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Time for Wormwood's resident prog master DARK STARR to step forth once more. This time he's found a very intriguing California band called MOETAR to dissect and explore. He manages to grab an interview with every member of the band, including their silver-voiced frontwoman MOOREA DICKASON. This is a pretty lively discussion that touches on the nature of musical creativity itself as well as the subject of "guilty pleasures" and downloading. Come along for the ride and check it out HERE!

A while back, you may have noticed that I printed a "tribute" post to Ed "Earthdog" Bernard, our friend and former writer here. Well, I have found out that reports of Ed's death are premature, although he is still in very bad shape. This is a real embarassment for Wormwood. The information was spread through the net and reached usually reliable webzines like The Obelisk. At that point, I went with what I had. Turns out now that this "report" can be traced back to a source of dubious reliability. I sincerely apologize for this dumb mistake not only to you readers, but to Earthdog himself. The offending post itself has been removed.

On a happier note, I now move to this week's Torture Chamber, which includes a very in-depth look at the new PINK FLOYD from Dark Starr...

ALPHA TIGER                                                                  "iDentity"

THE SKULL                                                                     "For Those Which Are Asleep"

THE GERMAN PANZER                                                     "Send Them All To Hell"

PINK FLOYD                                                                   "The Endless River"

MORBOSIDAD                                                                "Tortura" EP

SKELETHAL                                                                    "Interstellar Knowledge of the Purple Entity"

MY BROTHER THE WIND                                                 "Once There Was A Time When Time And Space Were One"


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A milestone is reached this week as I grovel my way to an audience with the Queen of Blood, the First Lady of Noise, the WHITE EMPRESS herself! Or at least her alter ego, Mary Zimmer! WHITE EMPRESS is an exciting new band that mixes a lot of genres to come up with something really extreme. It contains former members of CRADLE OF FILTH, COAL CHAMBER and LUNA MORTIS! Luna Mortis was Mary's former gig before donning the ivory bondage gear and cream make-up of the White Empress. Find out how she became the Empress, what it's like to be a woman in extreme metal and what the future holds for these nefarious beings! My interview can be perused HERE!

The Torture Chamber is all over the place this week! Lots of different genres to examine! And even a band called WORMWOOD!

THE TREATMENT                                                             "Running With The Dogs"

CRYPT SERMON                                                              "Out of the Garden"

NERVOCHAOS                                                                "The Art of Vengeance"

WORMWOOD                                                                  "Wormwood"

SKALMOLD                                                                     "Med Vaettum"

BLODHEMN                                                                     "H7"


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For our first interview of 2015, Mr. THERON MOORE ventures into the dingy catacombs of Philadelphia to speak with the dead...in this case, the immortal LICH KING! This band has been keeping the true spirit of thrash metal alive amidst a sea of weak imitations. Theron grabs a chat with vocalist/artist/mastermind TOM MARTIN about the band, to find out which thrashers keep his boat afloat and which sink to the bottom of the sea. their controversial little dust-up with D.R.I. and the important subject of humor in metal. It's a bouncy little tete-a-tete sure to keep even the deadest of ghouls interested. Investigate HERE!

Extra big helping of the Torture Chamber to kick off this new year! And it heralds the return of DERELIKT WAUGH, who checks out the new one from GHOULGOTHA!

GHOULGOTHA                                                           "The Deathmass Cloak"

FORESEEN HKI                                                          "Helsinki Savagery"

BARROWLANDS                                                         "Thane"

THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR                                           "V"

ATKINS/MAY PROJECT                                                "Empire of Destruction"

NIHILISTINEN BARBAARISUUS                                    "Synkaa Tuuli"

OMMADON                                                                 "V"

THE DEATHTRIP                                                         "Deep Drone Master"

DIRE OMEN                                                               "Wresting the Revelation of Futility"


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The year comes to an end with the latest edition of the Wormwood Files...and this is one of the most disturbing of all. We look at the most notorious real-life case of demonic possession ever recorded, the grueling story of Germany's Anneliese Michel. What transformed this beautiful, shy young girl into a skeletal, raging wraith that cursed God and did unmentionable things? Was it an extreme case of mental illness? Or was she taken over by Satan himself? Two Catholic priests believed it was the latter and tried to save her soul with the ritual of exorcism. The result was tragic and is still hotly debated to this day. Read about this fascinating case HERE...but bring your cross with you!

