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Do you humanoids think you're up for a good old spookhouse ramble? Then join me in the latest edition of the Wormwood Files, as I head to the foggy streets of London to penetrate the dark secrets of 50 BERKELEY SQUARE. For decades, this was the most feared location in London, a town brimming with ghosts! Some of those who tried to fathom its mysteries wound up killed in grisly ways or driven mad by the unknown terrors they saw. What happened in this infamous location? What is truth and what is legend? Grab your canes and bowlers and join me in the exploration HERE!

Looks like our good friend SOLOMON G might be giving us a report on one of the biggest rock festivals of the year, the PSYCHO LAS VEGAS fest, featuring ALICE COOPER, BLUE OYSTER CULT, SLEEP, ELECTRIC WIZARD and more. That's not all! We will be getting a report from THRASH-HEAD later in the year about the annual PROGPOWER fest. Plus SGT. DETH will give us the lowdown on a QUEENSRYCHE show and I'm wrapping up my mega-article on the METAL THREAT fest of Chicago. So a lot of great concert review are on the way!

Some mighty heavy sounds can be heard rattling around in the Torture Chamber this week....

MISTUR                                                                  "In Memoriam"

ASSASSIN                                                               "Combat Cathedral"

THE DEAD DAISIES                                                   "Make Some Noise"

PAGANIZER                                                             "On The Outskirts of Hades"

WIRED ANXIETY                                                       "The Delirium of Negation"

SEWERCIDE                                                             "Immortalized in Suffering"

NETHERLANDS                                                         "Audobon"


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Your old pal Dr. Mality is pretty bushed after an incredible 3 day weekend at the METAL THREAT fest in Chicago! Finally got to see a phenomenal line-up of "legacy" bands like EXCITER, RAZOR and BULLDOZER! You can expect a full blow by blow report from me in the near future, with plenty of cool pics, but in the meantime, I got pretty toasted and so there is no "major" Wormwood story this week. We'l be back in the swing of things next week...not sure yet if we'll post my interview with THE OBSESSED or run a new Wormwood Files article on NO. 50 BERKELEY STREET in London! Guess we'll find out together!

I was able to work up enough energy to toss up this wildly eclectic collection of Torture Chamber review, featuring DEATH ANGEL, URIAH HEEP and DRAGONFORCE!

DEATH ANGEL                                                "The Evil Divide"

NERVOSA                                                      "Agony"

MORTILERY                                                    "Shape Shifter"

DRAGONFORCE                                               "Killer Elite"

GRIDFAILURE                                                 "Ensuring the Bloodline Ends Here"

URIAH HEEP                                                   "Totally Driven"

COMBICHRIST                                                 "This Is Where Death Begins"


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I went crawling in nameless crypts near the deserted Martense Mansion this week but it wasn't a pleasure trip. I went to speak to JONATHAN DENNISON, the genius behind the creation of CADABRA RECORDS. Cadabra is the new niche label devoted to putting spoken tales of terror on vinyl. They's already released the spooky works of H.P. LOVECRAFT, LEE BROWN COYE and CLARK ASHTON SMITH, with much more on the way, including POE's "The Raven". Each Cadabra release is superbly packaged and expertly produced. What lit the fire under Mr. Dennison which led to the creation of this macabre label? What terrors does he plan for us next? Join me in the crypts and find out HERE!

This upcoming weeken I will be attending the magnificent METAL THREAT Festival in Chicago featuring performances by EXCITER, RAZOR, BULLDOZER and INQUISITION, among many others. Expect a full Wormwood report on this killer feast of fury. We may also be getting live coverage of the insane PSYCHO LAS VEGAS festival in Sin City....lots of other things coming your way soon from Wormwood Chronicles!

You don't have to wait to experience the painful pleasures of the Wormwood Torture Chamber! We have a massively eclectic collection of review for you!

CANDLEMASS                                                       "Death, Thy Lover"

CULT OF LUNA w/JULIE CHRISTMAS                         "Mariner"

BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS                                        "Carrier"

THIRD ION                                                          "Biolith"

WOLF HOFFMANN                                                 "Headbangers Symphony"

VEKTOR                                                              "Terminal Redux"

DARK AVENGER                                                    "Tales of Avalon: The Lament"

GADGET                                                              "The Great Destroyer"

RABID FLESH EATERS                                            "Reign of Terror"


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It's been a while since the Fair Sex has dropped into Wormwood Laboratories (and I can kinda understand why) but we fell off the wagon in a big way this week. Wormwood's military madman SGT. DETH was lucky enough to get the legendary LITA FORD into his foxhole for an exclusive chat! Lita talks about many subjects of interest, such as how she keeps her voice intact, what her favorite guitars are and how she manages to get in and out of those tight leather outfits! Plus she tells a story about her collaboration with some guy named EDWARD VAN HALEN! You can check out all the details HERE!

