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CIRITH UNGOL is the band that would not die! With roots stretching back to the mid-70's, they were one of Southern California's first true metal bands. Now, after almost two decades in limbo, the legion has returned...and Wormwood Chronicles has got them! I talk to current bassist JARVIS LEATHERBY about the resurrection of CIRITH UNGOL, their new album "Forever Black", and plans for the future. I also sneak in a few questions about Jarvis' other bands, NIGHT DEMON and JAGUAR! You can join the legion of CIRITH UNGOL here!

I can let you know that DARK STARR has secured an interview with hard prog specialists GLASS HAMMER, so keep an eye out for that. Next week will be my chat with bassist supreme MIKE LEPOND!

And now, an extra large helping of the Torture Chamber!

WAILIN' STORMS                                                                "Rattle"

WINTERFYLLETH                                                                 "The Reckoning Dawn"

OZ                                                                                     "Forced Commandments"

PARADISE LOST                                                                  "Obsidian"

SOLICITOR                                                                         "Spectral Devastation"

GRAND MASSIVE                                                                 "4"

FUNERALOPOLIS                                                                  "Of Deceit and Utter Madness"

ROAD WARRIOR                                                                   "Mach II"

WEED DEMON                                                                      "Crater Maker"


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For the first time in almost 2 years, the Wormwood Files returns to life! This time we head to the gloomy glens of Scotland to investigate the legends of one of the most haunted placed in the world, GLAMIS CASTLE! This ancient pile of stone has more ghosts per square foot than a New York subway station has rats! And what of the hideously deformed heir to the castle legacy said to be imprisoned in a secret chamber? I take a look at that legend and many more...if you have enough nerve, come along and see what I found right HERE!

A gaggle of new interviews is on the way. Coming soon will be THERON MOORE's chat with tireless drum god JERAMIE KLING, who pounds the skins for bands like VENOM INC., MASSACRE, THE ABSENCE, GOREGANG and more. Next week will bring my talk with JARVIS LEATHERBY of SoCal metal heroes CIRITH UNGOL!

This week's Torture Chamber lineup is a particularly wild and woolly one!

BONFIRE                                                         "Fistful of Fire"

MIKE LEPOND'S SILENT ASSASSINS                  "The Whore of Babylon"

SHRAPNEL                                                       "Palace of The Insane"

SHITFUCKER                                                    "Sex With Dead Body"

COSMIC BURIAL                                               "Impakt"

SHATTER BRAIN                                               "Pitchfork Justice"


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This week the esteemed DARK STARR presents a tandem interview with two highly creative and prolific music makers: Mr. BERNIE SHAW, lead vocalist for URIAH HEEP, and Canadian producer and multi-instrumentalist DALE COLLINS. These two gentlemen have put their talents together to create some unique sounds, with their most recent album being "Too Much Information". These fellows make for a lively conversation that covers a lot of territory, so dive right into it HERE!

LOTS of new Wormwood projects to tell you about! I grabbed an interview with the hardest-working bassist in the metal scene, Mr. MIKE LEPOND! Mike may be best known for his work in SYMPHONY X, but his solo band SILENT ASSASSINS just released a scorcher of an album entitled "The Whore of Babylon". Very cool gentleman to speak to! Also coming up: a much different kind of interview with the maniacal death metal pirates of Australia's CAULDRON BLACK RAM! As if that's not enough, I also spoke with Britain's proud black metal warriors WINTERFYLLETH. So lots of action coming up down the pike!

Now for our extra large trip into the depths of the Torture Chamber...

BLAZE OF PERDITION                                                 "The Harrowing of Hearts"

CIRITH UNGOL                                                           "Forever Black"

ELDER                                                                       "Omens"

THE WIZAR'D                                                             "Subterranean Exile"

MOTHER YETI                                                             "My Best Please"

WARBRINGER                                                             "Weapons of Tomorrow"

RAMLORD                                                                   "From Darker Waters"

CALLIGRAM                                                                "The Eye Is the First Circle"

SIGN OF EVIL                                                             "Psychodelic Horror"


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Connoisseurs of the darkest and heaviest metal will surely recall the name of WINTER from the early 1990's...a band that broke new boundaries for oppressive, doomy metal with their debut "Into Darkness". They then retreated into the abyss...until 2020, when a new entity named GODEN arose to carry on the legacy of WINTER. GODEN has recently released one of the most ambitious and heavy albums of recent times in "Beyond Darkness". I got the chance to speak to GODEN mastermind and former WINTER member STEPHEN FLAM about his involvement with both bands. The result was indeed enlightening and you can check it out HERE!

