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For our landmark 350th Wormpost, we welcome aboard the Good Ship Wormwood none other than ADMIRAL SIR CLOUDESLEY SHOVELL! Not the actual historical British naval hero, but instead three goofy Brits who comprise one of the rawest, heaviest blues rock bands to ever come out of Old Blighty. Specifically, I share a greasy lunch with LOUIS and JOHNNY, who are a lot of fun to talk to. They kept me in stitches with some real off the wall remarks, but they also manage to tell us about where the Shovell get their inspiration from, their approach to recording and their burning desire to contaminate the States with their smoking riffage. This is seriously one of the most fun interviews I've done, so get your bib on and dig into it HERE!

I've started my epic look at the history of THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON so that's something to look forward to! Also, DARK STARR tells me he nabbed a talk with the up and coming prog rockers EDENSONG. Still waiting to hear on a couple of other upcoming features...I will let you know when everything is etched in stone!

Notable goodies in the redoubtable Wormwood Torture Chamber this week...take a peek!

CROWBAR                                                    "The Serpent Only Lies"

BEYOND THRESHOLD                                      "Live To Fight"

CAPTAIN CRIMSON                                         "Remind"

RUINOUS                                                      "Graves of Ceaseless Death"

WINTERFYLLETH                                             "The Dark Hereafter"

SERPENT CROWN                                            "Incantations of Vengeance"


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This week we travel all the way to Singapore to learn wisdom from the masters of Vedic Metal, the mighty RUDRA! These guys have been plying their trade for decades and have inspired countless bands with their extreme metal influenced by Eastern music and timeless philosophy. I speak to guitarist SIMON about what has been driving them all this time and also about the mysteries of their new album "Enemy of Duality". It was indeed an honor to converse with such an influential band and I hope you will investigate further right HERE!

OK, this week there's a nice change in the House of Worms, as we welcome a new female contributor to our cult, the morbid ANNABEL LEE. She contributes a review of the latest from MADDER MORTEM and we hope to hear much more from her in the future.

Speaking of the Torture Chamber, this is certainly one of our most bizarre TC lineups ever. All I can say is, check it out!

MADDER MORTEM                                                       "Red of Tooth and Claw"

BOLZER                                                                    "Hero"

TYKETTO                                                                   "Reach"

SONS OF BALAUR                                                       "Tenebris Deos"

THE PINE BOX BOYS                                                    "Feast of Three Arms"

RAVENCULT                                                                "Force of Profanation"

COUNTDOWN                                                              "Demo"

FRIEND OR FOE                                                           "Foe"

HANNES GROSSMANN                                                  "The Crypt of Sleep"

FUZZ EVIL                                                                 "Fuzz Evil"


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I put on my deep sea gear and head into the briny deep for a new edition of THE WORMWOOD FILES. This time we look for the deadliest predator in the history of the world, the MEGALODON. This was a voracious giant shark the size of a school bus! Supposedly it has been extinct for millions of years. Or is it? Because there have been persistent reports of monster sharks from all over the world. Could the hungry giant still roam the seas? Pack some shark repellent and join me on the hunt HERE!

Looks like Wormwood will get its first female member in a long, long time very shortly as we welcome ANNABELLE LEE to the Wormcrew! You'll see her debut very shortly. I don't know whether she should be afraid or if we should! Time will tell!

We have an extremely eclectic lineup in the Wormwood Torture Chamber this week, as the list below demonstrates...

HAMMERFALL                                                        "Built To Last"

ECHELON                                                             "The Brimstone Aggrandizement"

ALBEZ DUZ                                                          "Wings of Tzinacan"

T.O.M.B.                                                              "Fury Nocturnus"

STEEL HOOK PROSTHESES                                      "Calm Morbidity"

GRAHAM BONNET BAND                                          "The Book"

DEHUMANIZED                                                      "Beyond the Mind"


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THERON MOORE got to put on his anti-rad suit this week so he could head into the reactor and chat with up and coming thrash band NUKEM! With fallout approaching dangerous levels of toxicity, he spoke to band mastermind STEVE BROGDEN about Nukem's dedication to the traditional ways of thrash, their brand new album and their struggle to keep the music pure. If our scene is to survive, we need new blood like Nukem, so check out our interview and give 'em support!

BIG news as I promised last week. I got a hot interview with returning rabble-rousers SUPERJOINT...more specifically, their drummer JOEY GONZALES, who was a real hoot to talk to. Also I will soon be able to reveal the name of the major wrestling personality I will soon be speaking to...a man who has worked with AWA, WCW, WWE and more! There should be more interview news coming shortly as well as news of the subject of my next Philm Phreaks article!