We are slowly compiling our "Best of 2014" lists for our annual article in the New Year. New voices have arisen and we should have some interesting results. We'll also start 2015 with some cool interviews like NECROPHAGIA, LICH KING, WHITE EMPRESS and MOETAR!

And now for the last Torture Chamber of the year!

ABYSMAL DAWN                                                           "Obsolescence"

RESUMED                                                                     "Alienations"

RISE OF THE NORTH STAR                                             "Welcame"

VESANIA                                                                      "Deus Ex Machina"

SEMPITERNAL DUSK                                                      "Sempiternal Dusk"

ENCOFFINATION                                                           "III: Hear Me, O Death (Sing Thou Wretched Choirs)"

DIMESLAND                                                                  "Psychogenic Atrophy"


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During this festive time of the year, we like to speak with those musicians whose festive carols lighten the heart and bring the true meaning of the season to life. So our good friend OCTOPI MILLS took it upon himself to speak with the band DEATH PENALTY. In particular, guitarist GAZ JENNINGS, who for years dished out the doomy riffs in the mighty CATHEDRAL before creating Death Penalty. Octopi has a grand old chat with Mr. Jennings, talking about his many musical influences, the films he draws inspiration from, the genesis of Death Penalty and the demise of Cathedral. Get yourself in the mood for holiday cheer and visit the gallows right HERE!

Also some very festive entries into the Wormwood Torture Chamber this time around. Just imagine caroling through the neighborhood with these...

RIOT V                                                                     "Unleash The Fire"

NE OBLIVISCARIS                                                     "Citadel"

USNEA                                                                     "Random Cosmic Violence"

MONSTER MAGNET                                                    "Milking The Stars: Re-Imagining the Last Patrol"

VIATHYN                                                                   "Cynosure"

CEA SERIN                                                                "The Vibrant Sound of Bliss and Decay"


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Many of you Worm-maniacs that have been following the Chronicles for years will remember the name of CLASSIC CAMP and also his wrestling-obsessed alter ego SIR LAWRENCE ALEGDROP. Well, you can run, but you can never escape the shadow of Wormwood! Now CC has returned to give us his in person perspective on one of the East Coast's coolest events....MONSTERFEST! This annual Virginia gathering has collected some of the most dedicated horror fanatics around and this year's edition was the most successful yet. Join Camp as he wanders the halls and even dredges up a chat with eccentric horror host MR. LOBO! If you're wearing a sturdy pair of Depends, you can read the round-up HERE! Welcome back, Camp!

We've also got my live report on the recent show by epic metal kingpins MANILLA ROAD in Milwaukee. The Road were accompanied by the venerable WRATH and several other bands....we've got some great live photos courtesy of MERCYFUL MIKE SMITH! See what I thought of this shindig HERE!

We have an exceedingly excessive edition of the Torture Chamber this time around, one that is sure to flatten your brain like a squirrel on the highway...

ANAAL NATHRAKH                                                          "Desideratum"

MASSACRE                                                                     "Back From Beyond"

OBLITERATIONS                                                             "Poison Everything"

ANGUISH                                                                       "Mountain"

ALUNAH                                                                         "Awakening The Forest"

TORCH RUNNER                                                             "Committed To The Ground"

ANNIHILATED                                                                "XII Steps To Ruination"

KATTAH                                                                        "Lapis Lazuli"

SWALLOWED                                                                 "Lunarterial"

PHOBOCOSM                                                                 "Deprived"


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LORD RANDALL took time off from his easy assignments like infiltrating Al Qaeda to tackle an even more mysterious task...grabbing an interview with cryptic metal combo OLD MAN GLOOM. He finally managed to snag one of the Old Men (it's rumored it may have just possibly been AARON TURNER of ISIS...the band, not the terrorists) and ply the unknown gent with a few questions. The answers are odd and enlightening while still remaining obscure...rather like listening to Old Man Gloom itself. They've got a new album out entitled "Ape of God" and Randall probes his charge to find out more. See if you can piece together the puzzle that is Old Man Gloom by reading the interview HERE!

