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We get back in the interview groove this week with an interrogation of the extreme metal supergroup SCOUR, which contains members of PANTERA, PIG DESTROYER, MISERY INDEX and AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED! Specifically, I hobnob with guitarist DEREK ENGEMANN (ex CATTLE DECAPITATION), who fills me in on how this outfit operates, their response to working during the pandemic, their new "Black" EP which brings the first phase of their existence to a close, and what lays beyond. He's a sharp customer and a good interview, so dig in right HERE!

Working on a few new things for 2021...more details to come. I can say that the next few weeks will bring CARDINAL WYRM, EXIMPERITUS and more, as well as the ever-lovin' Best of 2020 lists. So don't sleep on Wormwood!

We also now present for your delectation the latest edition of the Torture Chamber, with some extra reviews...

WOMBBATH                                                        "Tales of Madness"

VICIOUS RUMORS                                               "Celebration Decay"

IRON MASK                                                        "Master of Masters"

CADAVER                                                           "Edder and Bile"

LICE                                                                  "Wasteland: What Ails Our People Is Clear"

CELL PRESS                                                       "Cell Press"

WIZARDS OF HAZARDS                                       "End Of Time"

DIRA MORTIS                                                     "Ancient Breath of Forgotten Misanthropy"

SOLUCAO FINAL                                                 "Covid666...velhos todos com o caralho"


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Well, the calendar has turned from one of the worst years in memory, but not everything was bad....Wormwood Chronicles returned to action with a successful relaunch and now we head into 2021 with new vigor. This week we have some more Torture Chamber reviews for you, but next week will see us back in action full force with a slate of interviews and features that include SCOUR, CARDINAL WYRM, EXIMPERITUS, "The Creeping Flesh" and even Sasquatch! And we'll also have the return of the legendary Wormwood Top 10 lists, this time for 2020. So strap yourselves in, bunky, and get ready for a wild ride!

And here is the previously mentioned Torture Chamber...

VANDEN PLAS                                               "The Ghost Xperiment--Illumination"

SCOUR                                                         "Black" EP

CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY                          "Written Destiny"

GENERATION STEEL                                      "The Eagle Will Rise"

FUCK THE FACTS                                          "Pleine Noirceur"

DEATHBLOW                                                 "insect Politics"


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The holiday season finds Dr. Mality extra busy in the lab trying to whip up some fun Christmas presents...two headed puppies, Human Centipede dolls, precision guillotines. You know, the usual stuff. So there won't be an interview or feature this week or probably the next. But we do have goodies like CARDINAL WYRM, SCOUR and EXIMPERITUS on the way, along with new Wormwood Files and Philm Phreaks articles. In the meantime, torture your ears and eyeballs with these new reviews from the Wormwood Torture Chamber...

OPIUM WARLORDS                                                   "Nembutal"

OF FEATHER AND BONE                                            "Sulphuric Disintegration"

HEADCAT 13                                                            "Headcat 13"

GAMA BOMB                                                            "Sea Savage"

PERSUADER                                                            "Necromancy"

NEXUL                                                                    "Scythed Wings of Poisonous Decay"


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The holiday season is upon us and while that is usually a cause for dismay amongst us misfits at Wormwood, not all is lost! We are happy to present my interview with Germany's sci-fi power metal legends IRON SAVIOR! I speak to the longtime captain of this mighty vessel, PIET SIELCK, who tells us why it's so important to have the band's positive vibes during the Pandemic, how a band member's health crisis motivated them and how the latest SAVIOR album "Skycrest" came about. Beam aboard for this critical debriefing HERE!

The next couple of weeks will likely feature Torture Chamber updates and not much more, but that means we will be back at it twice as hard in 2021. LORD RANDALL tells me he's gotten an interview with the unique dark metal outfit CARDINAL WYRM so that's something new to look for!

Speaking of the Torture Chamber, the latest edition veers from depressing downer blues to ripping black metal to tech-death insanity...

