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We have a very special edition of the Wormwood Files for you this week. It's rare that we actually take a field trip to a haunted location, but this time we picked a real doozy! DARK STARR joined me for a journey to what many consider the most haunted graveyard in the US, BACHELOR'S GROVE CEMETERY in suburban Chicago. This eerie little plot of land boasts more hauntings and paranormal occurences than you can shake a skull at! I take a look at the history of the cemetery and some of the more notorious haunts that have taken place there and then cover the details of our trip there. Starr took a ton of photos. Did we survive the trip or am I dictating this to you from beyond the grave? Read HERE and find out!

In other news, the Good Doctor managed to snag an interview with a death metal original, no less than PETE SANDOVAL of TERRORIZER and formerly MORBID ANGEL, the man who is considered the architect of the blast beat. Ol' Pete had a lot to say so get ready for that one.

Many distinguished visitors to the Torture Chamber this week, including CONAN, SATAN and even JESUS!!!

SATAN                                                                     "Cruel Magic"

CONAN                                                                    "Existential Void Guardian"

HYPERDONTIA                                                          "Nexus of Teeth"

FUTURE USSES                                                        "The Existential Haunting"

STONED JESUS                                                        "Pilgrims"

ABHORRENCE                                                          "Megalohydrothalassophobic"


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LORD RANDALL traveled this past week to the misty forests of Scandinavia where he hooked up with metal shaman SKALD DRAUGIR from veteran pagan metal titans HELRUNAR. It was an auspicious meeting and Randall learned a lot about the mysteries of HELRUNAR, especially the secret of their longevity and the construction of their latest assemblage of Viking metal, "Vanitas Vanitatvm". These guys have flown under the radar for too long, it's time for Helrunar to emerge into the full light of day. Hear their story HERE...

This week we have an extra big helping of the Torture Chamber and an extra brutal one, too...

TERRORIZER                                                               "Caustic Attack"

SIEGE OF POWER                                                        "Warning Blast"

MORNE                                                                       "To The Night Unknown"

IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT                                                "Vile Luxury"

RODENT EPOCH                                                           "Rodentlord"

BINAH                                                                         "Phobiate"

STONE LEADERS                                                          "Stone Leaders"

TEKSTI-TV 666                                                            "Aidattu Tulevaisuus"

TYRANT DISCIPLE                                                        "Weight Of Oblivion"


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Take it from Dr. Abner Mality, I know a thing or two or three about mental illness. So I was uniquely qualified to take a trip to the asylum and interview bassist WALTER HOWARD from PHILIP J. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS! These guys have just unleashed a new album with the curious title "Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue"....I had to know more about it! Walt takes some time out from electro shock treatments to talk about the album, the good and bad of working with an icon like Phil Anselmo and even a little about his other band, the delightfully named VAGINAL BEARTRAP! He was a pretty nice guy for a loon so find out more by reading HERE!

If you're not completely non compos mentis after that, you can complete your journey to insanity by checking out the Wormwood Torture Chamber....

SKELETONWITCH                                                               "Devouring Radiant Light"

METAL ALLEGIANCE                                                           "Volume II: Power Drunk Majesty"

REBEL WIZARD                                                                  "Voluptuous Worship of Rapture and Response"

PREZIR                                                                              "As Rats Devour Lions"

SOULHEALER                                                                     "Up From The Ashes"

OMENFILTH                                                                       "Hyms of Diabolical Treachery"


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DARK STARR ventures into shadowy realms this week at Wormwood as he encounters the mysterious musical unit known as THE HORROR. This two man outfit is making a lot of waves with their ominous combination of metal, goth and cinematic sounds. Rumor has it that Starr found ALEX WACHTER and JEFF ZUBACK in a graveyard in their native Baltimore but that is unconfirmed. The duo have some strong words to say about the state of music today and also how they construct their eerie odes. If you have the nerve, see if you can stand The Horror by reading onwards...

Lord Randall tells me that he has secured an interview with the veteran blackened folk metal band HELRUNAR...we will see what the runes foretell with that one. We also have an interview coming with WALTER HOWARD of PHIL ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS plus a unique Wormwood Files about my recent trip to BACHELOR'S GROVE CEMETERY!

Without further ado, here's the latest edition of the Torture Chamber...

POWERWOLF                                                      "The Sacrament of Sin"

DEATHHAMMER                                                  "Chained To Hell"

NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA                                 "Sometimes The World Ain't Enough"

NACHASH                                                          "Phantasmal Trinunity"

AXEGRINDER                                                     "Satori"

VOID ROT                                                          "Consumed By Oblivion"

WITCH KING                                                      "The Voice of The Ossuary"


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LORD RANDALL takes a walk in the shadows to speak with one of the more fearless and innovative bands of the deep metal underground, FAUSTCOVEN! More specifically, he speak to the man who is Faustcoven, GUNNAR M. HANSEN! It's quite the revealing chat and Gunnar has a lot of interesting things to say about his creative process and what makes Faustcoven different than the run of the mill "dark metal" band. It's an incisive look at a creative mind and you can share it HERE!

Also want to tell you humanoids that I hooked up with bassist WALTER HOWARD from PHIL ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS and had a breezy chat with him. Look for that coming soon!

Now it's time for one of the heaviest editions of The Torture Chamber to come down the pike in quite a while...

DEICIDE                                                                "Overtures of Blasphemy"

MORTUOUS                                                            "Through Wilderness"

ABORTED                                                               "TerrorVision"

HAUNT                                                                   "Burst Into Flames"

TILE                                                                       "Come On Home, Stranger"

HEADS FOR THE DEAD                                             "Serpent's Curse"


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We had a slow week last week, what with the Doctor running into bears in the Canadian forest and rafting in the shadow of raging forest fires, so I was only able to post some new Torture Chamber reviews....but they are a fascinating lot so check 'em out!

