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We stay close to home this week as THERON MOORE puts up his dukes and slugs it out with Rockford area powerhouses BEYOND THRESHOLD. Specifically, he gets in the ring with singer ERIK VIRGEN to find out more about the longtime roots of the band and their steady climb up the metal ladder. He also finds out what sort of advice Erik and the boys have gotten from veteran bands like HATEBREED and SEVENDUST. If you're ready to go a few rounds with BEYOND THRESHOLD, lace 'em up and check out the interview!

This week's Torture Chamber is the usual selection of perfection that you've come to expect from the Wormcrew!

TYGERS OF PAN TANG                                           "Tygers of Pan Tang"

KRATORNAS                                                        "Devoured By Damnation"

ESBEN AND THE WITCH                                         "Older Terrors"

HAMMER KING                                                     "Hammer Is King"

STORM DEATH                                                     "Time To Destroy"

SERPENTINE DOMINION                                        "Serpentine Dominion"


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For the last article of 2016, we charter a rickety boat to take us into the mysterious depths of the Amazon where we try to find the facts behind THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON! This fish-faced monster has endured for over fifty years as one of the most famous ever created. Now I try to exxamine his history and background, including the surprising truth about who designed his unique make-up. We look at all three of the classic "Creature" movies and more. So grab your spear gun and your scuba tank as we dive into the Black Lagoon and reveal all HERE!

In the coming weeks, you'll be seeing THERON MOORE's interviews with two great Midwestern bands....the long running Chicago power metal masters DAMIEN THORNE and the fast-rising hellraisers from my hometown of Rockford, BEYOND THRESHOLD! Plus I will have a chat with one of the most illustrious pro wrestling announcers ever, GARY MICHAEL CAPPETTA! And of course we'll have the infamous Wormwood TOP 10 of 2016 lists! Plus lots more!

The last batch of 2016 Torture Chamber reviews is just as twisted as you've come to expect!

QUICKSAND DREAM                                                         "Beheading Tyrants"

CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX                                                "Bronze"

GRAVE DIGGER                                                               "Healed By Metal"

AENAON                                                                        "Hypnosophy"

WULKANAZ                                                                    "Paralys"

HOATH                                                                          "Codex III: Crown of the Mind"

GOATBLOOD                                                                   "Veneration of Armageddon"

LIGHT & SHADE                                                              "The Essence of Everything"

ONI                                                                              "Ironshore"


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Another trip around the sun is almost over but not quite! We close out 2016 by interviewing one of the fastest rising prog rock bands on the scene today, EDENSONG! Our resident prog-ologist DARK STARR speaks to TONY WALDMAN about the eclectic influences and unique approach of this band, as well as what they think of music downloading and fan footage of the group. You can find out what Edensong is all about by jumping aboard HERE!

Several big plans afoot for 2017! The New Year will reveal all! 

Our Torture Chamber this week features all the unpredictability you've come to expect as well as a review of the latest METALLICA effort!

METALLICA                                                     "Hard Wired To Self Destruct"

CIRCLE OF DUST                                             "Machines of Our Disgrace"

AN AUTUMN FOR CRIPPLED CHILDREN                "Eternal"

BRAIN TENTACLES                                           "Brain Tentacles"

HAWKLORDS                                                   "Fusion"

TOTTENKORPS                                                 "Supreme Commanders of Darkness"


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Get yerself in an angry frame of mind for my interview with hardcore heavyweights SUPERJOINT! It's been a while since these jokers have torn everybody a new one, but they are back in action with their new album "Caught In the Gears of Application" and they haven't lost an ounce of bad attitude. I talk to drummer JOEY GONZALEZ about the reality of Superjoint 2016, what it's like to work with legends like PHIL ANSELMO and JIMMY BOWER and what the definition of true hardcore is! It's a long and wild chat which you can check out HERE once you put your flak jacket on!

