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A bit of an off week this time around. I just got back from a wild weekend at the NYDM SPRING BASH in Milwaukee where I checked out the likes of HELSTAR, CIRITH UNGOL, BAT and a whole lot more. Expect to get a complete rundown of this epic show down the road. However, that means there was no major feature running this week. We should be back in action next week with MONOTHEIST! Also working on some cool projects I will be telling you more about soon!

In the meantime, check out some very diverse music reviews in this week's edition of the TORTURE CHAMBER!

BRUCE LAMONT                                                       "Broken Limbs Excite No Pity"

SKELETAL REMAINS                                                 "Devouring Mortality"

GUS G                                                                    "Fearless"

ROBESPIERRE                                                         "The Garden of Hell"

THE DARKEST OF THE HILLSIDE THICKETS               "The Dukes of Alhazred"

PARASIGHT                                                             "At leve som hvis der var et hab"


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It was a real pleasure to recently speak to Mr. FRANK HEALEY, a veteran of the British extreme music scene who has done service in NAPALM DEATH, CEREBRAL FIX and BENEDICTION. Currently he is firmly ensconced in the band MEMORIAM, who are delivering a master class in pure death metal in the tradition of BOLT THROWER and BENEDICTION. Frank tells us about the no-frills work ethic of the band, their view of current world affairs and what it's like carrying the torch for a whole style of music. You can see for yourselves what he's got to say by checking out the interview HERE.

By coincidence, I can report that I got an interview with a very close associate of Frank's, one MR. DAVE INGRAM. The former voice of BOLT THROWER and BENEDICTION is now lending his growls to DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN and a number of other projects. That one will make a nice bookend to my chat with Mr. Healey. Also, to let you humanoids know, we may have a week with very little activity here. I will be spending this upcoming weekend in Milwaukee attending the annual NYDM Spring Bash. We're going to have a major report on that show as well!

This week's Torture Chamber is all over the map, stylistically, from utter brutality to pure prog and Icelandic folk!

VISIGOTH                                                                         "Conqueror's Oath"

GRAVEHILL                                                                       "The Unchaste, the Wicked and the Profane"

LECHERY                                                                          "We Are All Born Evil"

MONSTER MAGNET                                                            "Mindfucker"

ARSTIDIR                                                                         "Hvel"

SCIENCE NV                                                                      "The Quest For Prester John"


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Rising from the swamps of suburban Chicago, THE GIL-MAN dives into his first interview for Wormwood! He speaks to KEN ROSE from the sky-rocketing Indianapolis hard rockers HERO JR.! This band has been raising a ruckus lately with their combination of classic rock and modern crunch. Get inside the mind of the band and see what they have to say about their music and rise to popularity. Take the plunge HERE!

Next week I'll be attending the annual NYDM Spring Bash and checking out bands like CIRITH UNGOL, HELSTAR and NASTY SAVAGE, along with many others. Expect an indepth report to follow. And Gil-Man tells me he'll be reviewing one of the recent JUDAS PRIEST/SAXON shows as well!

Got a super heavy edition of the Torture Chamber to crush your eardrums this week!

REPLICANT                                                                       "Negative LIfe"

STRANGLE WIRE                                                               "The Dark Triad"

CRISIX                                                                             "Against The Odds"

VOMITOR                                                                          "Pestilential Death"

OUR PLACE OF WORSHIP IS SILENCE                                  "Towards Inexorable Suffering"

THE DEAD CENTURIES                                                       "Race Against Time"


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This week we have an intriguing interview with dark progressive rock act NEGATIVEHATE for your perusal. DARK STARR speaks to guitarist/vocalist CHUCK SCANDURA and finds out that Mr. Scandura has a unique take on a lot of things. Find out the secret behind the band's name and why it is probably the opposite of what you think it is and get Chuck's take on the problem of illegal downloading. He also shares a pretty funny Spinal Tap moment with us. Tap into the darkness HERE.

Get ready for a couple of upcoming chats courtesy of LORD RANDALL. The regal scribe first promises an interview wtih death metal mavens MONOTHEIST, who are making quite the splash. If that's not enough, he also ha a conversation with the mysterious and mystical black metal upstarts from the Pacific Northwest, UADA. Add those to a lineup that includes interviews from IMPALER, HERO JR., MEMORIAM and THUNDERMOTHER and you can see we're pretty busy around here.

