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When the calendar gets to February, it's time for the scribes here at Wormwood to present their picks for their favorite releases of the previous year. This year you will notice some changes in personnel, as old faces disappear (I swear I had nothing to do with that!) and new inmates arrive. As usual, though, it's a pretty eclectic mixture of choices. As an indicator of how diverse those choices are, I present now each writer's #1 pick...

THERON MOORE                                                   INCANTATION                                               "PROFANE NEXUS"

DARK STARR                                                        STYX                                                               "THE MISSION"

EL CHIEF                                                              XIPE TOTEC                                                    "AXOMIMITL"

DR. ABNER MALITY                                               PARADISE LOST                                             "MEDUSA"

PROFESSOR JOCKO                                              WARRANT                                                       "LOUDER HARDER FASTER"

OCTOPI MILLS                                                      PAGAN ALTAR                                                "ROOM OF SHADOWS"

COLONEL ANGUS                                                  BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION                     "BCCIV"

THOR                                                                   BROKEN HOPE                                               "MUTILATED AND ASSIMILATED"

THE GIL-MAN                                                        L.A. GUNS                                                      "THE MISSING PEACE"

LORD RANDALL                                                     ENSLAVED                                                     "E"

Those are just the top slots. If you want to check out all the other releases, click HERE! We will see you next year!

In the meantime, we also have new entries in the Wormwood Torture Chamber...

ANVIL                                                                    "Pounding The Pavement"

PHIL CAMPBELL & THE BASTARD SONS                    "The Age of Absurdity"

VULTURE INDUSTRIES                                            "Stranger Times"

SACRED LEATHER                                                   "Ultimate Force"

DEMONOMANCY (It)                                                "Poisoned Atonement"

SYMETRIA                                                              "Symetria"


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This week finds THERON MOORE speaking to one of Chicago's best new heavy bands, BLACK ROAD! Specifically, he chats with the bewitching SUZI UZI about the formation of this outfit and its influences, as well as speaking about the burgeoning Chi-town metal scene, past and present! This is a band you'll be sure to hear more from later, so check out the interview HERE and get a jump on everything!

Next week will see the annual WORMWOOD TOP 10 lists appear, this time devoted to the best of 2017! Some interesting results this time so don't miss it! And prog fans will have a big treat in store when DARK STARR posts interviews with the legendary MARILLION and rising dark proggers NEGATIVEHATE! Also coming are interviews with PHIL CAMPBELL & THE BASTARD SONS as well as APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE. Should have some news of the next Wormwood Files article and a new Philm Phreak feature as well!

This week's Torture Chamber sees some pretty nasty customers making their way into the dungeon...

BABYLON A.D.                                                       "Revelation Highway"

HELLISH GOD                                                        "The Evil Emanations"

WAKE                                                                   "Misery Rites"

ANIALATOR                                                           "Rise To Supremacy"

DISEMBOWEL                                                        "Plagues and Ancient Rites"

ZIFIR                                                                    "Kingdom of Nothingness"


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LORD RANDALL must be feeling full of scorn and vitriol recently because he managed to secure an interview with malignant black metal entity SPITE! More specifically, he chatted with Spite's dark mastermind, SALPSAN, and a most revealing chat it is, too! He learns about Salpsan's black metal philosophy and experiences his contempt for the human animal. He also discovers the secrets of the new Spite LP "Antimoshiach" and its tale of the Anti-Messiah! Join him for this conversation with a diabolical yet enlightened metal mind!

Coming soon to Wormwood will be an interview with one of America's great doom metal bands, APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE! Should also be announcing some exciting new material coming our way from DARK STARR! Also coming soon will be the infamous Wormwood TOP 10 of 2017 lists!

Lots of bands from metal-crazy Finland in this week's Torture Chamber!

