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Of late, LORD RANDALL has wandered the misty by-ways of strange and archaic lands, including the fine state of Maine. There he encountered THE FALLS OF RAUROS, a band noted for their majestic mixture of soothing folk and raging black metal. Being enchanted by such sounds, he proceeded to speak to Falls' member AARON CHARLES, who had much wisdom to reveal. He spoke of the recent deluxe reissues of the band's earlier efforts and also about how their music is influenced by the glorious woods of their home state. You can sample some of this arcane knowledge right HERE!

Also, KAT HEITZMAN visited RIOT FEST in Chicago with hubby SGT. DETH, where they managed to catch the Antarctic mutants GWAR in action. How does the band hold up without the presence of their departed leader ODERUS URUNGUS? What happened when TRUMP met HILLARY on stage? The answers can be found HERE!

We've got a jam-packed Torture Chamber for you this week, so let's get right into it!

REVOCATION                                                                              "Great Is Our Sin"

INQUISITION                                                                              "Bloodshed Across the Empyrean Altar Beyond the Celestial Zenith"

WARFATHER                                                                               "The Grey Eminence"

RUNNING WILD                                                                           "Rapid Foray"

ALTAR OF OBLIVION                                                                     "Barren Grounds"

NOX FORMULAE                                                                           "The Hidden Paths to Black Ecstasy"


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Our old pal and sometimes contributor SOLOMON G return this week with wondrous tales of his adventures in Sin City, the fabulous metropolis in the Desert, Las Vegas. Sol attended one of the most ridiculously packed heavy rock festivals in US history, PSYCHO LAS VEGAS, and experienced sets by the likes of ALICE COOPER, ARTHUR BROWN, HIGH ON FIRE, SLEEP, CANDLEMASS and many others! And that doesn't include the bands he had to miss! You'll get to read all about it HERE and also see oodles of exclusive pics from the event. Not only that, but you get to hear first hand about Las Vegas itself. Thanks, Sol!

We should have some other unique live event reviews from old friends coming soon. I believe Mr. THRASH-HEAD will give us the rundown on this year's PROGPOWER fest while the one and only CLASSIC CAMP reports on the SUPER MONSTERAMA drive-in movie shindig! And I may soon have word on another returning Worm-scribe!

A very good edition of the Wormwood Torture Chamber awaits you this week, with several notable names included!

SODOM                                                              "Decision Day"

HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH                                      "Heaven Bled"

16                                                                     "Lifespan of a Moth"

MEDEVIL                                                             "Conductor of Storms"

NEUROSIS                                                          "Fires Within Fires"

SERPENT ASCENDING                                           "Ananku" 


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The central European country of Creepsylvania is dangerous at the best of times, but things are worse than ever now that political revolt has broken out and a dictator has seized control. I felt it was important for me to contact my old friend DIGESTOR from the hooded Creepsylvanian thrash freaks GHOUL to get an update on the situation. As usual, I found Digestor munching on a corpse and moshing to old Anthrax records, but he still had a lot to say about life in Creepsylvania these days. He also talked about the new Ghoul opus "Dungeon Bastards", hot sauce, Julia Child and Ed Gein. He has a rather dry sense of humor, does Digestor, and you can sample it yourself HERE!

Coming up soon: SOLOMON G's report on the enormous PSYCHO LAS VEGAS fest, CLASSIC CAMP gives us a run-down of the SUPER MONSTER-RAMA drive-in monster movie marathon, LORD RANDALL's interview with folk metal heathens FALLS OF RAUROS and now I can add an interview with Australia's master of devilish thrash metal, PETER HOBBS from HOBBS' ANGEL OF DEATH! And much more on the way!

Extra large servings of the Torture Chamber this week so expect no portion control here!

VICIOUS RUMORS                                                  "Concussion Protocol"

ABOMINANT                                                          "Napalm Reign"

VANISHING KIDS                                                   "Vanishing Kids" EP

DARK FOREST                                                        "Beyond the Veil"

VERWOED                                                             "Bodemloos"

LETHAL SHOCK                                                      "Evil Aggressor"

SCOUR                                                                 "Scour"

ADE                                                                     "Carthago Delenda Est"

IT'S NOT NIGHT: IT'S SPACE                                   "Our Birth Is But A Sleep and A Forgetting"


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LORD RANDALL returns to the Worm-wars this week and what a return it is! He speaks to one of the most creative and hard working figures ever in the heavy metal world, the Supersonic Swede, DAN SWANO! Dan is best known for his work in bands like EDGE OF SANITY, BLOODBATH, NIGHTINGALE and most recently, WITHERSCAPE, as well as being one of the best producers in the metal biz! The recent Witherscape album "The Northern Sanctuary" is surely a towering achievement and Dan gets to dissect it at length here. What's it like to create a massive concept album and what are some of the concept albums that have influenced Mr. Swano in the past? Read HERE and you'll find out all about it!

