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COLONEL ANGUS recently caught American metal heroes ARMORED SAINT in concert along with ACT OF DEFIANCE and he brings us a review of the show. The review includes tons of exclusive pics. Once you check this out, you'll feel like you were there yourself so get close to the stage and see what the fuss is about HERE!

Next week may find the Good Doctor out of the loop as he is heading to the Canadian Rockies in search of Sasquatch, Ogopogo and more! I might have some kind of update up, I might not. If Ogopogo takes a bite out of me, this could be the last update!

Here's an extra large helping of Torture Chamber reviews...

IHSAHN                                                         "Amr"

HELLISH                                                        "Spectre of Lonely Souls"

LORDS OF THE TRIDENT                                 "Shadows of the Past"

ZERO DOWN                                                  "Larger Than Death"

TARA LYNCH                                                  "Evil Enough"

FILII NIGRANTIUM INFERNALIUM                     "Hostia"

MONGREL'S CROSS                                         "Psalter of the Royal Dragon Court"

NEURONSPOILER                                            "Second Sight"

ANICON                                                         "Entropy Mantra"


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This is Wormwood's second go-round with DEATH-worshipping metal freaks GRUESOME! This time around, we hook up with vocalist/guitarist MATT HARVEY, who's also well known for his long service with goremongers EXHUMED. Gruesome is touting their new album "Twisted Prayers", which explores the "Spiritual Healing" era of Death. Matt was a great guy to talk to and we explore Gruesome's unique journey of tribute and experimentation. He's also quite a quick-witted dude so this one is more enjoyable than usual. Open the coffin and dig in HERE!

Coming soon will be COLONEL ANGUS' live review of ARMORED SAINT and ACT OF DEFIANCE, with tons of pictures included. We should also be getting an interview with instrumental horror-prog artists THE HORROR conducted by DARK STARR and more. Speaking of Dark Starr, he and i ventured into the infamous BACHELOR'S GROVE CEMETERY, one of the most haunted in the US, and that will be the subject of a new Wormwood Files.

Now for a dive into this week's Torture Chamber...

FAITHXTRACTOR                                                                    "Proverbial Lambs To The Ultimate Slaughter"

NEORHYTHM                                                                          "Zetetic"

WITCHSKULL                                                                          "Coven's Will"

DEATHGRAVE                                                                         "So Real It's Now"

DRAWN AND QUARTERED                                                        "The One Who Lurks"

SCIENCENV                                                                            "The Quest For Prester John, Volume 2"


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Mr. JARVIS LEATHERBY sure wears a lot of hats. He's the bassist/vocalist/guiding force behind the red hot NIGHT DEMON, he's the manager and bassist of the California legends CIRITH UNGOL, he's the brand new singer of NWOBHM legends JAGUAR UK and he also puts together the best traditional metal fest in the US, Frost and Fire! This dude works 24/7 365 to keep metal flowing and it was a real honor to speak to him for Wormwood! Find out how he brought Cirith Ungol back from the grave and learn the identity of the mysterious skull-faced character on the Night Demon covers. What's it like putting together Frost and Fire? Well, you're gonna find out...if you read the interview HERE!

Lots of gloom and doom clanking around in the Torture Chamber this week...even a visit to MORDOR!

NOCTURNAL GRAVES                                                    "Titan"

NERVOSA                                                                     "Downfall of Mankind"

MORDOR                                                                      "Darkness"

EXMORTUS                                                                   "The Sound of Steel"

FARGO                                                                         "Constellation"

VALGRIND                                                                    "Blackest Horizon"


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Down in the Florida Everglades, there's one man who's always done film in his own inimitable way...WILLIAM GREFE! This maverick director is legendary for his thrift and fearless approach to movie-making. It's time that we here at Wormwood take a closer look at Mr. Grefe and his roster of low budget goodies. Some of his films include "Impulse", "Death Curse of Tartu" and "Mako: Jaws of Death" and he's worked with stars like WILLIAM SHATNER and RITA HAYWORTH. Join me for a look at his legacy of swamp cinema right HERE!

