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This time around, we have DARK STARR taking a look at a newly released special edition of a film based on the works of H.P. LOVECRAFT, "THE UNNAMABLE". Adaptations of Lovecraft are notoriously dicey to pull off....how did this one turn out? Starr takes a look and lets you know if this "improved" version is worth your hard-earned dollars. Check out the review HERE!

The countdown to the end of Wormwood is in earnest now and only a few more weeks to go before I wrap things up with a detailed look at the 20 year history of this homegrown horror!

We also have double the amount of Torture Chamber reviews for you, so get ready to dig into this underground feast!

UNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS                                                   "Wasteland"

BURNING WITCHES                                                                     "Hexenhammer"

HATE ETERNAL                                                                            "Upon Desolate Sands"

SLASHER DAVE                                                                           "Frights"

PALE DIVINE                                                                               "Pale Divine"

VALDUR                                                                                      "Goat Of Iniquity"

UNLEASHED                                                                                "The Hunt For White Christ"

SHELTON/CHASTAIN                                                                    "The Edge of Eternity: '88 Demo Sessions"

FIFTH ANGEL                                                                               "The Third Secret"

OUTER HEAVEN                                                                            "Realms of Inner Decay"

PSYCROPTIC                                                                                 "As The Kingdoms Drown"

APE VERMIN                                                                                 "Sonic Monolith"


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This week we delve into the early 70's when the Devil ruled the box office to examine perhaps the most grandly Satanic movie of them all, "THE DEVIL'S RAIN"! I take a close look at this evil epic which featured the likes of William Shatner, Ida Lupino and Ernest Borgnine as CORBIS, the immortal high priest of Satan! This was also the movie that featured the "Devil's Pope", ANTON LA VEY, as "technical adviser". The movie was also infamous for its insane ending, where dozens of cultists melted into pools of colorful wax! Want to know more about this demonic drive-in masterpiece? Then grab your cross and jump in HERE!

We will contine our journey into the darkest depths of film next week when DARK STARR looks at the special upgraded release of H.P. LOVECRAFT's chilling tale "THE UNNAMABLE"!

And now for our weekly trip into the moldering reaches of the Wormwood Torture Chamber...

MONSTROSITY                                                          "The Passage of Existence"

EVOKEN                                                                    "Hypnagogia"

OUTRE TOMBE                                                           "Necrovortex"

THE OCEAN                                                               "Phanerozoic I: Paleozoic"

A FOREST OF STARS                                                  "Grave Mounds and Grave Mistakes"

LUCIFERICON                                                            "Al-Khem-Me"


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If rainy November days and open casket funerals are your cup of tea, you should enjoy LORD RANDALL's interview with America's morose masters of melancholy, EVOKEN! For decades this band has explored the world of funeral doom metal and their latest epic "Hypnagogia" is no exception to the rule. Randall brings plenty of Kleenex to his meeting with drummer VINCE VERKAY, who gives a very articulate description of what motivates the band and how they construct their masterpieces of slow motion heaviness. If you can handle the gloom, find out more HERE!

Up next are a couple of excursions into the world of cult film. I take an in-depth look at the satanic 70's classic "THE DEVIL'S RAIN" while DARK STARR examines the film adaptation of H.P. LOVECRAFT's classic 'THE UNNAMABLE"! These are certainly the last Philm Phreaks articles we will be doing at Wormwood so don't miss!

You'll also find even more gloom and doom in this week's edition of the Torture Chamber!!!

STRIKER                                                       "Play To Win"

WINDHAND                                                   "Eternal Return"

GRISLY                                                         "The Spectral Wars"

HATESPHERE                                                 "Reduced To Flesh"

LOST TRIBES OF THE MOON                           "Lost Tribes of the Moon"

VULCAIN                                                       "Vinyle"


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Prepare to enter a realm of monsters, myths and metal as I interview Minnesota's HOUSE OF ATREUS! This innovative death metal band has flown under the radar the last few years but has managed to turn the heads of discerning listeners with their unique brand of mayhem that is based on classical mythology and art. I sit down to a conversation with singer ANXIETOUS NERO who reveals the legendary sources of inspiration for the band, including the story of mad king IXION which is the basis for their new album "From the Madness of Ixion". This is a harrowing journey into the past for you enlightened souls to experience HERE!

Yes, the end of Wormwood is still approaching, but we have a few more weeks of unorthodox entertainment for you all so stay tuned...

Here are some of the latest victims of the Wormwood Torture Chamber....