We're never too busy for new victims in our Torture Chamber! Here are the latest...

MAGNUM                                                           "Lost On the Road To Eternity"

MEMORIAM                                                        "The Silent Vigil"

ABIGOR                                                             "Hollenzwang"

F.K.U.                                                                "1981"

HOODED MENACE                                               "Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed"

GREEN DRUID                                                    "Ashen Blood"


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Tis time for EL CHIEF to head for the heather-clad braes and glens of Bonny Scotland to speak to the biggest Scottish monsters this side of Nessie...SCUMPULSE! These black and crusty grinders from the land of lochs and sporrans have churned forth a brain-curdling debut record called "Rotten" that will rattle your cages for sure! He speaks to several members of the band and gets their opinion on Scotland's fight for independence, Brexit, clear production vs. filthy and the mayhem of "Rotten". This is a band you may not be familiar with now, but will know them better soon. Get a jump on it HERE!

Time to let the (dead) cat out of the bag. In honor of Wormwood's 20th year of existence, I am not only writing an article about the history of the zine, but I am looking at publishing an actual BOOK collecting some of the best interviews conducted over the last two decades. This is in the early stages and still needs a lot of planning, but I hope to announce more soon. Also should have news of new interviews and features coming soon!

Yep, you guessed it! Time for this week's Torture Chamber!

SHADOWKEEP                                                                  "Shadowkeep"

ILSA                                                                                "Corpse Fortress"

THE GROTESQUERY                                                          "The Lupine Anathema"

CARDIAC ARREST                                                             "A Parallel Dimension of Despair"

SPARTAN WARRIOR                                                          "Hell To Pay"

DAWN RAY'D                                                                    "The Unlawful Assembly"


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Prepare for a trip to the dark and lonely places of the world in search of one of man's oldest mysteries...PHANTOM BLACK DOGS! These spectral hell hounds are found throughout the world but particularly in remote areas of the British Isles. I, Dr. Abner Mality, turn my attention to the legend and bright it to life for you! Dsicover the many names of various Black Dogs, including BLACK SHUCK, and unearth some of their more notorious exploits! Is there an explanation for this mystical terror? Get ready to find out by reading this latest edition of the Wormwood Files!

I can announce that THE GIL-MAN has secured his first interview for Wormwood! He's met up with Chicago hard rockers HERO JR. and will be presenting us with the result of the chat soon! This joins a very busy schedule of upcoming interviews here at Wormwood!

This week's Torture Chamber reviews tended to be on the critical side. Open them up and see who got the brickbats! 

VIRVUM                                                                              "Illuminance"

MINISTRY                                                                           "AmeriKKKant"

SUMMONING                                                                      "With Doom We Come"

WHIPSTRIKER                                                                    "Merciless Artillery"

DJINN AND MISKATONIC                                                     "Even Gods Must Die"

ERDVE                                                                               "Vaitojilmas"


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We take a side trip to Texas, where bulls are big and metal is extra heavy, to speak with a man who knows his Texas metal well, MR. RICK PERRY! THERON MOORE speaks to this long-time volume dealer about his time in cult thrashers GAMMACIDE, industrial metal weirdos PUNCTURE, super group WARBEAST and his latest venture, IRON JAW! Rick is very honest about his ups and downs over the years and gives a great glimpse into several ages and styles of metal. You can hear what he has to say right HERE!

Theron has been a very busy boy! We will also be featuring his interview with gruesome horror metal fiends IMPALER and their macabre main man, BILL LINDSEY! That joins a whole passel of hot interviews that includes MEMORIAM, NEGATIVEHATE, SCUMPULSE and some more I'll reveal shortly. 

This edition of the Torture Chamber definitely delivers a lot of THUNDER!!!