IRON GRIFFIN                                                        "Iron Griffin"

MAMMOTH GRINDER                                               "Cosmic Crypt"

ACCUSER                                                               "The Mastery"

LAPIN HELVETTI                                                     "Lapin Helvetti"

KOHTI TUHOA                                                        "Pelon Neljas Valtakunta"

SEASONS OF THE WOLF                                          "Last Act of Defiance"


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While jaunting through the fetid boneyards beneath Tampa, Florida, I recently ran into PETE SLATE from the nightmarish doom/death masters DRUID LORD! It was a happy but morbid meeting with Mr. Slate and I cajoled an entertaining interview out of him. We wound up talking about our favorite "Night Gallery" episodes, the glory years of the Florida death metal scene and even that old scalawag, Mr. Hyde! It was a great talk for fans of classic horror and putrid death metal both and you can savor it HERE!

Slowly making some progress on new features for the zine. I was also able to speak to TYLA CAMPBELL and NEIL STARR from PHIL CAMPBELL & THE BASTARD SONS, the new unit featuring longtime MOTORHEAD guitarist Phil Campbell and three of his own sons as well as Mr. Starr! Look for that in the weeks ahead as well as THERON MOORE's chat with SUZI UZI of rising Chicago sludge/doom artists BLACK ROAD and our anticipated TOP 10 OF 2017 lists!

The Torture Chamber has a healthy mix of well known bands and more obscure artists this week!

BLACK DAHLIA MURDER                                                             "Nightbringers"

SCOUR                                                                                     "Red" EP

PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS                                          "Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue"

CRUENTATOR                                                                            "Ain't War Hell?"

ORPHANED LAND                                                                       "Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs"

IPERYT                                                                                      "The Patchwork Gehinnom"

BESTIALORD                                                                             "Law of the Burning"


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What happens when horror movies of the West meet the martial arts films of the East? You might get a genre-bending headtrip like "LEGEND OF THE 7 GOLDEN VAMPIRES"! This psychotronic 70's explosion marked the brief alliance of Hammer Studios and Shaw Brothers as Dracula takes a trip to China to take control of a gang of vampires who are terrorizing a village there. Standing in his way are not only PETER CUSHING as the redoubtable Dr Van Helsing, but a brave crew of kung fu warriors led by DAVID CHIANG! Bloody horror meets chop socky action and you get to follow the story of this oddball film HERE!

Look for an interview with the grim masters of death/doom DRUID LORD from Florida soon! We're also compiling our annual BEST OF 2017 lists for you so keep an eye out for that as well. Plus plots are underway for more interesting features and interviews....

This week's Torture Chamber features panoply of jaw-busting and obscure band names for you to ponder...

WATAIN                                                                    "Trident Wolf Eclipse"

ANATOMIA                                                                 "Carnal Obsession"

AURGANIC                                                                 "Distant Echoes & Close Encounters"

MASCHARAT                                                              "Mascharat"

HYVMINE                                                                  "Earthquake"

DARK HOUND                                                           "Dawning"


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Greetings, Wormfans! For those who are new to this nutty zine, The Torture Chamber is our weekly collection of cult and extreme music reviews, most of which are in the heavy metal realm. We have done literally thousands of reviews, which you can see in the Torture Chamber Archives to the left. And we add new ones every week. Check out this week's eclectic collection below!

CAVALERA CONSPIRACY                                                  "Psychosis"

THE ADICTS                                                                   "And It Was So!"

NE OBLIVISCARIS                                                           "Urn"

FACELESS BURIAL                                                          "Grotesque Miscreation"

O.D.D.                                                                           "The Disorder"

THANTIFAXATH                                                               "Void Masquerading As Matter"


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When you Wormians see this, we will be in the hallowed year of 2018! This is the 20th year of existence for Wormwood and we plan on doing some special things to celebrate, which will unfold as the year goes on. For now, we're bringing back a column that got kind of shoved aside in 2017, The Wormwood Files! For this edition, we look at one of the most chilling tales of the sea, the story of the haunted U-Boat, U-65. What disasters plagued this unlucky submarine? Why did its sailors go mad and drown themselves in the ocean? Could it have been an encounter with the ghost of Second Lieutenant Richter? Read here for the tale of this cursed vessel!