We will soon have a concert review of the massive PSYCHO LAS VEGAS Fest courtesy of SOLOMON G, complete with tons of pics. That fest had an insane lineup featuring ALICE COOPER, ARTHUR BROWN, SLEEP, HIGH ON FIRE, DEMON LUNG and tons more! Plus THERON MOORE has secured an interview with the fast-rising thrash band NUK'EM! Plus my write-up on the crazy French horror flick "DEVIL STORY" is almost complete!

The Torture Chamber is all over the place this week...Mexico, Germany, England, and even OHIO! Check it out!

THE WOUNDED KINGS                                                     "Visions In Bone"

BRUJERIA                                                                      "Pocho Aztlan"

FISTULA                                                                        "Longing For Infection"

SURGIKILL                                                                     "Sanguinary Revelations"

CHAMELEON TECHNOLOGY                                                "Blank Canvas"

DUST BOLT                                                                    "Mass Confusion"


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The blitzkrieg has returned to the paged of Wormwood Chronicles as I once again hold peace talks with General TOM ANGELRIPPER from the mighty German war machine SODOM! It has been over 10 years since I spoke with General Angelripper and a lot of water (and blood) has flowed beneath the bridge since that time. This is a very personal interrogation with Tom, as he speaks candidly about his view of Germany during the D-Day invasion, his opinion on the subject of "canned hunts" and how long he thinks he will be leading Sodom into battle. There is also a very detailed analysis of the cover art on Sodom's latest album "Decision Day". He's even more open than he was during out last conversation so be sure to check out what he says HERE!

More news to report on what's coming for Wormwood Chronicles. The esteemed LORD RANDALL has secured not one but two very interesting interviews for us. First, he talks to one of metal's greatest minds, DAN SWANO, who is one of the most sought after producers in the genre and who has been a part of bands like EDGE OF SANITY, WITHERSCAPE, BLOODBATH and many, many more! Nice catch, Lord! His Lordship also headed into the Appalachian Mountains to speak with the epic folk black metal entity known as FALLS OF RAUROS! There are other cool things in the works that I will reveal in coming weeks...

Now for the latest entries into the Wormwood Torture Chamber, featuring bands from Russia, England and even Creepsylvania!

STEVE GRIMMETT'S GRIM REAPER                                          "Walking In The Shadows"

GHOUL                                                                              "Dungeon Bastards"

KATALEPSY                                                                         "Gravenous Hour"

THE ORDER OF ISRAFEL                                                        "Red Robes"

IRON FIRE                                                                          "Among The Dead"

MARSH DWELLER                                                                 "The Weight of Sunlight" 


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Prog rock fans should get a kick out of this week's interview. The one and only DARK STARR catches up with Mr. NEAL MORSE, a legend in the genre. The one time member of SPOCK'S BEARD is now enjoying great success with TRANSATLANTIC and THE NEAL MORSE BAND. We find out about all the projects he's been up to lately and some of his favorite artists as well. We also find out what kind of a music festival he'd put together. Prog heads, dive into the chat HERE!

More news! I just made a rare connection to the nation of Creepsylvania and you long-time readers may know what that means...I got to talk to the disgusting and smelly DIGESTOR from the hooded horror band GHOUL! Haven't talked to Mr. D in a while so we caught up on a lot of news from the "Old Country". This is one of the goofiest interviews I've ever done! Plus we have TOM ANGELRIPPER from SODOM on tap and hopefully a lot more if everything works out!

Nice big serving of Torture Chamber tidbits this time around, so I hope you brought your appetite and a cast-iron stomach!

BLOOD RED THRONE                                                "Union of Flesh and Machine"

FORTERESSE                                                          "Themes Pour La Rebellion"

MIZERY                                                                 "Absolute Light"

ERIK NORLANDER                                                    "Surreal"

FORTY WINTERS                                                      "Rotting Empire"

GRAVE DESECRATOR                                                "Dust To Lust"

BRICK                                                                   "Faceless Strangers"

RISING                                                                 "Oceans Into Their Graves"

GUTTER INSTINCT                                                  "Age of the Fanatic"


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Things get nice and gloomy this week at Wormwood Chronicles as I interview one of the titans of American doom rock/metal, THE OBSSESSED! These guys have had a strange odyssey over the last 30 years but their influence has never faded. They are preparing their first record in more than 20 years! I find out all about it from veteran bassist DAVE SHERMAN, who spills the beans on his long running relationship with "WINO" WEINRICH, how doom metal went from musical ghetto to hot commodity and of course, the new album "Sacred", to be released on Relapse. Dave's a humble dude with a lot to say, so give a listen HERE!

