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This week we're pleased to present an interview with a truly legendary band in rock history, Britain's renowned WISHBONE ASH! DARK STARR has the honor of speaking to founding member ANDY POWELL about what the band is up to today and thoughts on their past. The chat is brief but pointed and you can check it out HERE!

Now some news about the future of Wormwood itself. I have a new job that has been working me with 12 hr shifts all across the board and it was making it virtually impossible to keep up with the website on both editing and writing. After doing 28 hrs in a 48 hr span, I broke a gasket and negotiated for more reasonable hours. So I think that the site will continue although it will probably be at a reduced pace unless we can get new writers or other folks can pick up the pace. I don't want the quality to fade too much, but it's tough giving up something you've done for almost 20 years! So you will still see the best in underground culture here at Wormwood Laboratories but maybe not quite as much. I urge you Worm-fiends to check in here every week for updates!

Now time to unleash the mystical mayhem of the Torture Chamber!

THE RUINS OF BEVERAST                                              "Exuvia"

NITROGODS                                                                "Roadkill BBQ"

AVATARIUM                                                                "Hurricanes and Halos"

NECROWRETCH                                                           "Satanic Slavery"

LO-RUHAMAH                                                             "Anointing"

JUPITER HOLLOW                                                        "Odyssey"


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They called Cleveland the "Mistake By the Lake", but when it comes to metal, it's a different story. No Cleveland band has a more storied history than DESTRUCTOR and this week I get to talk to the band's voice, the maniacal DAVE OVERKILL! We find out why the band's future has never been brighter despite major disasters in the past including the untimely passing of a key member. We also get the dirt on the new Destructor album "Decibel Casualties", which might just the best thing they've ever done. Slap on your armor and prepare to go into battle HERE!

Now some important news. Wormwood Chronicles has been going in one form or another for 19 years now. I've had some major changes in my life situation recently and it is becoming very difficult to keep the zine going at the same level of quality I expect. I am thinking about possible putting an end to the zine. Making it to 20 years would be nice but the choice may not be mine. It would be nice if I didn't have to do 75% of everything on my own. I need to think about this pretty hard. Even if I put a stop to WC, there's enough material to keep things going for a while. I will get back to you on this.

In the meantime, here's the Torture Chamber for this week...

VOMIT REMNANTS                                                      "Hyper Groove Brutality"

DESTRUCTOR                                                            "Decibel Casualties"

NIGHT RANGER                                                          "Don't Let Up"

DODECAHEDRON                                                        "Kwintessens"

HAWKWIND                                                               "Into the Woods"

CONTAMINATED                                                         "Final Man"


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DARK STARR recently traveled to the Planet of the Apes to speak to the most renowned band there, APESHIFTER! Specifically, he talked to axemaster JEFF AUG about the origin and philosophy of this killer instrumental rock band that straddles the lines between stoner, prog and pure shredding. Mr. Aug was quite witty with his responses and was a very interesting primate to talk to. Find out why these guys are causing a stir....read the interview!

Mr. Starr has been pretty busy lately. He tells me he just grabbed an interview with one of the most influential British hard rock bands of all time, WISHBONE ASH! You can add that to a list of upcoming interviews that includes DESTRUCTOR and MORTA SKULD! We should have some more news in a similar vein pretty soon.

For those who just can't get enough sonic torment, here's an extra large edition of the Wormwood Torture Chamber!

HARLOTT                                                               "Extinction"

VALLENFYRE                                                           "Fear Those Who Fear Him"

FEN                                                                      "Winter"

COLTSBLOOD                                                         "Ascending"

CHROME                                                               "Techromancy"

LEGIONNAIRE                                                        "Dawn of Genesis"

BARATHRUM                                                          "Fanatiko"

EPI-DEMIC                                                            "Malformed Conscience"

CYDEMIND                                                            "Erosion"


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Time to once again dish the dirt on the best fest in the Midwest! Three days of old school metal mayhem in Milwaukee at the annual NYDM SPRING BASH 2017! This year we were treated to sets from OMEN, SATAN'S HOST, ATTACKER, THRUST and many more! I run down the Fest with much fidelity as I can considering the copious amounts of brew that were served! This affair is always a great social event as well. I cover the good, the bad and the inebriated right HERE and also provide many exclusive photos documenting the shenanigans!

A few very interesting things may be headed our way if things work out. Will let you humanoids know soon enough! Coming up...MORTA SKULD, DESTRUCTOR, APE SHIFTER and more!

This week's Torture Chamber is one of the best, packed with big names and diverse yet cutting edge styles!

WARBRINGER                                                       "Woe to the Vanquished"

BODY COUNT                                                        "Blood Lust"

THE OBSESSED                                                     "Sacred"

SKELETHAL                                                           "Of the Depths..."

ACHERONTAS                                                        "Amarta: Formulas of Reptilian Unification, Part II"

CRYPT ROT                                                           "Embryonic Devils"


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This week the mighty THOR pays a visit to the High Holy Church of Thrash, where he has communion with the Pope of the Crossover Ministry, TONY FORESTA of IRON REAGAN! Rev. Foresta preaches a unique gospel based on not giving a fuck about haters and having fun with violent music. He sure doesn't pull any punches here and has some very sage observations on the new Iron Reagan offering "Crossover Ministry" and society in general. Read his words of wisdom and get baptized HERE!

I'm stoked to announce that I snagged an interview with Cleveland's masters of metallic overdrive, DESTRUCTOR! I speak to band leader DAVE OVERKILL about the 30 year history of this awesome assemblage...something to look forward to! I must make a confession that the Good Doctor is now in a very challenging situation career-wise and it may have an effect on my scribbling for Wormwood. I'll try to keep things flowing smoothly, but there may just be times where we have to break off...