BEYOND CREATION                                                                     "Algorhythm"

BRAINOIL                                                                                   "Singularity To Extinction"

CAULDRON                                                                                 "New Gods"

HOUSE OF ATREUS                                                                      "From The Madness of Ixion"

THE PINEAPPLE THIEF                                                                  "Dissolution"

KOMMANDANT                                                                             "Blood Eel"


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Well, friends and fiends, it is with a lot of regret and tons of soul searching that I announce that the Wormwood Chronicles will be coming to an end soon. 20 years is a hell of a run and beyond anything I could have imagined when I started the publication as a paper zine that I stapled together myself in my bedroom. It will be incredibly hard to leave behind. In the last couple of years, it's become evident that it is not quite reaching the goals I set for it and I don't want to have it deflate like a punctured balloon. It's tough delivering consistent results with a dwindling staff as well. When will Wormwood reach the end of the line? I foresee it ending at the end of December or perhaps early January 2019 at the most. I am seriously considering putting out some books that collect the best of the zine in a paper format and hope I can deliver this result. Until then, we do have quite a few reviews to put out as well as a few last features. The final article will be a history of Wormwood from first to last. This site will remain at its current location for a year and then it will be archived somewhere. Don't worry, a link will be provided.

I want to thank all those who took time to look at or read WC over the years. I know we touched some people all over the globe and helped many worthy bands get some well deserved coverage. THANK YOU, HUMANOIDS!

In the mean time....


DARK STARR heads to the Windy City of Chicago to interrogate a futuristic new force in music known as THE CYBERIAM! This band is composed to musical veterans who have worked with some of the biggest artists in the world. The Cyberiam resembles none of those, however, and creates a fusion of prog rock, heavy metal, industrial and space rock. Starr talks to mission commander KEITH SEMPLE to discover programming secrets of this unique band and the origin of the unit. Press HERE for full disclosure...

We also have a wide ranging Torture Chamber for you to explore this week....

DEADBIRD                                                                         "III: The Forest Within The Tree"

MASTER                                                                             "Vindictive Miscreant"

EXXXEKUTIONER                                                                "Death Sentence"

GRAVE DIGGER                                                                  "The Living Dead"

VISIONOIR                                                                        "The Wavering Flame of Oblivion"

WITCHTHROAT SERPENT                                                    "Swallow The Venom"

ALKYMIST                                                                         "Alkymist"

FOAMING AT THE MOUTH                                                   "Writhing"

THRASHBOMBZ                                                                 "Prisoner of Disaster"


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In the world of extreme metal, few are more ground-breaking or influential than the "father of the blastbeat", MR. PETE SANDOVAL, the legendary drummer of MORBID ANGEL and TERRORIZER who broke the speed barrier with his ultra-fast beats. It was a real honor to talk to "Pete the Feet" for Wormwood. I discovered how he was able to recover from devastating back injuries to regain his former peak condition and even surpass it! We also talked frankly about his well-known belief in God and the Bible as well as the killer new Terrorizer disc, "Caustic Attack". Pete can talk as fast as he drums so strap in and hang on when you check out the interview!

Some great new interviews are on the way to Wormwood as well! I got a talk with the mythological madmen from HOUSE OF ATREUS while LORD RANDALL has grabbed a chat with America's undisputed masters of funeral doom metal, EVOKEN! That's not all, as DARK STARR tells me he has managed to interrogate an exciting new Chicago band, THE CYBERIAM, who mix prog, metal, industrial and space rock.

Next week a really major announcement is coming, which I wanted to do this week, but as you can tell, I'm running a bit behind. Stay tuned....

Because I've been running a bit behind, we have a mammoth double size collection of the Torture Chamber this week that's sure to keep you intrigued....

AXIS OF DESPAIR                                                                 "Contempt For Man"

URIAH HEEP                                                                         "Living The Dream"

OBSCURA                                                                             "Diluvium"

CIRCLES                                                                               "The Last One"

THE CYBERIAM                                                                      "The Cyberiam"

SCORCHED                                                                            "Ecliptic Butchery"

DORO                                                                                    "Forever Warriors/Forever United"

ARCHGOAT                                                                            "The Luciferian Crown"

BEHEMOTH                                                                            "I Loved You At Your Darkest"

CARNATION                                                                           "Chapel of Abhorrence"

ROAD WARRIOR                                                                     "Power"

CLITERATI/VIOLATION WOUND                                               "Split 12""


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We have a very special edition of the Wormwood Files for you this week. It's rare that we actually take a field trip to a haunted location, but this time we picked a real doozy! DARK STARR joined me for a journey to what many consider the most haunted graveyard in the US, BACHELOR'S GROVE CEMETERY in suburban Chicago. This eerie little plot of land boasts more hauntings and paranormal occurences than you can shake a skull at! I take a look at the history of the cemetery and some of the more notorious haunts that have taken place there and then cover the details of our trip there. Starr took a ton of photos. Did we survive the trip or am I dictating this to you from beyond the grave? Read HERE and find out!