GORATORY                                                      "Sour Grapes"

VOLUR                                                            "Death Cult"

EN MINOR                                                       "When the Cold Truth has Worn Its Miserable Welcome Out"

THE DEVIANT                                                  "Rotting Dreams of Carrion"

3000 AD                                                          "The Void"

PREZIR                                                            "Degredation"


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In this season of giving, we here at Wormwood Laboratories thought it fitting that you should receive a Yuletide BENEDICTION...or rather, an interview with British death metal legends BENEDICTION! And who better to speak to than Mr. DAVE INGRAM himself?! The jolly roaring frontman of the band brings us up to date on the new album fittingly entitled "Scriptures" as well as some of the many other projects he's involved in. Despite his diabolical deviltry and monstrous death roars, Dave is always a cool and friendly dude to speak to....you can sample the chat HERE!

Things are starting to pop around here. I can confirm upcoming interviews with extreme metal supergroup SCOUR and the esoteric and mysterious faction from Belarus known as EXIMPERITUS. In the case of the latter band, I believe this is the first interview they've granted to a Western publication. Also coming up: I'm going to take a look at the 70's Lee/Cushing horror opus "The Creeping Flesh" and also review a new Bigfoot-related documentary "Sasquatch Among The Wildmen"  for the Wormwood Files section. A couple of other things are being worked on and 2021 will also see the return of the Wormwood "Top 10 of 2020" lists! So a lot going on...

Also in the spirit of the season, we have an extra big helping of the Torture Chamber this time around...

AC/DC                                                        "PWR Up"

NECROPHOBIC                                            "Dawn of the Damned"

MORK GRYNING                                          "Hinsides Vrede"

WAYFARER                                                  "A Romance With Violence"

PALLBEARER                                               "Forgotten Days"

UNDERGANG                                               "Aldrig I Livet"

ANCIENT THRONES                                      "The Veil"

FEARSORE                                                   "Wetworks"

WARFECT                                                    "Specter of Devastation"


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This week we take another trip to the backwoods of Arkansas to visit the gloomy and mercurial COUNT BEETLE! This is a strange, hard to define acoustic project with a supernatural edge that is the brainstorm of one TEDDY HORSE. They've just released a new EP called "The Ratter of Dale" which tells tales of spooklights, rats and the thoughts of dying men. Learn more by reading my chat HERE!

I can confirm that I snagged an interview with one of the best European power metal bands, Germany's long-running IRON SAVIOR! Look for my discussion with mastermind PIET SIELCK coming soon! The Christmas and New Year's holidays might result in a slow week or two, but we should be updating with new reviews at the very least so stay tuned!

In fact, you can find a review of IRON SAVIOR's latest in the new Torture Chamber update...

PHIL CAMPBELL & THE BASTARD SONS                               "We're The Bastards"

IRON SAVIOR                                                                    "Skycrest"

HARLOTT                                                                           "Detritus of the Final Age"

EXIMPERITUS                                                                    "Sahrartu"

ORESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE                                             "Four Riders Take Space Mountain"

OMEGAVORTEX                                                                  "Black Abomination Spawn"


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It was a great pleasure for me to speak with one of the most talented men to ever appear in Wormwood, Mr. ALBERT BOUCHARD. Best known as a long time drummer for BLUE OYSTER CULT, but that only scratches the surface of his creativity. With the late SANDY PEARLMAN, he created an immensely complex and surreal story featuring an alien character called IMAGINOS. BOC later did an album of that same name, but Albert was given no credit and the band's vision was much different that what he originally planned. Now he's released a solo album called "Re-Imaginos" that corrects that imbalance and I get to learn the long, fascinating story of how it came about. Plus we talk about some great stories from the past of THE CULT and much more in this lengthy discussion, which you can read HERE.

And of course, we also have the latest edition of The Torture Chamber, bigger and better than ever!