Now for this week's Torture Chamber, which is jam-packed with big names!

VADER                                                       "The Empire"

ASPHYX                                                      "Incoming Death"

QUINTA ESSENTIA                                        "Initiates of the Great Work"

OPETH                                                        "Sorceress"

SPIRITUS MORTIS                                        "The Year Is One"

SPACE INVADERS                                         "Ayakashi"


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This week at Wormwood, I head Down Under...WAY Down Under...to speak to the father of the Australian extreme metal scene, one Mr. PETER HOBBS. With his ground-breaking band HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH, Peter was one of the very first musicians from old Oz to delve into the world of diabolical thrash metal. We find out what it was like to be a pioneer of thrash in Australia and what keeps Pete going year after year. We also learn the secrets of the new H.A.O.D. album, the blistering "Heaven Bled". Grab you holy water and your vegemite and feel the Thunder from Down Under right HERE!

Brewing up a couple of special events to close the year at Wormwood. By next week, I should be able to tell you more about both. It's some pretty exciting news, the Doctor would not lie!

A larger than usual Torture Chamber sees WC venturing all across the world to get some new reviews. Begin your odd-yssey below!

DEFILED                                                                "Towards Inevitable Ruin"

VOID MEDITATION CULT                                          "Utter the Tongue of the Dead"

CARDINAL WYRM                                                    "Cast Away Souls"

SKALMOLD                                                            "Vogguvisur Yggdrasils"

BODRAGAZ                                                            "20"

TAKE OVER AND DESTROY                                        "Take Over And Destroy"

MORKOBOT                                                            "GoRgo"

BANGLADEAFY                                                        "Narcopaloma"

KREPITUS                                                              "Eyes of the Soulless"

MINENWERFER/1914                                                "Ich Hatt Eine Kameraden"


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We don't get to see much of our old friend THRASH-HEAD that much anymore, but when he does show up, it's to give us the lowdown on an immense concert experience. Last year he gave us a report from the enormous WACKEN festival in Germany. This year he takes us to a more intimate festival, the annual PROGPOWER FEST held in Atlanta, GA! This has become an elite concert event. This year, the Fest boasted performances by DRAGONFORCE, BLIND GUARDIAN, DEVIN TOWNSEND BAND and many more mainstays of the power metal/progressive metal genres. And Thrash managed to cover it all and get a lot of exclusive pics as well. You'll feel like you were actually there yourself so check it out HERE!

I managed to grab an interview with England's masters of greasy, grimy retro-rock, ADMIRAL SIR CLOUDESLEY SHOVELL! These guys were an absolute riot to talk to and one of the most fun interviews I've grabbed in a while. Add them to a lineup that include HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH, NUK'EM, RUDRA and more.

Some excellent additions to the Wormwood Torture Chamber have popped up this week. Feast your eyes on this bunch...

EPICA                                                               "The Holographic Principle"

ADMIRAL SIR CLOUDESLEY SHOVELL                      "Keep It Greasy!"

SKELETONWITCH                                                 "The Apothic Gloom"

KRYPTS                                                              "Remnants of Expansion"

EVERGREY                                                          "The Storm Within"

PRINCIPALITY OF HELL                                         "Sulfur and Bane"


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As we approach All Hallows Eve, Wormwood welcomes back an old friend, CLASSIC CAMP, who has been working overtime for us and venturing into realms inhabited by creatures and creeps of all kinds. First stop on CC's agenda was the MONSTERAMA drive-in horror festival held in beautiful Vandergrift, PA! We get the goods on two days of nostalgic drive-in madness featuring movies starring PAUL NASCHY and the cast of DARK SHADOWS! Not to mention a boatload of greasy, salty snacks! Read all about it HERE! Then Camp heads to Chesapeake, VA for MONSTERFEST 13, a celebration of ghoulishness featuring more monster movies and bizarre characters like DR. MADBLOOD (I like him already!) and ZOMBIE ALICE. Check out his report HERE! Both articles feature exclusive pics and should warm the black heart of any monster fanatic!

More big news on the way soon....something might be coming up that we haven't had here at Worm-land for a long, long time. Stay tuned!

This week's Torture Chamber features a dizzying smorgasboard of underground standouts for you to examine....