Coming soon to Wormwood; my conversation with death metal impressario MATT HARVEY about the mighty GRUESOME as well as EXHUMED and more! I'm also going to be writing a new Wormwood Files about Australia's baffling BUNYIP! Something to look forward to...

An economy size dose of the Torture Chamber is unleashed for you this week...

MADBALL                                                                      "For The Cause"

YOB                                                                              "Our Raw Heart"

KISSIN' DYNAMITE                                                         "Ecstasy"

ORANGE GOBLIN                                                            "The Wolf Bites Back"

PROFESSOR BLACK                                                         "You Bastard!"

CRAFT                                                                            "Black Metal and White Noise"

SCANNER                                                                        "In Your Head"

DYING AWKWARD ANGEL                                                 "Absence of Light"

VIL MURRA                                                                     "Grande Exitos"


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Are you ready for a journey through time to the very end of the world? Then join LORD RANDALL as he interviews the sci-fi seers of Switzerland's ABRAHAM! These post-metal futurists have just released a massive double album "Look! Here Comes The Dark" that follows the extinction of mankind, the rise of a fungal intelligence and the eventual end of all life on Earth. He discusses this heavy subject with drummer/vocalist DAVE SCHLAGMEISTER and finds out how Abraham approached this overwhelming theme. If you date to find out more, jump in HERE and learn the secrets of what's to come....

This week's Torture Chamber is really all over the place, ranging from the ambient synth atmosphers of KLAUS SCHULZE to the military black metal madness of MARDUK to the raw rock n roll of THE DEAD DAISIES. And more!

KHEMMIS                                                        "Desolation"

MARDUK                                                          "Viktoria"

THE DEAD DAISIES                                           "Burn It Down"

IRON VOID                                                       "Excalibur"

KLAUS SCHULZE                                               "Silhouettes"

TOMB MOLD                                                     "Manor of Infinite Form"


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This week we take a road trip with Sweden's BULLET! These metal dogs have crisscrossed the length of Europe aboard their 1964 Volvo tour bus so they have plenty of stories to tell. I speak to the man with the most metal name in the world, HAMPUS KLANG, about the band's straight and simple approach to their music and career. We delve into the secrets of their new album "Dust To Gold" and find out what their favorite all-time gig was! If you like your metal straight up with plenty of vodka and gasoline, read more about Bullet HERE!

This week's Torture Chamber takes us to Canada, South Korea, Greece, Switzerland and even the frozen plains of Blashrykh!!!

MEDIEVAL DEMON                                                  "Medieval Necromancy"

IMMORTAL                                                             "Northern Chaos Gods"

SAHON                                                                  "Chanting For the Fallen"

LESSER GLOW                                                       "Ruined"

THUNDERBIRD                                                       "Thunderbird"

MATTERHORN                                                        "Crass Cleansing"


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It's been a few years since we talked to Britain's rising prog wizards GANDALF'S FIST. The time was ripe for DARK STARR to reconnect with these saucy fellow so he made his way to the Prancing Pony in Bree to speak with DEAN MARSH, BEN BELL & STEFAN HEPE. He found them in a whirlwind of activity which you can read about HERE, including a new album. Find out more and have a few laughs with these sonic sorcerers.

Worm-fans, I want to mention once more a gig we are co-sponsoring on September, the fourth annual SLAYFEST in Freeport, IL. This year the fest will have a raging 90 minute set from Milwaukee's legendary MORBID SAINT as well as appearances by MUTILATED BY ZOMBIES and SLAUGHTERED BY SWINE and the last ever gig from ANGELIC VISCERA. Read more about this event here: https://www.facebook.com/SlayFest-130593140896100/

Now for a heapin' helpin' of hideous Torture Chamber reviews...