A few things to report on. Some interviews I planned on don't look like they're going to pan out, which is a big disappointment. I hate to let you humanoids down! But things are opening up in other ways. I should soon have a chat with a MAJOR pro wrestling figure who has worked for every major wrestling organization. THERON MOORE tells me he's got an interview with a great band from Chicago's metal past. And I've concluded my look at one of the greatest monsters ever, THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON! Plus a few other items yet to be revealed and ultimately the famous Wormwood TOP 10 OF 2016 lists!

For now, here's a truly international edition of the Torture Chamber, with bands from all across the globe!

THE ANSWER                                                        "Solas"

ENTRAPMENT                                                        "Towards Realms Unseen"

CULTES DES GHOULES                                           "Coven, or Evil Ways Instead of Good"

SOLITUDE                                                            "Reach For the Sky"

IN DEATH                                                            "The Devil Speaks"

SYK                                                                    "I-Optikon"


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A bit of a slow week around here so it's the perfect time for us to bulk up the nefarious Torture Chamber. As always, a lot of variety here and some excursions into the obscure. A busier week than usual, too.

Interviews with SUPERJOINT and EDENSONG coming soon, along with my article on THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON. And we're not too far away from the annual TOP 10 OF 2016 listings as well.

For now, enjoy these Torture Chamber reviews!

ANCIIENTS                                                 "Voice of the Void"

BESTIAL RAIDS                                           "Master Satan's Witchery"

ALMAH                                                       "E.V.O."

WORKHORSE III                                          "Closer To Relevance"

LUNA 13                                                     "Dark Side of the Sun"

KOHTI TUHOA                                             "Rutiinen Orja"

BLOOD TYRANT                                            "The Aristocracy of Twilight"

THE NIGHT WATCH                                       "Boundaries"

MINOTAUR HEAD                                          "Minotaur Head"


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For our landmark 350th Wormpost, we welcome aboard the Good Ship Wormwood none other than ADMIRAL SIR CLOUDESLEY SHOVELL! Not the actual historical British naval hero, but instead three goofy Brits who comprise one of the rawest, heaviest blues rock bands to ever come out of Old Blighty. Specifically, I share a greasy lunch with LOUIS and JOHNNY, who are a lot of fun to talk to. They kept me in stitches with some real off the wall remarks, but they also manage to tell us about where the Shovell get their inspiration from, their approach to recording and their burning desire to contaminate the States with their smoking riffage. This is seriously one of the most fun interviews I've done, so get your bib on and dig into it HERE!

I've started my epic look at the history of THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON so that's something to look forward to! Also, DARK STARR tells me he nabbed a talk with the up and coming prog rockers EDENSONG. Still waiting to hear on a couple of other upcoming features...I will let you know when everything is etched in stone!

Notable goodies in the redoubtable Wormwood Torture Chamber this week...take a peek!

CROWBAR                                                    "The Serpent Only Lies"

BEYOND THRESHOLD                                      "Live To Fight"

CAPTAIN CRIMSON                                         "Remind"

RUINOUS                                                      "Graves of Ceaseless Death"

WINTERFYLLETH                                             "The Dark Hereafter"

SERPENT CROWN                                            "Incantations of Vengeance"


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This week we travel all the way to Singapore to learn wisdom from the masters of Vedic Metal, the mighty RUDRA! These guys have been plying their trade for decades and have inspired countless bands with their extreme metal influenced by Eastern music and timeless philosophy. I speak to guitarist SIMON about what has been driving them all this time and also about the mysteries of their new album "Enemy of Duality". It was indeed an honor to converse with such an influential band and I hope you will investigate further right HERE!

OK, this week there's a nice change in the House of Worms, as we welcome a new female contributor to our cult, the morbid ANNABEL LEE. She contributes a review of the latest from MADDER MORTEM and we hope to hear much more from her in the future.

Speaking of the Torture Chamber, this is certainly one of our most bizarre TC lineups ever. All I can say is, check it out!

