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HIGH SPIRITS is one of the many projects of "Professor" CHRIS BLACK. It's a band inspired by the hard rock and traditional metal of the late 70's and early 80's...one of the very best. I have a pow-wow with the esteemed Prof. and it's a freewheeling chat about the very nature of inspiration and creation. We also touch based with some of Black's other projects like PHARAOH, AKTOR and DAWNBRINGER. Hope you will check in on it HERE!

Speaking of interviews, I can also say that I was once again fortunate enough to talk to JOHN McENTEE of the nefarious INCANTATION, one of the msot influential death metal bands to ever exist. That's on the way, along with interviews with THRUST, SINISTER, DIAMOND REXX, GARY HILL and ENSHADOWED!

And now, amuse yourselves with the latest reviews from the infamous Wormwood Torture Chamber...

HOUSE OF LORDS                                           "New World-New Eyes"

SKELETON                                                      "Skeleton"

DROUTH                                                         "Excerpts From A Dread Liturgy"

INSATANITY                                                    "Hymns To the Gods Before"

PRECAMBRIAN                                                "Tectonics"

VILE CREATURE                                              "Glory! Glory! Apathy Took Helm!"


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We venture back to the glory days of heavy metal this week as THERON MOORE catches up to Boston's STEEL ASSASSIN! This was one of the great "true metal" bands of the 80's, dealing out fast but melodic songs in the vein of OMEN, JUDAS PRIEST, LIEGE LORD and more. Theron speaks to MIKE MOONEY and KEVIN CURRAN about the band's rise, their return from oblivion and possible plans for the future. If you're not familiar with them, THIS is a great place to learn more!

Working on a few new Wormwood items. I'll be talking to local author GARY HILL about his many projects both fictional and real very soon. Working on an interview with one of the true titans of death metal as well. As always, humanoids, keep an eye on this space!

An extra large helping of Torture Chamber reviews this week...

DANZIG                                                            "Danzig Sings Elvis"

SXUPERION                                                       "Omniscient Pulse"

BRYAN ECKERMANN                                           "The 7th Sin"

SHEZMU                                                            "A Travers Les Lambeaux"

FELLWARDEN                                                     "Wreathed In Mourncloud"

PILE OF PRIESTS                                                "Pile of Priests"

VENOMOUS SKELETON                                        "Drowning In Circles"

ASTRAL SLEEP                                                    "Astral Doom Musick"

ESOCTRILIHUM                                                   "Eternity of Shaog"


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It's back to the Philm Phreaks section this week and also back in time to uncover the career of England's forgotten master of menace, TOD SLAUGHTER! Mr. Slaughter lived up to his name, with a robust career playing some of the most detestable villains and bloodthirsty killers in film history. Yet today his name is rarely spoken. We try to correct this injustice by looking at his fiendish history, which included playing Sweeny Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Click HERE if you dare to read this fascinating bit of film history!

We can now add Dutch death metal maniacs SINISTER to our growing list of upcoming interviews! The list includes THRUST, HIGH SPIRITS, ENSHADOWED, and DIAMOND REXX as well. Expect an announcement on a new Wormwood Files article very shortly, too!

This edition of the Torture Chamber is all over the place, with bands of many kinds...

BLACK KNIGHT                                                       "Road To Victory"

HIGH SPIRITS                                                         "Hard To Stop"

GREEN CARNATION                                                 "Leaves of Yesteryear"

BEYOND DETH                                                        "Accept Your Fate"

CARDIAC ARREST                                                   "The Day That Death Prevailed"

XIBALBA                                                                "Anos En Infierno"


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Our resident proggist DARK STARR has secured an interview with Tennessee's hard prog veterans GLASS HAMMER! He speaks to STEVE BABB about why the band has went for a harder edge on their latest album "The Dream City", the advanced fantasy concepts covered in the album and the effects of technology upon the creative process. Plus you get some insight into the influences of this long time band. It's a juicy chat you can sample HERE!

