which really encapsulates all the things that make “Necrovortex” so awesome. But all the other tracks satisfy as well.
This is beyond essential for all you lovers of putrid death!