MADDER MORTEM                                                       "Red of Tooth and Claw"

BOLZER                                                                    "Hero"

TYKETTO                                                                   "Reach"

SONS OF BALAUR                                                       "Tenebris Deos"

THE PINE BOX BOYS                                                    "Feast of Three Arms"

RAVENCULT                                                                "Force of Profanation"

COUNTDOWN                                                              "Demo"

FRIEND OR FOE                                                           "Foe"

HANNES GROSSMANN                                                  "The Crypt of Sleep"

FUZZ EVIL                                                                 "Fuzz Evil"


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I put on my deep sea gear and head into the briny deep for a new edition of THE WORMWOOD FILES. This time we look for the deadliest predator in the history of the world, the MEGALODON. This was a voracious giant shark the size of a school bus! Supposedly it has been extinct for millions of years. Or is it? Because there have been persistent reports of monster sharks from all over the world. Could the hungry giant still roam the seas? Pack some shark repellent and join me on the hunt HERE!

Looks like Wormwood will get its first female member in a long, long time very shortly as we welcome ANNABELLE LEE to the Wormcrew! You'll see her debut very shortly. I don't know whether she should be afraid or if we should! Time will tell!

We have an extremely eclectic lineup in the Wormwood Torture Chamber this week, as the list below demonstrates...

HAMMERFALL                                                        "Built To Last"

ECHELON                                                             "The Brimstone Aggrandizement"

ALBEZ DUZ                                                          "Wings of Tzinacan"

T.O.M.B.                                                              "Fury Nocturnus"

STEEL HOOK PROSTHESES                                      "Calm Morbidity"

GRAHAM BONNET BAND                                          "The Book"

DEHUMANIZED                                                      "Beyond the Mind"


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THERON MOORE got to put on his anti-rad suit this week so he could head into the reactor and chat with up and coming thrash band NUKEM! With fallout approaching dangerous levels of toxicity, he spoke to band mastermind STEVE BROGDEN about Nukem's dedication to the traditional ways of thrash, their brand new album and their struggle to keep the music pure. If our scene is to survive, we need new blood like Nukem, so check out our interview and give 'em support!

BIG news as I promised last week. I got a hot interview with returning rabble-rousers SUPERJOINT...more specifically, their drummer JOEY GONZALES, who was a real hoot to talk to. Also I will soon be able to reveal the name of the major wrestling personality I will soon be speaking to...a man who has worked with AWA, WCW, WWE and more! There should be more interview news coming shortly as well as news of the subject of my next Philm Phreaks article!

Now for this week's Torture Chamber, which is jam-packed with big names!

VADER                                                       "The Empire"

ASPHYX                                                      "Incoming Death"

QUINTA ESSENTIA                                        "Initiates of the Great Work"

OPETH                                                        "Sorceress"

SPIRITUS MORTIS                                        "The Year Is One"

SPACE INVADERS                                         "Ayakashi"


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This week at Wormwood, I head Down Under...WAY Down Under...to speak to the father of the Australian extreme metal scene, one Mr. PETER HOBBS. With his ground-breaking band HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH, Peter was one of the very first musicians from old Oz to delve into the world of diabolical thrash metal. We find out what it was like to be a pioneer of thrash in Australia and what keeps Pete going year after year. We also learn the secrets of the new H.A.O.D. album, the blistering "Heaven Bled". Grab you holy water and your vegemite and feel the Thunder from Down Under right HERE!

Brewing up a couple of special events to close the year at Wormwood. By next week, I should be able to tell you more about both. It's some pretty exciting news, the Doctor would not lie!

A larger than usual Torture Chamber sees WC venturing all across the world to get some new reviews. Begin your odd-yssey below!

DEFILED                                                                "Towards Inevitable Ruin"

VOID MEDITATION CULT                                          "Utter the Tongue of the Dead"

CARDINAL WYRM                                                    "Cast Away Souls"

SKALMOLD                                                            "Vogguvisur Yggdrasils"

BODRAGAZ                                                            "20"

TAKE OVER AND DESTROY                                        "Take Over And Destroy"

MORKOBOT                                                            "GoRgo"

BANGLADEAFY                                                        "Narcopaloma"

KREPITUS                                                              "Eyes of the Soulless"

MINENWERFER/1914                                                "Ich Hatt Eine Kameraden"

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