In other news, the Good Doctor managed to snag an interview with a death metal original, no less than PETE SANDOVAL of TERRORIZER and formerly MORBID ANGEL, the man who is considered the architect of the blast beat. Ol' Pete had a lot to say so get ready for that one.

Many distinguished visitors to the Torture Chamber this week, including CONAN, SATAN and even JESUS!!!

SATAN                                                                     "Cruel Magic"

CONAN                                                                    "Existential Void Guardian"

HYPERDONTIA                                                          "Nexus of Teeth"

FUTURE USSES                                                        "The Existential Haunting"

STONED JESUS                                                        "Pilgrims"

ABHORRENCE                                                          "Megalohydrothalassophobic"


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LORD RANDALL traveled this past week to the misty forests of Scandinavia where he hooked up with metal shaman SKALD DRAUGIR from veteran pagan metal titans HELRUNAR. It was an auspicious meeting and Randall learned a lot about the mysteries of HELRUNAR, especially the secret of their longevity and the construction of their latest assemblage of Viking metal, "Vanitas Vanitatvm". These guys have flown under the radar for too long, it's time for Helrunar to emerge into the full light of day. Hear their story HERE...

This week we have an extra big helping of the Torture Chamber and an extra brutal one, too...

TERRORIZER                                                               "Caustic Attack"

SIEGE OF POWER                                                        "Warning Blast"

MORNE                                                                       "To The Night Unknown"

IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT                                                "Vile Luxury"

RODENT EPOCH                                                           "Rodentlord"

BINAH                                                                         "Phobiate"

STONE LEADERS                                                          "Stone Leaders"

TEKSTI-TV 666                                                            "Aidattu Tulevaisuus"

TYRANT DISCIPLE                                                        "Weight Of Oblivion"


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Take it from Dr. Abner Mality, I know a thing or two or three about mental illness. So I was uniquely qualified to take a trip to the asylum and interview bassist WALTER HOWARD from PHILIP J. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS! These guys have just unleashed a new album with the curious title "Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue"....I had to know more about it! Walt takes some time out from electro shock treatments to talk about the album, the good and bad of working with an icon like Phil Anselmo and even a little about his other band, the delightfully named VAGINAL BEARTRAP! He was a pretty nice guy for a loon so find out more by reading HERE!

If you're not completely non compos mentis after that, you can complete your journey to insanity by checking out the Wormwood Torture Chamber....

SKELETONWITCH                                                               "Devouring Radiant Light"

METAL ALLEGIANCE                                                           "Volume II: Power Drunk Majesty"

REBEL WIZARD                                                                  "Voluptuous Worship of Rapture and Response"

PREZIR                                                                              "As Rats Devour Lions"

SOULHEALER                                                                     "Up From The Ashes"

OMENFILTH                                                                       "Hyms of Diabolical Treachery"


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DARK STARR ventures into shadowy realms this week at Wormwood as he encounters the mysterious musical unit known as THE HORROR. This two man outfit is making a lot of waves with their ominous combination of metal, goth and cinematic sounds. Rumor has it that Starr found ALEX WACHTER and JEFF ZUBACK in a graveyard in their native Baltimore but that is unconfirmed. The duo have some strong words to say about the state of music today and also how they construct their eerie odes. If you have the nerve, see if you can stand The Horror by reading onwards...

Lord Randall tells me that he has secured an interview with the veteran blackened folk metal band HELRUNAR...we will see what the runes foretell with that one. We also have an interview coming with WALTER HOWARD of PHIL ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS plus a unique Wormwood Files about my recent trip to BACHELOR'S GROVE CEMETERY!

Without further ado, here's the latest edition of the Torture Chamber...

POWERWOLF                                                      "The Sacrament of Sin"

DEATHHAMMER                                                  "Chained To Hell"

NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA                                 "Sometimes The World Ain't Enough"

NACHASH                                                          "Phantasmal Trinunity"

AXEGRINDER                                                     "Satori"

VOID ROT                                                          "Consumed By Oblivion"

WITCH KING                                                      "The Voice of The Ossuary"

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