A pleasant trip into the depths of the Wormwood Torture Chamber is also on tap. This week, OCTOPI MILLS compares an artist to a flat mummified cat found inside a reclining chair! Plus more knee-slapping hijinks...

DESTROYER 666                                                         "Wildfire"

COUGH                                                                     "Still They Pray"

CENTINEX                                                                 "Doomsday Rituals"

CONNY OCHS                                                             "Future Fables"

GOATESS                                                                  "Purgatory Under New Management"

CONQUEST                                                                "Under the Influence"


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If you enjoy music that's like a punch in the face with brass knuckles, you don't want to miss this week's unusual "double" interview. For years, the band WEEKEND NACHOS have been the last word in bone-breaking hardcore fury. Now the band is saying goodbye with their final album "Apology". But rising from the depths to take their place is the more death metal oriented LIKE RATS, featuring some of the same members. In this interview, I talk to ANDY, TODD and DAN about the end of NACHOS and the birth of LIKE RATS. Get ready to dive into the pit HERE!

Some spooky news for you lovers of the macabre. I recently spoke to JONATHAN DENNISON, owner of the CADABRA RECORDS label which specializes in spoken word horror stories from the likes of H.P. LOVECRAFT and CLARK ASHTON SMITH. The result is a unique interview focused on the unearthly. Coming soon at Wormwood! Speaking of the weird, I'm also working on a new Wormwood Files examining Britain's most haunted house, 50 BERKELEY SQUARE! So keep watching for that, too!

Now for this week's slate of Torture Chamber reviews...

WORMED                                                           "Krighsu"

NAILS                                                               "You Will Never Be One of Us"

LITA FORD                                                         "Time Capsule"

VEX                                                                  "Sky Exile"

PRODUCT OF HATE                                              "Buried In Violence"

SKELETON WOLF                                                 "Skeleton Wolf"

BARDUS                                                            "Stella Porta"

REPTILIAN                                                         "Perennial Void Traverse"

CHAINS/SUTON split                                            "Balkanian Narko Doom"


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Many will recognize the name of JOE BOUCHARD from his many years as bassist for BLUE OYSTER CULT. But he's also been a college professor, film music writer and now he has a solo career and a brand new album "The Power of Music". Wormwood's DARK STARR caught up with Joe recently to talk to him about everything he's been up to since leaving the Cult, his many musical influences and his desire to continue a hard rock career on his own. He's an easy going guy who's been around almost every conceivable facet of the music business...hear what he's got to say HERE!

We've got another eclectic hodge-podge of metal and hard rock for you in the Torture Chamber...giraffes, vikings, Mexican foodstuffs and more!

GRAND MAGUS                                                 "Sword Songs"

WEEKEND NACHOS                                            "Apology"

VARDIS                                                           "Red Eye"

THE GIRAFFES                                                  "Usury"

ROTTEN SOUND                                                "Abuse To Suffer"

TRUE BLACK DAWN                                           "Come The Colorless Dawn"


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Time to fly through the wormhole to learn about Chicago's NUCLEUS, who combine death metal with sophisticated science fiction to create an otherworldly sound. These metallinauts have been stirring up a lot of comment with their debut album "Sentient" so it was time for Dr. Mality to speak to Nucleus mastermind DAVE MUNTEAN. The result is a unique chat that covers subjects like the SF works of Frank Herbert, the art of the renowned Dan Seagrave, technical vs. primitive death metal, artificial intelligence and dystopia and one of the best "Spinal Tap" stories to come down the pike in a while. Expand your mind by entering the realm of Nucleus HERE!

More news to report! The one and only SGT. DETH went to the front and has come back with an interview of one of the most influential and beautiful women in hard rock, none other than LITA FORD! Something else you can look forward to here at Wormwood, along with interviews of former BOC member JOE BOUCHARD, THE OBSESSED, and LIKE RATS. Plus even more interesting tidbits to tantalize and torment...stay tuned for those!

A big heaping helping of Torture Chamber reviews is now offered for you to sample!