More in-depth interviews are on the way here at Wormwood! THERON MOORE has been working especially hard and will have chats with a couple of Chicago legends for us. First up are power/thrash heroes THRUST, fondly remembered for their classic anthem "Posers Will Die"! Following close behind are DIAMOND REXX, the heavy glam metal band notorious for their "Land of the Damned" album, amongst others. If this isn't enough, LORD RANDALL informs me he's grabbed an interview with Greek black metal maniacs ENSHADOWED! All coming up from Wormwood Chronicles!

A bruising edition of the Torture Chamber awaits your inspection!

DEFEATED SANITY                                            "The Sanguinary Impetus"

REALIZE                                                           "Demolition"

THUNDERMOTHER                                             "Heat Wave"

ULTHAR                                                            "Providence"

SECRETS OF THE MOON                                    "The Black House"

MIDNIGHT PRIEST                                            "Aggressive Hauntings"


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'Tis a most dangerous journey we undertake this week, me hearties. Your good cap'n DR. MALITY boards the grim and grimy craft piloted by those bloody Aussie pirates known as CAULDRON BLACK RAM! This scruffy and mysterious lot are the very definition of a cult death metal band, with their raw and nasty music and odd piratical fixation. I speak to drummer and cannibal freebooter ESH about some of the ideas behind the good ship CBR and their ugly new album "Slaver". Prepare for boarding and read the result of the nefarious chat HERE!

Speaking of booty, we have a fine haul of review this week in the Wormwood Torture Chamber...

-(16)-                                                         "Dream Squasher"

SEPULCHRAL CURSE                                    "Only Ashes Remain"

WITCHCRAFT                                              "Black Metal"

MYSTRAS                                                   "Castles Conquered And Reclaimed"

PERDITION TEMPLE                                     "Sacraments of Descension"

(0)                                                             "SkamHan"


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Wormwood once again speaks to one of England's preeminent black metal bands, the noble WINTERFYLLETH! These sons of Albion have just released perhaps the finest record of their careers, "The Reckoning Dawn". I speak to CHRIS NAUGHTON about the roots of the album, the subtle changes in WINTERFYLLETH over the years and how doing an acoustic album helped them write the heaviest and most epic material they've done yet. You can join in on the chat by reading HERE.

Some news to report! I've nabbed an interview with multi-instrumentalist PROF. BLACK concerning the new album from HIGH SPIRITS! This guy has jabbed his fingers in a lot of pies over the years so I can promise an interesting conversation. The always busy THERON MOORE has secured an interview with traditional metal warriors STEEL ASSASSIN. Theron and I are both working on more material and we should have some announcements soon!

You wanted it and you got it! Another edition of the Torture Chamber to devour and consume...

WITCHSKULL                                                          "A Driftwood Cross"

SINISTER                                                               "Deformation of the Holy Realm"

PALE DIVINE                                                           "Consequences of Time"

SANCTIFYING RITUAL                                              "Sanctifying Ritual"

EPIC TANTRUM                                                        "Abandoned In the Stranger's Room"

MADHOUSE                                                             "Brain Dead"


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Last time around we spoke with bassist supreme MIKE LEPOND. This time, the drummers get their chance! THERON MOORE talks to one of the busiest drummers in metal today, Mr. JERAMIE KLING. A list of Jeramie's current projects includes VENOM INC., MASSACRE, NECROMANCING THE STONE, GOREGANG, THE ABSENCE, RIBSPREADER and FORE. This guy must be welded into his drum kit! The interview touches on many of these bands, but particularly on the forthcoming MASSACRE record. Why don't you stop by and say hello HERE?

We also have another industrial sized version of the Torture Chamber this week to give you even more abuse!

