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I am really stoked to present my in-depth interview with Florida's #1 movie maverick, WILLIAM GREFE! After reading my article on his films, Bill tracked me down himself and the result is this great interview directly from the horse's mouth, as it were. Bill talks about being tied to the back of a racecar going 100 mph, kicking a shark in the head during a dangerous underwater shoot and almost having an eye put out by exploding shrapnel. Plus, you get to heat about his collaborations with the likes of WILLIAM SHATNER and RITA HAYWORTH, amongst others. It's probably the most interesting fun and feature we've ever presented in the Philm Phreaks section and you can get in on the fun HERE!

Something else really cool you can look forward to is my new chat with BENEDICTION lead singer DAVE INGRAM! We've spoken to him before, but never in connection with his most infamous band. Some more new interviews will be coming soon...

Almost more Torture Chamber reviews than you can handle this week! A very diverse crew...

DARK QUARTERER                                                 "Pompei"

CRO-MAGS                                                            "In The Beginning"

GLACIER                                                                "The Passing of Time"

DEPRAVITY                                                             "Grand Malevolence"

OGD                                                                       "The Big Game"

WHITE MAGICIAN                                                    "Dealers of Divinity"

PERDITION SECT                                                     "End Times"

NIVIANE                                                                 "The Ruthless Divine"

PROMETHEUS                                                          "Resonant Echoes From Cosmos of Old"


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We're proud to present our second interview with RAMI JAMSA of Finland's ever-evolving and never static death metal legends CONVULSE! The new CONVULSE album is "Deathstar" and it's one of the most eclectic extreme metal efforts of 2020. I try to pick Rami's brain in regards to how the band writes music and what fuels their desire for exploration. We also touch on the miseries of the year 2020 and how that has affected the band. These guys are always good for an interesting talk, but don't take my word for it....jump HERE and find out for yourself!

Some more exciting things are in the cards for Wormwood and I'll be revealing the details soon. Next week you can look forward to my epic interview with Florida grindhouse film-maker WILLIAM GREFE, which I regard as one of my crowning achievements here. Plus more coming from ALBERT BOUCHARD, GLACIER and COUNT BEETLE.

Let's not wait another minute but jump right into a jam-packed edition of the Torture Chamber!

ARMORED SAINT                                              "Punch The Sky"

REVOLTING                                                      "The Shadows at World's End"

MORS PRINCIPIUM EST                                     "Seven"

ALBERT BOUCHARD                                          "Re-Imaginos"

THE DAMNED                                                   "The Rockfield Tapes" EP

INVINCIBLE FORCE                                           "Decomposed Sacramentum"


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We delve into the world of film this week at Wormwood Chronicles, with the redoubtable DARK STARR taking a look at the 21st century incarnation of the classic H.G. WELLS tale "THE INVISIBLE MAN". Does the story withstand an update to our modern world? Find out by getting Starr's take on it HERE. That's not all, he also looks at the film output of the unusual ADAMS FAMILY and their unique horror features "THE DEEPER YOU DIG" and "THE HATRED". This is a creative force you need to keep an eye on. Find out more about these films and their creators HERE.

In other Worm-ian news, look for an new interview with the strange rural horror-folk outfit COUNT BEETLE, as I talk to mastermind TEDDY HORSE about this hard to describe project and their supernatural influences...

We've got an extra sized edition of the Torture Chamber for you this time around!

VENOMOUS CONCEPT                                                             "Politics Versus The Erection"

CONVULSE                                                                             "Deathstar"

LEVIATHAN (SWE)                                                                  "Formorkelse"

SKELETHAL                                                                            "Unveiling the Threshold"

FATES WARNING                                                                    "Long Day Good Night"

WITCHWOOD                                                                         "Before the Winter"

LORD ALMIGHTY                                                                     "Wither"

SKELETOON                                                                            "Nemesis"

UNDEATH                                                                                "Lesions of A Different Kind"


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This time around, LORD RANDALL makes the ground rumble as he speaks to fast rising instrumental doom metal mavens SEISMIC! And he actually chats with all three members of the band, who come from a unique background of non-doom genres like hardcore punk. Find out how tragedy inspired their band, the inspiration they get from H.P. LOVECRAFT and if they will continue down that path and the unusual challenges of being in a heavy instrumental band. This is a name you will surely be hearing more from later, so make sure you are securely planted on the ground and read on right HERE!