MONGREL'S CROSS                                                  "Arcana, Scrying and Revelation"

SODOM                                                                   "Genesis XIX"

MACABRE                                                                "Carnival of Killers"

VARIOUS ARTISTS                                                   "Vol. 4" (Redux)

DARK BUDDHA RISING                                            "Mathreyata"

SPEEDKILLER                                                          "Midnight Vampire"

WRECK-DEFY                                                           "Powers That Be"

KING PARROT                                                          "Holed Up In The Lair" EP

DISRUPTED                                                             "Total Death"

CARNATION                                                             "Where Death Lies"


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Forget global warming and get ready for a new ice age as THERON MOORE speaks to the classic power metal warriors GLACIER! These guys were one of the hidden treasures of the wild and woolly 80's scene and they remain just as vibrant on their new record "The Passing of Time". Theron speaks to singer MICHAEL PODRYBAU, who has been there for every phase of GLACIER's history. Grab a parka and crack the ice HERE!

Neither rain nor snow nor burning heat will keep us from posting the newest edition of the Wormwood Torture Chamber!

SERPENTS OF SECRECY                                               "Ave Invicta"

BENEDICTION                                                             "Scriptures"

L.A. GUNS                                                                   "Renegades"

COUNT BEETLE                                                            "Ratter of Dale" EP

ILSA                                                                           "Preyer"

WITCHTRAP                                                                "Evil Strikes Again"


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I am really stoked to present my in-depth interview with Florida's #1 movie maverick, WILLIAM GREFE! After reading my article on his films, Bill tracked me down himself and the result is this great interview directly from the horse's mouth, as it were. Bill talks about being tied to the back of a racecar going 100 mph, kicking a shark in the head during a dangerous underwater shoot and almost having an eye put out by exploding shrapnel. Plus, you get to hear about his collaborations with the likes of WILLIAM SHATNER and RITA HAYWORTH, amongst others. It's probably the most interesting and fun feature we've ever presented in the Philm Phreaks section and you can get in on the fun HERE!

Something else really cool you can look forward to is my new chat with BENEDICTION lead singer DAVE INGRAM! We've spoken to him before, but never in connection with his most infamous band. Some more new interviews will be coming soon...

Almost more Torture Chamber reviews than you can handle this week! A very diverse crew...

DARK QUARTERER                                                 "Pompei"

CRO-MAGS                                                            "In The Beginning"

GLACIER                                                                "The Passing of Time"

DEPRAVITY                                                             "Grand Malevolence"

OGD                                                                       "The Big Game"

WHITE MAGICIAN                                                    "Dealers of Divinity"

PERDITION SECT                                                     "End Times"

NIVIANE                                                                 "The Ruthless Divine"

PROMETHEUS                                                          "Resonant Echoes From Cosmos of Old"


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We're proud to present our second interview with RAMI JAMSA of Finland's ever-evolving and never static death metal legends CONVULSE! The new CONVULSE album is "Deathstar" and it's one of the most eclectic extreme metal efforts of 2020. I try to pick Rami's brain in regards to how the band writes music and what fuels their desire for exploration. We also touch on the miseries of the year 2020 and how that has affected the band. These guys are always good for an interesting talk, but don't take my word for it....jump HERE and find out for yourself!

Some more exciting things are in the cards for Wormwood and I'll be revealing the details soon. Next week you can look forward to my epic interview with Florida grindhouse film-maker WILLIAM GREFE, which I regard as one of my crowning achievements here. Plus more coming from ALBERT BOUCHARD, GLACIER and COUNT BEETLE.

Let's not wait another minute but jump right into a jam-packed edition of the Torture Chamber!

ARMORED SAINT                                              "Punch The Sky"

REVOLTING                                                      "The Shadows at World's End"

MORS PRINCIPIUM EST                                     "Seven"

ALBERT BOUCHARD                                          "Re-Imaginos"

THE DAMNED                                                   "The Rockfield Tapes" EP

INVINCIBLE FORCE                                           "Decomposed Sacramentum"

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