PRIMAL FEAR                                                                         "Apocalypse"

DEE SNIDER                                                                          "For the Love of Metal"

BONEHUNTER                                                                        "Children of the Atom"

TORNADO                                                                             "Commitment to Excellence"

THE HORROR                                                                        "Here In the Shadows"

BURIAL INVOCATION                                                             "Abiogenesis"

And now I'd like to do a plug for one of Wormwood's most tireless contributors, the alien warmonger known as DARK STARR. Well, that's how you know him here, but in his earthly disguise he is author GARY HILL, who is a very prolific wordsmith indeed. He has a couple of new books out and I'd like to take the time to introduce you to them. First is "Spooky Rockford, Creepy Tales in the Greater Forest City Area", an anthology of strange and disturbing tales all taking place in or near Rockford, Illinois.  That happens to be the stomping grounds and origin point fror Wormwood Chronicles as well. Here's the Facebook page and a Goodreads link about the book. If that doesn't satisfy your craving for the macabre, then check out Gary's other new book, "Life's Blood: A Collection of Vampire Tales", which is about exactly what the title indicates. Here's the Facebook link and the Goodreads page. I urge you humanoids to check them out! 


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Apologies to you humanoids out there...the Good Doctor just got back from a week fighting forest fires in British Columbia (well, the firefighting part didn't happen, but I was in British Columbia...honest!) and so things are a little delayed around here. I want to bring your attention to the last Wormwood effort from THERON MOORE, his interview with Madison, WI's ascending metal band ULTREA! It may be his last, but it's a good one, as he corners the whole band and gets very honest answers as to what inspires them, the unique path they are a taking and what their plans for the future are. Drop in and pay a visit HERE!

We will also get you caught up on some new Torture Chamber reviews...and some pretty odd ones, too!

CAST THE STONE                                                      "Empyrean Atrophy"

FAUSTCOVEN                                                            "In the Shadow of Doom"

D.O.A.                                                                      "Fight Back"

TRAPPIST                                                                  "Ancient Brewing Tactics"

PHOBOS                                                                    "Phlogiston Catharsis"

KHANUS                                                                    "Flammarion"


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COLONEL ANGUS recently caught American metal heroes ARMORED SAINT in concert along with ACT OF DEFIANCE and he brings us a review of the show. The review includes tons of exclusive pics. Once you check this out, you'll feel like you were there yourself so get close to the stage and see what the fuss is about HERE!

Next week may find the Good Doctor out of the loop as he is heading to the Canadian Rockies in search of Sasquatch, Ogopogo and more! I might have some kind of update up, I might not. If Ogopogo takes a bite out of me, this could be the last update!

Here's an extra large helping of Torture Chamber reviews...

IHSAHN                                                         "Amr"

HELLISH                                                        "Spectre of Lonely Souls"

LORDS OF THE TRIDENT                                 "Shadows of the Past"

ZERO DOWN                                                  "Larger Than Death"

TARA LYNCH                                                  "Evil Enough"

FILII NIGRANTIUM INFERNALIUM                     "Hostia"

MONGREL'S CROSS                                         "Psalter of the Royal Dragon Court"

NEURONSPOILER                                            "Second Sight"

ANICON                                                         "Entropy Mantra"


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This is Wormwood's second go-round with DEATH-worshipping metal freaks GRUESOME! This time around, we hook up with vocalist/guitarist MATT HARVEY, who's also well known for his long service with goremongers EXHUMED. Gruesome is touting their new album "Twisted Prayers", which explores the "Spiritual Healing" era of Death. Matt was a great guy to talk to and we explore Gruesome's unique journey of tribute and experimentation. He's also quite a quick-witted dude so this one is more enjoyable than usual. Open the coffin and dig in HERE!

Coming soon will be COLONEL ANGUS' live review of ARMORED SAINT and ACT OF DEFIANCE, with tons of pictures included. We should also be getting an interview with instrumental horror-prog artists THE HORROR conducted by DARK STARR and more. Speaking of Dark Starr, he and i ventured into the infamous BACHELOR'S GROVE CEMETERY, one of the most haunted in the US, and that will be the subject of a new Wormwood Files.

Now for a dive into this week's Torture Chamber...

FAITHXTRACTOR                                                                    "Proverbial Lambs To The Ultimate Slaughter"

NEORHYTHM                                                                          "Zetetic"

WITCHSKULL                                                                          "Coven's Will"

DEATHGRAVE                                                                         "So Real It's Now"

DRAWN AND QUARTERED                                                        "The One Who Lurks"

SCIENCENV                                                                            "The Quest For Prester John, Volume 2"


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Mr. JARVIS LEATHERBY sure wears a lot of hats. He's the bassist/vocalist/guiding force behind the red hot NIGHT DEMON, he's the manager and bassist of the California legends CIRITH UNGOL, he's the brand new singer of NWOBHM legends JAGUAR UK and he also puts together the best traditional metal fest in the US, Frost and Fire! This dude works 24/7 365 to keep metal flowing and it was a real honor to speak to him for Wormwood! Find out how he brought Cirith Ungol back from the grave and learn the identity of the mysterious skull-faced character on the Night Demon covers. What's it like putting together Frost and Fire? Well, you're gonna find out...if you read the interview HERE!

Lots of gloom and doom clanking around in the Torture Chamber this week...even a visit to MORDOR!

NOCTURNAL GRAVES                                                    "Titan"

NERVOSA                                                                     "Downfall of Mankind"

MORDOR                                                                      "Darkness"

EXMORTUS                                                                   "The Sound of Steel"

FARGO                                                                         "Constellation"

VALGRIND                                                                    "Blackest Horizon"

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