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This week I take a look at an interesting local show known as SLAYFEST III. Held in the cozy confines of the Rock Hollow Gun Club, this event features performances from a diverse selection of bands including MUTILATED BY ZOMBIES, BLACKCAT MANOR and THE SIRENS ARE CALLING. Find out what keeps me coming back to this place every November HERE!

Also, I review a horror/science fiction anthology with some strong connections to Wormwood. This is DARK DREAMS & WEIRD WORLDS edited by GARY HILL and featuring contributions from BILL CAMP, KURT BELCHER, KEN LATEER and others. What's the assessment of this trippy tome? Click HERE and find out!

I am also stoked to announce that I have secured an interview with none other than STEVE TUCKER of the ground-breaking death metal behemoths MORBID ANGEL! Look for this heavy duty chat at WC soon!

Speaking of Morbid Angel, they are part of this week's Torture Chamber...

MORBID ANGEL                                                      "Kingdoms Disdained"

WITCHERY                                                             "I Am Legion"

NEGATIVEHATE                                                      "Solipsis"

AOSOTH                                                                "V: The Inside Scriptures"

DEAD QUIET                                                          "Grand Rites"

DESOLATE SHRINE                                                 "Deliverance From the Godless Void"


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Here at Wormwood we celebrate Halloween every day of the year. And so does Michigan's ACID WITCH! No band is more devoted to the horrors of All Hallows Eve than this band of miscreants. Therefore it makes perfect sense for us to interview them. I talk to SLASHER DAVE about his lifelong love affair with Halloween, his encounters with the supernatural and the tradition of the Red Dwarf known as "Nain Rouge". And we also find time to talk about the unique sonic soundscape of the new AW album "Evil Sound Screamers". You can grab a mask and a goodie bag and read the rest HERE!

This week's Torture Chamber is another off the wall excursion into a wide variety of sounds...

ACT OF DEFIANCE                                                         "Old Scars, New Wounds"

ACID WITCH                                                                 "Evil Sound Screamers"

BATTLE DAGORATH                                                       "II: Frozen Light of Eternal Darkness"

HARD ACTION                                                               "Hot Wired Beat"

COMPLETE FAILURE                                                       "Crossburner"

SEAX                                                                            "Speed Metal Mania/To The Grave"


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We've been doing this online version of Wormwood for so long now, we've had 400 weeks of updates! 2018 will mark the 20th anniversary of this nutty project so that gives you an idea of how long we've managed to last. For this particular Wormpost, we venture into the odd world of mathematical prog misfits BUBBLEMATH! Our own space cadet DARK STARR talks to the band's brainchild KAI ESBENSEN to the downlow on this fast rising bunch. Examine the strangeness HERE!

I grabbed an interview with DAVE STARR from the melodic metal monolith WILDESTARR which you will see here soon! Dave and his wife LONDON WILDE are the mainsprings of the band, which makes them unique. Also working on another big interview which I hope to confirm for you next week.

This week's Torture Chamber is kind of dark and heavy, so be forewarned!

DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT                                                     "Finisterre"

DR. LIVING DEAD                                                                  "Cosmic Conqueror"

ARCHSPIRE                                                                           "Relentless Mutation"

SAMAEL                                                                                "Hegemony"

MARGINAL                                                                            "Total Destruction"

DEATH TOLL 80K                                                                   "Step Down"

ICE AGE                                                                               "Breaking The Ice"


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Our old pal from the Left Coast SOLOMON G returns with a look at one of the truest of all metal fests, FROST AND FIRE III!. Organized by NIGHT DEMON member JARVIS LEATHERBY, this fest brings together the best of the traditional metal underground for an orgy of riffs and screaming guitar! This year's edition featured great names like MANILLA ROAD, CIRITH UNGOL and TWISTED TOWER DIRE, along with very rare appearances from metal godfathers such as JAGUAR and MYTHRA! Sol covers it all with plenty of \m/'s and some great exclusive photos. See what the metal brotherhood is all about HERE!

The usual crazy assortment of reviews awaits you in the Torture Chamber this week!

ARCH ENEMY                                               "Will To Power"

KAWIR                                                        "Exilasmos"

JEFF SCOTT SOTO                                        "Retribution"

VHALDEMAR                                                "Against All KIngs"

NEKROHOWL                                               "Epitome of Morbid" EP

PILE OF EXCREMENTS                                  "Escatology"


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This week let's get down and dirty with Australia's feathered furies KING PARROT! These maniacal grinders have made a name for themselves not only with their brutal music, but with some of the sickest and most absurdly humorous metal videos ever. I get to talk to head squawker MATT YOUNG about those crazy videos, his fun visit to a dominatrix dungeon, King Parrot's relentless touring schedule and the wacky Australian metal bands of the past they draw influence from. This chat was a lot of fun and a blast to do, so if you feel you can handle the Parrot's ugly humor, check it out HERE!

There was a bit of a doomy focus for this week's Torture Chamber entries. Get a hold of the gloom right here...

UFOMAMMUT                                                      "8"

ELECTRIC WIZARD                                              "Wizard Bloody Wizard"

42 DECIBEL                                                        "Overloaded"

LISA CUTHBERT                                                  "Hextapes"

SORCERER                                                         "The Crowning of the Fire King"

ANUBIS GATE                                                     "Covered In Black"


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This week I take some time to pay tribute to a neglected master of pure drive-in cinema, Mr. DEL TENNEY. The Iowa native made his mark with iconic early grindhouse classics like "The Horror of Party Beach", "The Curse of the Living Corpse" and the feelgood hit of the summer, "I Eat Your Skin". I look at all of those as well as some of the more obscure movies in Del's portfolio. If you're sick of the bland corporate films of today, check out this feature and relive some of those great days of yesteryear!