We will be having a second interview with the eclectic Finnish death metal collective known as CONVULSE appearing here soon. That will be joining a dizzying selection of interviews that include film-maker WILLIAM GREFE, power metallers GLACIER and former BLUE OYSTER CULT drummer ALBERT BOUCHARD. Plus some cool film reviews and more goodies yet to be revealed.

This week's Torture Chamber is also one surreal smorgasboard, as you shall soon see...

WHITE DOG                                                         "White Dog"

BLUE OYSTER CULT                                              "The Symbol Remains"

NOT MY GOD                                                       "Not My God"

LIK                                                                     "Misanthropic Breed"

HELION PRIME                                                     "Question Everything"

APOCRYPHAL REVELATION                                    "Primeval Devilish Wisdom"


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This week we have some new reviews in the Torture Chamber as always, but wanted to let you humanoids know about some of the other things we're working on here. Just finished working on my interview with maverick film-maker WILLIAM GREFE and what a cool and amazing chat that turned out to be. So much so that I will almost certainly be doing more with him later on to get some more stories from the wild and woolly swamps of Florida. The ALBERT BOUCHARD interview has also turned out to be a gem and will have a lot of tidbits for fans of BLUE OYSTER CULT. And I can let you know about a couple of more interviews on the way. LORD RANDALL has spoken to instrumental doom masters SEISMIC and THERON MOORE has got something with long-running melodic metal specialists GLACIER. There's even more, but I want to make sure those items are done and in the bag before I announce them. So despite this being a "slow" week, there's plenty going on!

Now, let's go down those dungeon steps and enter the dank confines of the Torture Chamber...

HANOVER FIST                                                    "HF III"

NIGHTMARE                                                        "Aeternam"

THE TROOPS OF DOOM                                        "The Rise of Heresy"

FORETOKEN                                                        "Ruin"

REPUKED                                                            "The Dawn of Reintoxication"

IN MALICE'S WAKE                                              "The Blindness of Faith"


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The dark science fiction of the past has become the reality of 2020. Who better to chronicle the ongoing collapse than an industrial metal juggernaut like Arizona's REALIZE? This trio from the desert have revived a sound that hasn't been properly done in a while...the merger between the merciless crush of extreme metal and the relentless beatdown of pure industrial. On their new album "Machine Violence", REALIZE become the cyber-terrorists of a grim new age. Find out the history of the future from songwriter/techno-assassin KYLE KENNEDY...download begins HERE!

Some interesting new news to report! In the past, I've written about guerilla grindhouse film-maker WILLIAM GREFE. Well, recently Mr. Grefe called me out of the blue and the result was I've got a huge interview with him you will soon read here. He's full of all sorts of entertaining stories about kicking sharks in the head, RITA HAYWORTH, being tied to the back of a racecar, WILLIAM SHATNER, and a whole lot more. That's not all...I also snagged a talk with former BLUE OYSTER CULT drummer ALBERT BOUCHARD, who is planning to release his own version of "Imaginos", the controversial BOC concept album. I also had a highly informative talk with him that you soon shall read. DARK STARR has got a couple of movie reviews on the way, for the modern version of "THE INVISIBLE MAN" and another film called "The Deeper You Dig". Next time around, I should have even more news to tell you about.

Since I'm in a long-winded mood, it only makes sense to have an extra long Torture Chamber this week as well!

THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX                                                      "Scorpio"

ENSLAVED                                                                          "Utgard"

BASMU                                                                               "Witchblood"

BANGLADEAFY                                                                    "Housefly"

VORACIOUS SCOURGE                                                        "In Death"

GOREPHILIA                                                                       "In The Eye of Nothing"

SOULWOUND                                                                      "The Suffering"

SUBTERRAEN                                                                      "Rotting Human Kingdom"

INDOCTRINATE                                                                   "Antilogos: Arcane Transmutation In the Temple of Flesh"


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DARK STARR takes a look at the career of the lovable kaiju creation GAMERA in the latest addition to the Philm Phreaks archive. The monstrous flying turtle is second only to mighty GODZILLA as an example of giant monster mayhem from Japan. Arrow Video is releasing a Blu-Ray collection of all of Gamera's film from the 1960's to the 2000's, giving Starr a chance to look at all of them. If you want to get all caught up on the story of the fire-breathing monster, dive in right HERE!

Some exciting announcements should be coming soon! Keep watching this space!

Here's a wide ranging edition of the Torture Chamber for you fiends to check out...

THRUST                                                           "Helm of Awe"

HEATHEN                                                         "Empire of the Blind"

GRENDEL'S SYSTER                                          "Myrtle Wreath/Myrtenkranz"

ORDINANCE                                                     "In Purge There Is No Remission"

POWERMAN 5000                                             "The Noble Rot"

SARCATOR                                                       "Sarcator"


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This week we take a trip to the bucolic Swiss Alps, home of fine chocolate, big bank accounts...and raging heavy metal. One of the great Swiss metal bands is MESSIAH, who have been haunting the glaciers and mountains for over 30 years. They play a unique style of metal that is both primitive and elegant at the same time and one that is not easy to imitate. New album "Fracmont" is their first in a while and demonstrates they haven't lost a thing over the years. I put on some liederhosen and hiked the slopes of Mt. Pilatus to speak to singer ANDY KAINA about the Messiah legacy. You can read the result HERE...

Did we forget about this week's Torture Chamber? Of course not! Read on...

PIG DESTROYER                                      "The Octagonal Stairway"

MESSIAH                                                "Fracmont"

GAEREA                                                  "Limbo"

SOLITARY                                               "The Truth Behind The Lies"

VANISHING POINT                                   "Dead Elysium"

REALIZE                                                 "Machine Violence"


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We are heading into the darkest and most remote corner of Africa this week, in search of living dinosaurs! Or at least, some pretty strange beasts. It's a new edition of The Wormwood Files, looking into the possible existence of MOKELE-MBEMBE, EMELA-NTOUKA and a whole gaggle of prehistoric horrors. How likely is it that these giants have survived into our current age? We'll examine some of the sightings and evidence and if we're real lucky, we might find ourselves in a real life Jurassic Park! Grab your pith helmet and join me HERE!

I just got an interview with KYLE KENNEDY from fast-rising heavy industrial band REALIZE and will have that ready to roll soon. Also coming shortly is an interview with Switzerland's esteemed MESSIAH and a look at kaiju legend GAMERA. Got some other stuff popping, too, and will reveal that soon...

The Torture Chamber this week is crammed with victims both old and new!

IN FLAMES                                                "Clayman"(20th Anniversary Edition)

PROSCRIPTION                                          "Conduit"

TORCH                                                      "Reignited"

HORDE OF HEL                                          "Dodens Nalkas"

CULT OF LILITH                                          "Mara"

JESUS WEPT                                              "Apartheid Redux"


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INCANTATION have been leading the charge for grim and gruesome death metal for over 30 years now! With new album "Sects of Vile Divinities" now let loose on the pathetic masses of mankind, it's a good time for us to check in once again with Mr. JOHN McENTEE, who has been with the band since Day One. It's been ten years or so since the last time I caught up with John. The world both in and out of music has changed drastically in that time. How has INCANTATION rolled with the changes? Maybe the key is staying true to yourself. Find out the answers right HERE!

This week's Torture Chamber features a candidate for album of the year! Read on...

HAVUKRUUNU                                                     "Uinuos Syomein Sota"

BLOOD OF ANGELS                                              "Failure of Faith"

PLAGUE YEARS                                                    "Circle of Darkness"

JUPITERIAN                                                         "Protosapien"

GOBLIN'S BLADE                                                  "Of Angels and Snakes"

THEOTOXIN                                                         "Fragment: Erhabenheit"

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