Big news, folks! I can confirm a brand new interview with the German thrash metal legends SODOM! It's been more than 10 years since I've talked to TOM ANGELRIPPER so there will be a lot of new ground covered in this chat. I'm also working on an article about one of the most insane movies I have ever seen, the French 1985 abomination known as "DEVIL STORY". Never heard of it? Well, you will! Plus several other plots I'm working on to keep things boiling around here!

This week's ride through the Wormwood Torture Chamber is wilder than a trip on a Kansas City waterslide!!!

WOLVERINE                                                       "Machina Viva"

RINGWORM                                                       "Snake Church"

CASTLE                                                             "Welcome To the Graveyard"

BEELZEFUZZ                                                      "The Righteous Bloom"

BLACK FUCKING CANCER                                     "Black Fucking Cancer"

GHOULGOTHA                                                    "To Starve The Cross"


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This week you Worm-maniacs get to vicariously experience one of the wildest metal festivals in Midwest history through Dr. Mality's eyes! I've got a detailed report on the three crazy days that I spent at REGGIE'S ROCK CLUB in downtown Chicago for my first...and unfortunately last...edition of the METAL THREAT Fest. This event was an underground metal fans dream, featuring iconic acts like Italy's BULLDOZER, the infamous INQUISITION, and the original lineup of Canadian metal gods EXCITER! Plus the likes of SLUTVOMIT, MOROS NYX and the indescribable SHITFUCKER! I emerged battered, bruised and beaten, but happy as a pig in mud at the conclusion of the mighty event. Read my report and feast on the exclusive pics HERE!

Some of the names to be found in the weekly Torture Chamber update include OMEN, FOGHAT and GRUESOME! A twisted stew, indeed!

OMEN                                                    "Hammer Damage"

GRUESOME                                             "Dimensions of Horror"

CAUCHEMAR                                           "Chapelle Ardiente"

THROTTLEROD                                        "Turncoat"

BLOOD INCANTATION                               "Starspawn"

FOGHAT                                                 "Under The Influence"


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THERON MOORE dives deep into the storied history of Chi-town's metal scene with the man who knows all about it, PAUL SPECKMANN of death metal originators MASTER! It's been a few years since we've heard from Paul so this is a welcome chance to catch up and learn some new tales from Master's long history. Theron asks him about numerous great bands from the past as well as famous venues like Medusa's. Mr. Speckmann has never been known to be shy with his opinions so you get quite a lively chat, which you can experience HERE!

In addition to all the concert reviews I hinted about last week, I can also tell you that we will have an interview with the great prog rock standout NEAL MORSE on the way. Working on a couple of other items myself...one of them will be an extensive look at one of the craziest movies I've ever seen, 'DEVIL STORY' from France! If you know anything about the flicks I watch, you'll know I'm serious when I talk about psychotronic film!

Now for a double-stuffed edition of the Torture Chamber, featuring more oddball artist than you can shake a prosthetic leg at!

DENNER/SHERMANN                                                  "Masters of Evil"

WITHERED                                                               "Grief Relic"

INHERIT DISEASE                                                     "Ephemeral"

TYFON'S DOOM                                                         "Yeth Hound"

SUMMIT                                                                   "The Winds That Forestall Thy Return"

SLUDGEHAMMER                                                        "The Fallen Sun"

GRAVES AT SEA                                                         "The Curse That Is"

TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE                                                    "The Hecatomb"

MARS RED SKY                                                          "Apex III: Praise for the Burning Soul"


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Do you humanoids think you're up for a good old spookhouse ramble? Then join me in the latest edition of the Wormwood Files, as I head to the foggy streets of London to penetrate the dark secrets of 50 BERKELEY SQUARE. For decades, this was the most feared location in London, a town brimming with ghosts! Some of those who tried to fathom its mysteries wound up killed in grisly ways or driven mad by the unknown terrors they saw. What happened in this infamous location? What is truth and what is legend? Grab your canes and bowlers and join me in the exploration HERE!

Looks like our good friend SOLOMON G might be giving us a report on one of the biggest rock festivals of the year, the PSYCHO LAS VEGAS fest, featuring ALICE COOPER, BLUE OYSTER CULT, SLEEP, ELECTRIC WIZARD and more. That's not all! We will be getting a report from THRASH-HEAD later in the year about the annual PROGPOWER fest. Plus SGT. DETH will give us the lowdown on a QUEENSRYCHE show and I'm wrapping up my mega-article on the METAL THREAT fest of Chicago. So a lot of great concert review are on the way!

Some mighty heavy sounds can be heard rattling around in the Torture Chamber this week....

MISTUR                                                                  "In Memoriam"

ASSASSIN                                                               "Combat Cathedral"

THE DEAD DAISIES                                                   "Make Some Noise"

PAGANIZER                                                             "On The Outskirts of Hades"

WIRED ANXIETY                                                       "The Delirium of Negation"

SEWERCIDE                                                             "Immortalized in Suffering"

NETHERLANDS                                                         "Audobon"

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