TESTAMENT                                                  "Brotherhood of the Snake"

GATECREEPER                                               "Sonorran Deprivation"

DARKTHRONE                                               "Arctic Thunder"

ZODIAC                                                       "Grain of Soul"

XOTH                                                          "Invasion of the Tentacube"

SKYWARD                                                    "Skyward"

SABOTER                                                     "Mankind Is Damned"

KATLA                                                         "Embryo"

RECITATIONS                                               "The First of the Listeners"


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A couple of cool things on tap this week. First off, THERON MOORE delves deep into the doom metal underground and emerges with a WRETCH-ed interview! Specifically, he speaks to drummer CHRIS GORDON of WRETCH about the band's rising from THE GATES OF SLUMBER, the tragedies that have pursued them and their hopeful plans for the future. You can read what he had to say HERE.

Also, we dust off the "Spouting Off" section for the first time in more than five years! I review an interesting new book by GARY HILL entitled "POETRY OF THE AIR". The book is full of interviews with musicians large and small about their attraction to the musical world. Some of those interviewed include BUN E. CARLOS of CHEAP TRICK, JORDAN RUDESS of DREAM THEATER and JON ANDERSON of YES. How does the book stack up? Find out HERE!

More fun in the Wormwood Torture Chamber this week, with possibly an even crazier line up of reviews than last week!

HONKY                                                           "Corduroy"

RUDRA                                                           "Enemy of Duality"

DAN REED NETWORK                                        "Fight Another Day"

MOROS NYX                                                    "Revolution Street"

WALDGEFLUSTER                                             "Ruinen"

BRUTALLY DECEASED                                        "Satan's Corpse"

TRAP THEM                                                     "Crown Feral"


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Enter the Church of the Snake and hear the sermon of RAGE this week at Wormwood Chronicles! I talked to the angriest vocalist in the world, THE HUMAN FURNACE, from mayhemic metal maniacs RINGWORM and try to find out why he's so pissed. The answers are interesting indeed and we also delve into his artistic background, including the cover of the latest Ringworm effort "Snake Church". Are things as bleak as they seem? Or can rays of hope be found in Ringworm's dark domain? Find out for yourself by reading our chat HERE...

In Wormwood news, we will have interviews with WRETCH, HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH and NUK'EM in the upcoming weeks, along with a report on the PROGPOWER Festival, a look at the MONSTERAMA drive-in and MONSTERFEST events, and much more. I can also divulge that the next Wormwood Files will be about recent sightings of the monstrous MEGALODON shark!

Wow, the latest Torture Chamber reviews are CRAZY diverse...where else are you gonna find epic prog, Southern rock, Norwegian black metal andAussiee riff rock all in the same place? 

COBALT                                                        "Slow Forever"

AIRBOURNE                                                  "Breakin' Out of Hell"

BLACKFOOT                                                  "Southern Native"

BAPTISM                                                      "V: The Devil's Fire"

EDENSONG                                                   "Years In the Garden of Years"

MERCYLESS                                                  "Pathetic Divinity"


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Join me now, humanoids, as I descend into the nethermost depths of insanity, located somewhere in the French countryside. This week I take a detailed look at perhaps the goriest and most cock-eyed fim ever to emerge from the land of wine and cheese, "DEVIL STORY". This super cheap 1985 oddity seems to exist in its own nightmarish world where demonic cats and horses run rampant and mutated freaks in Nazi uniforms slaughter every witless human they encounter. That's to say nothing of giant mummies emerging from buried pirate ships and crazy old men armed with magic rifles. Confused? You may still be at the end of my article, but at least you may have a better idea of what to expect from this demented film. Begin your journey HERE!

Some news to report this week. THERON MOORE has secured an interview with the new doom metal sensation WRETCH, a band that has its roots in THE GATES OF SLUMBER. That should be appearing in a few weeks. Also working on some other surprises which I should be able to spill the beans on soon, including the subject of the next Wormwood Files article. Stay tuned!

After a long period of eclipse, I am happy to report THE GREAT SUN JESTER has returned to the fold and has a review of the new BRANT BJORK for us in this week's edition of the Torture Chamber!

BRANT BJORK & THE LOW DESERT PUNK BAND                                 "Tao of the Devil"

ABIGAIL                                                                                     "The Final Damnation"

CHARRED WALLS OF THE DAMNED                                                  "Creatures Watching Over The Dead"

ISKRA                                                                                        "Ruins"

CRUCIFIED MORTALS                                                                    "Psalms Of The Dead Choir"

CIRCA                                                                                        "Valley of the Windmill"

DAWN OF DEMISE                                                                        "The Suffering"

CIRCLE                                                                                       "Meronia"

BADR VOGU                                                                                "Wroth"

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