The end of 2014 will be here before you know it and what a weird year it has been. Thankfully, it's ending with a flurry of activity here at WC...lots of stuff to look forward to. One thing I can guarantee is the annual Wormwood Top 10 of 2014 lists, so keep an eye or two open for that!

Torture Chamber time now and it's the usual mad hodge-podge of underground craziness...

PRIMORDIAL                                                             "Where Greater Men Have Fallen"

BLOODBATH                                                             "Grand Morbid Funeral"

SSS                                                                         "Limp-Gasp-Collapse"

THE SABBATHIAN                                                     "Ritual Rites"

BOG OAK                                                                  "A Treatise on Resurrection and the Afterlife"

FUCKING INVINCIBLE                                                "It'll Get Worse Before It Gets Better"

ZOM                                                                         "Flesh Assimilation"


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Gonna take a walk on the wild side this week and who better to do it with than those masters of funk-infested circus metal DOG FASHION DISCO? These dudes know a thing or two about a good time and they are happy to share their knowledge. I got a talk session with super-talented vocalist TODD SMITH, who proceeded to whisper "Sweet Nothings" in my ear. No, no, I'm not that way! He was just giving me the poop on the new Dog Fashion Disco album "Sweet Nothings". We had a great long talk about why the band took a hiatus, how they plan to avoid they same kind of burnout in the future and what frustrates Todd most about the modern music scene. These guys are a little bit different than the usual Wormwood fodder, but I think you will enjoy this interview a lot. Check it out HERE and find out for yourself!

Looks like we've got another victim....er, member...in the Wormcrew! He is the mysterious SELENOS LUNOS and seems to enjoy the darker things in life. Like Aussie black metal band PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS, for instance....that's the subject of his first review in the Torture Chamber! We hope to get a lot more frm Mr. Lunos in the future.

And by strange coincidence, his review is the lead-off in this week's edition of the Torture Chamber!

PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS                                         "Ephemeral"

BLOODTRUTH                                                          "Obedience"

HIDEOUS DIVINITY                                                  "Cobra Verde"

BRANT BJORK & THE LOW DESERT PUNK BAND          "Black Power Flower"

THE DEAD                                                               "Death Steps To Oblivion"

SEPTYCAL GORGE                                                    "Scourge of the Formless Breed"

THE SWAN KING                                                      "Lasts So Long"


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Been a long, LONG time since we've had a wrestling-related article here at Wormwood but the drought is over. I give blow-by-blow coverage of the "Fight The Fear Festival" presented on Halloween night by new local promotion STATELINE PRO WRESTLING! This card was a strong one, featuring top names like SABU, RHINO and TOMMASO CIAMPA along with strong regional talent like JUSTICE JONES and SEDUCE & DESTROY. A lot of fun was had by those who attended, including me and pal MISTRESS HYDRA, so why was this not a bigger success? Check out my report HERE as I ponder the state of the local wrestling scene...

You can add horror metal legends NECROPHAGIA to the list of bands we've interviewed! I snagged a chat with the loathsome KILLJOY DeSADE. There might be another major death metal act on the horizon soon, along with another possible wrestling piece and a live report of MANILLA ROAD. Who knows? We may even have a new member of the Wormcrew soon...

And now an extra-large serving of the Torture Chamber, featuring acts ranging from world-conquering to utterly obscure!

MACHINE HEAD                                                               "Bloodstone and Diamonds"

NECROPHAGIA                                                                "White Worm Cathedral"

CAVALERA CONSPIRACY                                                   "Pandemonium"

EMIT                                                                               "Spectral Music of an Antiquary"

APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE                                                    "Of Woe and Wounds"

OCTOBER 31                                                                   "Bury The Hatchet''

LAIKA                                                                             "Somnia"

SOS                                                                                "Strength and Conditioning"

RIPPIKOULU                                                                    "Ulvaja"

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