DESTRUCTION                                                  "Under Attack"

ZEALOTRY                                                       "The Last Witness"

ARTILLERY                                                      "Penalty of Perception"

MISS LAVA                                                      "Sonic Debris"

BARBARIAN                                                     "Cult of the Open Grave"

JOE BOUCHARD                                                "The Power of Music"

AHTME                                                            "The Demonization"

WE THE WILD                                                   "From The Cities We Fled"

ENOID                                                             "Exile Aux Confins des Tourments"


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Time for my annual rundown of the NYDM SPRING BASH held at The Metal Grill in Cuday, WI! This year's report will be a little different because Yours Truly was up there as a vendor for the first time, selling my line of HOT N HEAVY hot sauces to headbangers with a liking for heat. I had to miss some bands because of this, but still got to see a great lineup that included WEHRMACHT, DESTRUCTOR, RUTHLESS and SAVAGE MASTER, amongst others. That was more than enough for me to do my thing, plus also tell tales of the metal characters who inevitably show up to the event. Get the lowdown on the hoedown HERE!

LOTS of news to report this week. DARK STARR tells me he has grabbed an interview with original BLUE OYSTER CULT bassist and now solo artist JOE BOUCHARD! Plus, I can tell you that I talked to DAVE SHERMAN from the reactivated THE  OBSESSED, one of the most important bands in the history of American doom metal! Plus we might have a chat with the most unlikely band to ever appear at Wormwood. I can hardly believe this one myself, and by this time next week, I may be able to spill the beans on it, as well as some other tidbits. Oh yeah, we also have an upcoming interview with members of WEEKEND NACHOS and LIKE RATS, plus a new Wormwood Files! So things are hopping again!

And so they are with the Torture Chamber as well. A far-reaching and eclectic collection as usual...

AMON AMARTH                                                "Jomsviking"

DEVILDRIVER                                                  "Trust No One"

SHIRAZ LANE                                                  "For Crying Out Loud"

CHILD BITE                                                     "Negative Noise"

WYRD                                                            "Death of the Sun"

LUCIFER'S HAMMER                                         "Beyond the Omens"


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Set back and relax in your coffin as I journey deep into the crypts to speak to JOHN GALLO, the febrile mastermind of BLIZARO! You may not know Blizaro yet but you should. A haunting combination of ancient heavy doom with creepy prog rock keyboards and the atmosphere of a vintage Italian slasher movie, this band create macabre sonic imagery for the darkened mind. What are the secrets of Blizaro? Who are the elders of the Italian music scene that they take inspiration from? These and many other mysteries to be revealed in the interview which can be seen HERE!

Also lurking in the murky catacombs is the trusty Wormwood Torture Chamber, which features many notable victims on this particular occasion!

MAGRUDERGRIND                                              "II"

SOURVEIN                                                        "Aquatic Occult"

IHSAHN                                                           "Arktis"

ARCANA 13                                                       "Danza Macabra"

SUNSTORM                                                       "Edge of Tomorrow"

GLORIOR BELLI                                                  "Sundown"


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PROFESSOR BERNARD QUATERMASS is one of the most influential fictional characters of the 20th century, even if you've never heard of him. The star of multiple BBC TV serials and theatrical films, Quatermass was portrayed by numerous actors and was a "scientific warrior" who battled the paranormal and the bizarre. His escapades greatly influenced the likes of Dr. Who and the X-Files. In this new Philm Phreaks article, I take a look at all of the Quatermass stories and the actors who played the professor. This includes films like "The Creeping Unknown" and "Five Million Years to Earth". Whether you're a long time fan or just learning about the character now, check out what I have to say about him HERE.

I can confirm that we've got an upcoming interview with guitarist/madman JOHN GALLO of the difficult to classify BLIZARO. If you've never heard these guys, check them out! A unique combination of classic doom metal, 70's horror prog and soundtracks from the Italian giallo films of years ago. There will be also be a review of this year's NYDM SPRING BASH, featuring the likes of DESTRUCTOR, RUTHLESS and HEXX! Plus lots more insanity from the Wormcrew!

A double wide edition of the Torture Chamber is thundering down the highway of doom right at you! Stay right where you are!

KATATONIA                                                    "The Fall of Hearts"

JUDAS PRIEST                                                "Battle Cry" DVD

LIKE RATS                                                      "II"

BEASTMAKER                                                  "Lusus Naturae"

STRANGULATE                                                "Catacombs of Decay"

BOUDAIN                                                       "Way of the Hoof"

BLOODTHIRST                                                 "Glorious Sinners"

RAGEHAMMER                                                  "The Hammer Doctrine"

GLORIA MORTI                                                 "Kuebiko"

CARDINALS FOLLY                                            "Holocaust of Ecstasy and Freedom"

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