Working on multiple Wormwood projects which I can talk more about soon. Stay tuned!

Six new prisoners of the Wormwood Torture Chamber have been brought forth for your inspection this week...

DEVANGELIC                                               "Ersetu"

VADER                                                        "Solitude In Madness"

CASKETS OPEN                                            "Concrete Realms of Pain"

DEATH COURIER                                          "Necrotic Verses"

CLOVEN HOOF                                             "Age Of Steel"

VILLAGERS OF IOANNINA CITY                     "Age of Aquarius"


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There is a Dragon that dwells within the heart of every shadow and he is a source of wisdom for those bold enough to dive into those shadows. He is known as SATAN and the band of metal magi who call themselves NOX FORMULAE are his students and messengers. This mysterious horde have created a sonic grimoire that explores the shadow lore through the method of extreme metal. Recently our scribe THERON MOORE took up the task of speaking to these enigmatic warlocks and the result is the most occult interview to ever appear in Wormwood Chronicles. They explain the method behind the madness of their new album "Drakon-Darshan-Satan" and reveal many more secrets HERE! See if you have the courage to follow Theron into the Shadow Current...

NOX FORMULAE is also featured in this week's offering of the Torture Chamber, along with other tidbits of metallic lore...

NOX FORMULAE                                                         "Drakon-Darshan-Satan"

TYRANT                                                                     "Hereafter"

TRAVELER                                                                  "Termination Shock"

TOMBS                                                                      "Monarchy of Shadows"

PYRAMIDS ON MARS                                                   "Edge of the Black"

CRYPTWORM                                                              "Reeking Gunk Abhorrence"

NOROTH                                                                    "It Dwells Within"

BLASPHAMAGOATACHRIST                                          "Bastardizing the Purity"

KHORA                                                                      "Timaeus"

ASBESTOS WORKER                                                   "Dead End Town"


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This time around, Wormwood goes totally ballistic when we have a chat with Canada's master of thrash guitar mayhem, JEFF WATERS of ANNIHILATOR. Jeff has never been at a loss for words and he sure lives up to that reputation here! He's got a ton of interesting things to say about how bands are expected to repeat themselves endlessly year after year and the pressure that puts on them, the intricacies of playing guitar and singing at the same time, how an act's "gimmicks" often overshadow their talent and lots more! Along the way, he drops tons of familiar names like METALLICA, JUDAS PRIEST, VAN HALEN and PANTERA, as well as letting us know why the new ANNIHILATOR album "Ballistic, Sadistic" is the best one in a long time. It's a deep dive into what makes the man tick and you can find his insights HERE!

Our Torture Chamber this week features straight power metal, violent thrash, horror punk and quantum level prog metal!

LOST LEGACY                                                     "In The Name of Freedom"

BURNING WITCHES                                             "Dance With The Devil"

GRINDPAD                                                          "Violence"

INTRONAUT                                                        "Fluid Existential Inversions"

FREEWAYS                                                          "True Bearings"

KARLOFF                                                             "Raw Nights"


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It's been an awful long time since we've had an entry in the Wormwood Philm Phreaks section, to say the least. Well, wait no more, humanoids, because our reigning Lovecraftian scholar DARK STARR turns his Innsmouth eyes to the new movie adaptation of one of LOVECRAFT's classic tales of cosmic horror, "The Color Out of Space"! This updating of the tale is the return of director RICHARD STANLEY to the fold and features notorious NICOLAS CAGE in the cast. Does this adaptation live up to its source material? The only way to find out is to dive in right HERE!

And we also have another updating of the infamous Wormwood Torture Chamber, featuring a heaping passel of off the wall reviews...