BENIGHTED                                           "Obscene Repressed"

GRAVE DIGGER                                      "Fields of Blood"

EXHUMED/GRUESOME                            "Twisted Horror" Split EP

GRIDFAILURE                                         "Sixth Mass Extinction--Skulduggery II"

D.O.A.                                                   "Treason"

STYGIAN CROWN                                    "Stygian Crown"

CRYPTIC SHIFT                                       "Visitations From Enceladus"

MAELSTROM                                           "Of Gods and Men"

HEGEMONY                                            "Enthroned by Persecution"


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This week we've got a chance with the busiest and most talented bass player in the metal scene bar none, Mr. MIKE LEPOND! Best known for his work with the prog metal masters SYMPHONY X, Mike is currently pushing a new album with the band he is the mastermind of, SILENT ASSASSINS! This is in addition to work with ROSS THE BOSS and DEADRISEN. Find out how Mike juggles all his many projects and keeps sane as well as his interest in history that's inspired the new SILENT ASSASSINS album "The Whore of Babylon". Plus many more topics are covered by this well-spoken gentleman. Dive in right HERE and find out more!

Here's an edition of the Torture Chamber that's so heavy it could sink an aircraft carrier!!!

MY DYING BRIDE                                                  "The Ghost of Orion"

ABYSMAL DAWN                                                   "Phylogenesis"

MERCYLESS                                                         "The Mother of All Plagues"

CAULDRON BLACK RAM                                        "Slaver"

FROM HELL                                                          "Rats and Ravens"

AKOLYTH                                                             "Akolyth"


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CIRITH UNGOL is the band that would not die! With roots stretching back to the mid-70's, they were one of Southern California's first true metal bands. Now, after almost two decades in limbo, the legion has returned...and Wormwood Chronicles has got them! I talk to current bassist JARVIS LEATHERBY about the resurrection of CIRITH UNGOL, their new album "Forever Black", and plans for the future. I also sneak in a few questions about Jarvis' other bands, NIGHT DEMON and JAGUAR! You can join the legion of CIRITH UNGOL here!

I can let you know that DARK STARR has secured an interview with hard prog specialists GLASS HAMMER, so keep an eye out for that. Next week will be my chat with bassist supreme MIKE LEPOND!

And now, an extra large helping of the Torture Chamber!

WAILIN' STORMS                                                                "Rattle"

WINTERFYLLETH                                                                 "The Reckoning Dawn"

OZ                                                                                     "Forced Commandments"

PARADISE LOST                                                                  "Obsidian"

SOLICITOR                                                                         "Spectral Devastation"

GRAND MASSIVE                                                                 "4"

FUNERALOPOLIS                                                                  "Of Deceit and Utter Madness"

ROAD WARRIOR                                                                   "Mach II"

WEED DEMON                                                                      "Crater Maker"


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For the first time in almost 2 years, the Wormwood Files returns to life! This time we head to the gloomy glens of Scotland to investigate the legends of one of the most haunted placed in the world, GLAMIS CASTLE! This ancient pile of stone has more ghosts per square foot than a New York subway station has rats! And what of the hideously deformed heir to the castle legacy said to be imprisoned in a secret chamber? I take a look at that legend and many more...if you have enough nerve, come along and see what I found right HERE!

A gaggle of new interviews is on the way. Coming soon will be THERON MOORE's chat with tireless drum god JERAMIE KLING, who pounds the skins for bands like VENOM INC., MASSACRE, THE ABSENCE, GOREGANG and more. Next week will bring my talk with JARVIS LEATHERBY of SoCal metal heroes CIRITH UNGOL!

This week's Torture Chamber lineup is a particularly wild and woolly one!

BONFIRE                                                         "Fistful of Fire"

MIKE LEPOND'S SILENT ASSASSINS                  "The Whore of Babylon"

SHRAPNEL                                                       "Palace of The Insane"

SHITFUCKER                                                    "Sex With Dead Body"

COSMIC BURIAL                                               "Impakt"

SHATTER BRAIN                                               "Pitchfork Justice"

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