SAXON                                                                      "Thunderbolt"

THUNDERMOTHER                                                      "Thundermother"

RIVERS OF NIHIL                                                        "Where Owls Know My Name"

THY FEEBLE SAVIOUR                                                 "As Darkness Falls"

THE TRACY G GROUP                                                  "Tramp"

PUREST OF PAIN                                                        "Solipsis"


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This week we tread a solemn path into the land of epic doom as I interview APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE! This Indiana bandhas been producing some of the purest doom metal in the United States for several years now. Their latest opus "From Gold To Ash" is yet another feast for those who enjoy ponderous metal in the style of CANDLEMASS and SOLITUDE AETURNUS. I speak with drummer COREY WEBB to find out more of what motivates the band to play this type of music and if there is any chance of hope in their gloomy world. Cross your forehead with ash and delve into the darkness HERE!

Two more big announcements to make. The Good Doctor has snagged an interview with veteran bassist FRANK HEALEY of MEMORIAM! This band features members of  BOLT THROWER and BENEDICTION so prepare for a trip into the world of vintage death metal. One band certainly influenced by this tradition are Scottish d-beat black metallers SCUMPULSE and we'll be talking to them, too! EL CHIEF will be doing the honors there.

The mighty JUDAS PRIEST visits our Torture Chamber this week along with punk legends ANTISECT and more!

ANTISECT                                                       "The Rising of The Lights"

JUDAS PRIEST                                                 "Firepower"

HAMFERD                                                        "Tamsins Likam"

MONOTHEIST                                                  "Scourge"

TREEDEON                                                      "Under The Manchineel"

KNELT ROTE                                                    "Alterity'


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Very proud to present DARK STARR's chat with one of the greatest and most influential progressive rock bands in British history, MARILLION! He gets to talk to guitarist STEVE ROTHERY, keyboardist MARK KELLY and bassist PETE TREVAWAS about all things Marillion-related, including dream concerts they would put together, favorite gear they use and their opinion on downloading music. It's a rare opportunity to pick the brains of a forward-thinking band that's changed the music landscape and you can check it out HERE!

THERON MOORE has grabbed an interview with Texas metal mainstay RICK PERRY, best known for being in thrashers GAMMACIDE and industrial metallers PUNCTURE and now in a new unit called IRON JAW! That will be popping up soon and there are several real interesting projects in the pipe that I hope to announce shortly. One of them hopefully will be a live review of an upcoming JUDAS PRIEST/SAXON/BLACK STAR RIDERS gig in Milwaukee. Stay tuned!

Some interesting new names surface from the sewers in this week's Torture Chamber!

IGNITOR                                                                       "Haunted By Rock N Roll"

LEGEND OF THE SEAGULLMEN                                        "Legend of the Seagullmen"

SCUMPULSE                                                                  "Rotten"

VOIDHANGER                                                                "Dark Days of the Soul"

HEAVEN & EARTH                                                          "Hard To Kill"

APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE                                                  "From Gold To Ash"


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MOTORHEAD is no more but guitarist PHIL CAMPBELL is not content to start knitting in his rocking chair. He's gathered together three of his own sons and vocalist NEIL STARR to put together a new hard rocking outfit. What is it like to be in a band with your Dad playing guitar and your brothers on guitar and drums? I ask bassist TYLA CAMPBELL all about life in The Bastard Sons and he brings Mr. Starr along for the ride. Learn about the unique way this band rolls and what it was like to have your Dad in Motorhead. Plus find out what part ukeleles play in it all by clicking HERE and checking out the interview!

I can reveal that the next edition of the Wormwood Files will take a look at the phenomena of PHANTOM BLACK DOGS haunting the lonely roads of the world. Also going to be working on a tribute to Florida's #1 grindhouse film-maker WILLIAM GREFE. And since this is the 20th year of Wormwood, I'm going to try my hand at a history of the mag  from the first hand-stapled paper issue to the long lasting webzine it is now!

Many new bands featured in this week's Torture Chamber!

MANGOO                                                                         "The Heat"

HEIDEVOLK                                                                      "Vuur van Verzet"

PSYCHOCIDE                                                                    "Alcohol & Bad Decisions"

HAMMR                                                                            "Unholy Destruction"

WYRMWOODS                                                                  "Earth Made Flesh"

OLD MOTHER HELL                                                           "Old Mother Hell"

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