And now it's time for that champion of champions, UNDERDOG....whoop, no, sorry! Not Underdog, but rather the Wormwood Torture Chamber!

HOUSE OF LORDS                                                                       "Saint of Lost Souls"

POSSESSION                                                                              "Exorzikein"

GALLEY BEGGAR                                                                          "Heathen Hymns"

AJATTARA                                                                                  "Lupaus"

HAVOK                                                                                      "Conformicide"

MEATWOUND                                                                             "Largo"


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Besides cheese and championship football, the state of Wisconsin also provides us with plenty of raging extreme music. One of the latest and greatest exports of the Dairy State is the band DEATHWISH, a furious fusion of thrash and hardcore that takes no prisoners and pulls no punches. I recently spoke to bassist/vocalist BITTY and wow, what a story this guy has to tell! The walking definition of a punk rock lifer, he's been threatened by KKK thugs, attacked by abortion protesters and beaten senseless by brain dead jocks, but the music keeps flowing! Hear some of his stories and learn about the history of Deathwish and their interaction with punk legends like D.R.I. and M.D.C. This is a raw and revealing interview that you can't miss so pull up a barstool and read all about it HERE!

Of course, we also have some new reviews in the Torture Chamber so look below and dig in!

THE UNITY                                                                  "The Unity"

MORTA SKULD                                                             "Wounds Deeper Than Time"

ALUNAH                                                                     "Solennial"

SLAGDUSTER                                                              "Deadweight"

NAGA                                                                        "Inanimate"

MORBID FLESH                                                           "Rites of the Mangled"


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A very special interview this week courtesy of LORD RANDALL. He speaks to one of the most controversial figures in black metal, ASH of the German demons NARGAROTH. He was formerly known as KANWULF...more has changed than just his name. Randall delves deep into the psyche of the man and learns what brought about his change of mind. We also find out what Ash thinks is true black metal art and some of the controversies of the past. It's a penetrating interview that you can read HERE!

Some big news on future WC happenings! THOR has paid a visit to the "Crossover Ministry" and gotten an interview with IRON REAGAN...specifically, lead singer TONY FORESTA. At the same time, I can confirm that I've had my own chat with Milwaukee's heaviest band, MORTA SKULD! Plus I'm wrapping up my report on Spring Bash 2017, which will include a ton of great photos!

And now, it's time to enter the dank and festering realm of the Wormwood Torture Chamber...

DESECRATE THE FAITH                                                    "Unholy Infestation"

WOLFBRIGADE                                                               "Run With The Hunted"

KING WOMAN                                                                "Created In the Image of Suffering"

AKERBELTZ                                                                   "Satanic"

BELLATHRIX                                                                  "Orion"

CUT UP                                                                         "Wherever They May Rot"


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I went on a Tyger hunt in Jolly Olde England and managed to bag ROBB WEIR, guitarist and driving force behind the classic British metal band TYGERS OF PAN TANG! These boys have been bashing out tuneful metal as long as IRON MAIDEN and SAXON and have never given up the cause! Mr. Weir has some very strong views on how hard rock should be played and why the modern metal scene doesn't appeal to him that much. He also fills us in on the 2017 edition of the band and the Tygers' new self-titled album that is kicking up a fuss. This is one Tyger you'll be glad I brought back alive and you can catch the discussion HERE!

This week we have the wildest version of the Wormwood Torture Chamber EVER! Take a look at this bunch of reviews and judge for yourself!

RUIN                                                      "Drowned In Blood"

SLAGMAUR                                              "Thill Smitts Terror"

JESTERS OF DESTINY                                "The Sorrows That Refuse To Drown"


REPLACIRE                                              "Do Not Deviate"

CARPTREE                                               "Emerger"


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Your old pal Dr. Mality is one tired customer this week. I spent the last few days attending the annual NYDM SPRING BASH and also meeting with the nefarious MISTRESS HYDRA so I didn't really have the time to put up a major interview or feature. No rest for the wicked! However, I did find time to throw up some new reviews in the ever-loving TORTURE CHAMBER, which you can read below. Also, expect a thorough report on the Bash in the weeks to come, along with interviews with TYGERS OF PAN TANG, DEATHWISH, APE SHIFTER and more!

Speak of the Devil and he shall appear! Here's those new TC reviews!

MY SLEEPING KARMA                                                  "Mela Ananda-Live"

BEREFT                                                                    "Lands"

NARGAROTH                                                             "Era of Threnody"

TEHOM                                                                     "The Merciless Light"

HARK                                                                       "Machinations"

ZOMBIE ASSAULT                                                       "Video Nasty"


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You can meet them right here in the pages of Wormwood! THE GREAT SUN JESTER recently visited the exotic realm of Ohio to speak to one of the grooviest, riffiest bands around, the mighty LO PAN! Specifically, he hooked up with drummer JESSE BARTZ to speak about the evolution of these burly riff-rockers and the manifold influences upon their sound. It's a brisk, snappy chat that you can check out HERE!

LORD RANDALL has returned from realms unknown and brought back an interview with the controversial black metallers NARGAROTH! Look for that to darken your horizons in the upcoming weeks. Also, the next update might be brief and to the point, as I plan on spending most of the upcoming weekend at NYDM SPRING BASH 2017! You can expect to see a report on the event here as usual!

Now, here are several tasty nuggets from the most recent edition of the Wormwood Torture Chamber!

MEMORIAM                                                                      "For The Fallen"

FUCK YOU PAY ME                                                            "Dumbed Down"

VESCERA                                                                        "Beyond the Fight"

TUMOURBOY                                                                   "Damaged System"

THE HOUNDS OF HASSELVANDER                                       "Ancient Rocks"

KANSAKUNNAN YLPEYS                                                     "Kansakunnan Ylpeys"

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