Now it's time for the first Torture Chamber of 2017...see who gets bouquets and who gets brickbats!

RAM                                                       "Rod"

DRUID LORD                                           "Grotesque Offerings"

ROTHEADS                                              "Sewer Fiends"

SONIC PROPHECY                                    "Savage Gods"

MOONSPELL                                            "1755"

ALTARAGE                                              "Endinghent"


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Another year has blown by, Wormsters, and we are sending it off in style by featuring an interview with supreme vocal growler STEVE TUCKER of death metal titans MORBID ANGEL! Mr. Tucker has never been exactly shy and in this chat, he spews venom about the state of the world and how the new Morbid album "Kingdoms Disdained" is a reaction to it. He also lets us know what it's like slipping back into the Morbid Angel fold after a few years out of the loop. It's a very candid talk with one of the leading vocalists in death metal today, so hop aboard HERE and read all about it!

Here's the last Torture Chamber update of the year, as well, paving the way for the 20th year of Wormwood!

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY                                           "No Cross No Crown"

VALDUR                                                                          "Divine Cessation"

HAUNT                                                                            "Luminous Eyes"

SECT                                                                               "No Cure For Death"

STALKER                                                                         "Shadow of the Sword"

A DEVIL'S DIN                                                                 "One Hallucination Under God"


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This week I turn my attention to one of America's most promising traditional metal bands, WILDESTARR. The core of this unique band is guitarist DAVE STARR and his wife the talented and beautiful LONDON WILDE. Their new album "Beyond the Rain" was constructed as a kind of tribute to London's brother Gary, a musician who succumbed to substance abuse. Dave has got a lot to say about that harrowing incident and how it affected the band. He also talks about why Wildestarr chooses to be a studio only band and stay where they're at. This is an interesting conversation with a band that should really be better known...you can sample it HERE!

The end of 2017 is at hand. Next year will be the 20th year of Wormwood's existence, so I hope to commemorate that in various ways. It also means that our notorious end of the year lists are on the way! One thing that I can tell you is that after being gone for most of 2017. the Wormwood Files section will be back in business. The subject of the first article will be the eerie history of the U-65, Germany's haunted U-Boat!

This week's Torture Chamber is markedly more melodic than the usual....

OPERATION: MINDCRIME                                                                            "The New Reality"

WILDESTARR                                                                                              "Beyond the Rain"

GAME OVER                                                                                                "Claiming Supremacy"

ATOLL                                                                                                        "Fallout Frenzy"

EUROPE                                                                                                     "Walk The Earth"

LADY BEAST                                                                                               "Vicious Breed"


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This week I take a look at an interesting local show known as SLAYFEST III. Held in the cozy confines of the Rock Hollow Gun Club, this event features performances from a diverse selection of bands including MUTILATED BY ZOMBIES, BLACKCAT MANOR and THE SIRENS ARE CALLING. Find out what keeps me coming back to this place every November HERE!

Also, I review a horror/science fiction anthology with some strong connections to Wormwood. This is DARK DREAMS & WEIRD WORLDS edited by GARY HILL and featuring contributions from BILL CAMP, KURT BELCHER, KEN LATEER and others. What's the assessment of this trippy tome? Click HERE and find out!

I am also stoked to announce that I have secured an interview with none other than STEVE TUCKER of the ground-breaking death metal behemoths MORBID ANGEL! Look for this heavy duty chat at WC soon!

Speaking of Morbid Angel, they are part of this week's Torture Chamber...

MORBID ANGEL                                                      "Kingdoms Disdained"

WITCHERY                                                             "I Am Legion"

NEGATIVEHATE                                                      "Solipsis"

AOSOTH                                                                "V: The Inside Scriptures"

DEAD QUIET                                                          "Grand Rites"

DESOLATE SHRINE                                                 "Deliverance From the Godless Void"

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