BLIZZEN                                                 "World In Chains"

GODEN                                                   "Beyond Darkness"

HAREM SCAREM                                      "Change the World"

THY CATAFALQUE                                    "Naiv"

FIREWIND                                              "Firewind"

PORNOHELMUT                                       "Bang Lord"

AMBUSH                                                 "Infidel"

HEMOTOXIN                                            "Restructuring the Molded Mind"

ITUS                                                       "Primordial"


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After more than a year in the misty reaches of Limbo, WORMWOOD CHRONICLES is resurrected and back in action with a vengeance! We hit the ground running with an all-new in-depth interview with a true metal and punk legend, ROSS THE BOSS! The axe-wielding barbarian tells us about the latest offering from the ROSS THE BOSS BAND, his contempt for the Grammies and backing of the Metal Hall of Fame and some more stories from the road. You can check out everything The Boss has to say HERE!

The upcoming weeks will be busy ones! DARK STARR will have a look at the new Richard Stanley movie "The Color Out of Space" that is based on the works of H.P. LOVECRAFT. there will be interviews with JEFF WATERS of Canadian thrash titans ANNIHILATOR as well as the new band GODEN, which is the successor to doom/death icons WINTER. DARK STARR will have a chat with URIAH HEEP vocalist BERNIE SHAW and Canadian producer/guitarist DALE COLLINS. THERON MOORE will be venturing into dangerous realms to speak to mystical black/death metal entity NOX FORMULAE. And I'll have a new Wormwood Files with a look at the many hauntings of Scotland's Glamis Castle. If that's not enough, how about an interview with resurrected metal cult CIRITH UNGOL?? Plus the usual hi-jinks in the Wormwood Torture Chamber!

Speak of the Torture Chamber, we have an extra large helping of reviews in our comeback edition, featuring new recruit ANATHEMA DECREE as well as many of the usual Wormwood knuckleheads you know and love (hopefully). 

TESTAMENT                                                                    "Titans of Creation"

CENOTAPHE                                                                    "Monte Verita"

XPUS                                                                             "In Umbra Mortis Sedent"

BIFF BYFORD                                                                 "School of Hard Knocks"

DESTROYED IN SECONDS                                               "Divide and Devour"

VERBAL RAZORS                                                            "By Thunder and Lightning"

THE CYBERIAM                                                              "The Butterfly Effect"

WVRM                                                                           "Colony Collapse"

VELNIAS                                                                        "Scion of Aether"


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DR. MALITY here to let you humanoids know that Wormwood Chronicles is still scheduled to rise from the dead. I can now give you a date for the exact return of the webzine: April 10, 2020. That will be an auspicious day!

I can also let you know that we will have a brand new contributor by the name of ANATHEMA DECREE! What ominous tidings will this enigmatic being bring to the table? We will find out together and I'm anxious to see what Mr. Decree produces. Interviews with ROSS THE BOSS and Jeff Waters of ANNIHILATOR are still on tap and I hope to announce some more interviews soon. Our good friend DARK STARR has emerged from the Stygian pit to grace us with a review of the new film "The Color Out of Space", based on H.P. LOVECRAFT's terrifying story of the same name. My Wormwood Files article on the many ghosts and monsters of Glamis Castle in Scotland is just about ready to go, too.

So mark that date on your calendar...April 10, 2020...and take care of yourselves until then!


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Yes, the whispers you've been hearing in crypt and boneyard are true! I, Dr. Abner Mality, have made the decision to resurrect the carcass of Wormwood Chronicles and walk the Earth again! It was a hard decision indeed to leave behind Dr. Mality's Dungeon but the unholy yearning was just too strong! We will return in earnest sometime in April 2020 and should be back stronger than ever. Many of my former evil cohorts will be returning and there may be a new devotee or two. I can already confirm brand new interviews with ROSS THE BOSS, former guitar god of MANOWAR and THE DICTATORS now heading his own band, and Canadian whiz kid JEFF WATERS of the legendary ANNIHILATOR, who are running off a great new album "Ballistic, Sadistic". There's even more in the works, which will be gradually revealed. We will be re-opening the Wormwood Files with a new article looking at the many horrors of Scotland's Glamis Castle. New reviews are already trickling in...

Spread the word, humanoids! I'll be back to announce the exact return date shortly!

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