We will soon have a review of the monumental trad-metal fest FROST AND FIRE courtesy of our good friend SOLOMON G! Complete with exclusive photos! More announcements soon on upcoming material here in Worm-land!

A varied and unpredictable journey into the Torture Chamber this week, covering a lot of musical ground!

CANNIBAL CORPSE                                                             "Red Before Black"

IRON MONKEY                                                                    "9-13"

APPICE                                                                              "Sinister"

RUNESPELL                                                                        "Unhallowed Blood Oath"

BAND OF BROTHERS                                                           "Band of Brothers"

DAYDREAM XI                                                                     "The Church of the Tattered and Torn"


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LORD RANDALL has a visit with mystical doomsters BELL WITCH and you can read the interesting results HERE. He speaks to band mastermind DYLAN DESMOND about how he dealt with the death of a former band member and made sure to include his contribution on the mammoth new Bell Witch album "Mirror Reaper". It's a personal conversation with goes deeply into dealing with loss. You'll also find out more about the album's amazing artwork and how it relates to previous Bell Witch efforts.

Hope to have some important news on new features very shortly...

Some heavy hitters in this week's Torture Chamber...see for yourself!

MARTY FRIEDMAN                                                           "Wall of Sound"

PRIMITIVE MAN                                                              "Caustic"

CANNABIS CORPSE                                                         "Left Hand Pass"

ENSLAVED                                                                      "E"

BLOODSTRIKE                                                                "Execution of Violence"

ALL PIGS MUST DIE                                                        "Hostage Animal"


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New boy EL CHIEF throws himself into the breach and heads to the bleak wastes of Antarctica, where he dared to speak to BLOTHAR THE BERSERKER. This antlered mutant has the unenviable task of replacing the late ODERUS URUNGUS as lead singer of the infamous GWAR. Is he up to the challenge? Is a hog's ass ham? We find out a lot of things from Blothar, including his nightly battles with DONALD TRUMP in a steel cage, his bizarre sexual equipment, Oderus' love of BON SCOTT and more. It's what you'd expect from an interview with Gwar and you can check it out HERE!

This week's Torture Chamber sees the debut of THE GIL-MAN, another new victi...er, recruit! He tackles the latest from L.A. GUNS! Read it if you dare!

L.A. GUNS                                                              "The Missing Peace"

WITH THE DEAD                                                     "Love From With The Dead"

SPECTRAL VOICE                                                    "Eroded Corridors on Unbeing"

MIDNITE HELLION                                                  "Condemned To Hell"

THOR                                                                    "Beyond The Pain Barrier"

HOWLS OF EBB/KHTONIIK CERVIIKS                       "With Gangrenous Edges/Voiidwarp"


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JAG PANZER have been leaders in the American metal scene since 1981! After a fairly long hiatus, they have returned to action with a magnificent new album "The Deviant Chord". There was no better time for me to talk to band mastermind MARK BRIODY than now. We find out what brought the band back to life, what Mark considers the most underrated JP album, the secrets behind the cover art of "The Deviant Chord" and much more! Read the whole interview HERE!

The ranks of Worm-dom are swelling once more! Soon you will be hearing from the GIL-MAN! Look for reviews from this classic metal enthusiast soon! Also glad to report that DARK STARR has secured an interview with the up and coming prog oddities BUBBLEMATH! Things are rolling right along and I will soon be announcing some more new interviews and features for the hallowed halls of Wormwood...

A peek into this week's Torture Chamber reveals several names of interest such as ALICE COOPER, BLUT AUS NORD and EVIL INVADERS!

EVIL INVADERS                                                            "Feed Me Violence"

BLUT AUS NORD                                                           "Deus Salutis Meae"

ALICE COOPER                                                             "Paranormal"

DEAFKIDS                                                                    "Configuracao do Lamento"

SATYRICON                                                                  "Deep Calleth Upon Deep"

SACROSCUM                                                                "Drugs and Death"


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One visit to Europe's greatest metal festival WACKEN was not enough for our friend THRASH-HEAD...the Holy Lands of heavy metal call to the metal fan's spirit like Mecca calls to the devout Muslim. So this year he made the journey back to the fields of mud and blood for a second go-round. Did it match his first experience? You will find out in this highly detailed review of the four days of WACKEN! It includes no holds barred looks at such diverse acts as EMPEROR, MEGADETH, VOLBEAT, BATUSHKA, ABORTED and many, many more! Get the full story on WACKEN 2017 HERE, including many exclusive pics!

This may not be the last concert review this year. Rumor has it that SOLOMON G may return with a look at the great festival for fans of classic metal, FROST AND FIRE! And in addition to new boy EL CHIEF, we may be getting another new scribe at Wormwood, one that checks out a lot of great shows on a regular basis!

This week's Torture Chamber is full of a lot of dark and foreboding entries...

DEMON EYE                                                          "Prophecies and Lies"

HAEMORRHAGE                                                    "We Are The Gore"

BELPHEGOR                                                         "Totenritual"

JUPITERIAN                                                         "Terraforming"

PAGAN ALTAR                                                      "The Room of Shadows"

AXEMASTER                                                         "Crawling Chaos"

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