KING HEAVY                                                                 "Guardian Demons"

RIBSPREADER                                                               "The Van Murders, Pt. 2"

GLORIOR BELLI                                                             "The Apostates"

TORTURE RACK                                                             "Malefic Humiliation"

AGE OF TAURUS                                                            "The Colony Slain"

KRULL                                                                           "The Black Coast"

CHRCH                                                                          "The Light Will Consume Us All"

URARV                                                                           "Argentum"

BATTLEROAR                                                                  "Codex Epicus"


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I take a detour into grim and ghoulish realms as I speak to Washington D.C.'s horror-obsessed sludge-death band ILSA this time around. More specifically, I chat to drummer JOSHY about the band's steady rise to infamy and their latest platter of grue, "Corpse Fortress". We find out what dark fantasies propel Ilsa's tales of terror and why they feel the simple approach to death n' doom remains the best. It's a macabre discussion which you can follow HERE!

Speaking of trips to realms unknown, here's this week's edition of the Torture Chamber...

WAYFARER                                                                     "World's Blood"

CANDLEMASS                                                                 "House of Doom"

GREEN DESERT WATER                                                   "Solar Plexus"

GRUESOME                                                                    "Twisted Prayers"

JYOTISAVEDANGA                                                          "Thermigravimetry Warp Continuum"

CAVEMAN CULT                                                              "Supremacia Primordial"

TRITA                                                                            "The Good Night"


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Time once again for our annual look at one of the best metal fests in the U.S., NYDM SPRING BASH! This year saw not one but two new venues for the fest as well as four full days of mayhem! Your humble correspondent Dr. Mality was there for almost all of it and now brings you this massive report. Tons of acts were included this year, including ATROPHY, IMPIETY, HELSTAR, NASTY SAVAGE and even the venerable CIRITH UNGOL! Who blew the house away...and who blew, period? Lots of exclusive pics are included...you will never find a better review of this event. Get started right HERE!

LORD RANDALL recently visited the Swiss Alps, where he spoke to the ambitious and epic post-metal band ABRAHAM! That's another chat you can expect to read here before too long! I should soon have news on a MAJOR interrogation still to appear. Wormwood crawls ever onward...

A hefty dose of the Torture Chamber is now delivered unto you...

MICAWBER                                                    "Beyond the Reach Of Flame"

WITCHSORROW                                             "Hexenhammer"

HEILUNG                                                       "Ofnir"

SACROCURSE                                                "Gnostic Holocaust"

PRIMORDIAL                                                 "Exile Among The Ruins"

DEFIATORY                                                   "Hades Rising"

GHASTLY                                                      "Death Velour"

THE SLYDE                                                   "Awakening"

HEADS                                                         "Collider"


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We journey this week to Old Blighty, to have a "metal breakfast" with the gentleman known for being the premier death growler in England, MR. DAVE INGRAM! Well known for his legendary stint with BENEDICTION and brief sidetrips with BOLT THROWER and HAIL OF BULLETS, Dave is now emerging as the voice to some of the best death metal ever to come from the UK! His current project is DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN with prolific Swedish guitarist ROGGA JOHANSSON, but he also lends his talents to ECHELON, URSINNE and the soon to be revealed JUST BEFORE DAWN and TROIKADON! What lit the fire that burns so bright inside Dave? Read on and find out...we also talk about his love of DR. WHO, his interest in Big Band Jazz and his successful podcast career. One of the most entertaining interviews to appear here in a while!

You can also steel yourself for a trip into our famous Torture Chamber, featuring a bewildering variety of brutally honest reviews...

THE CROWN                                                              "Cobra Speed Venom"

BULLET                                                                     "Dust To Gold"

BAPTISTS                                                                  "Beacon of Faith"

DEMONICAL                                                               "Chaos Manifesto"

TOMORROW'S EVE                                                      "Mirror of Creation III: The Ikaros Project"

DARK BUDDHA RISING                                               "II"

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