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JAG PANZER have been leaders in the American metal scene since 1981! After a fairly long hiatus, they have returned to action with a magnificent new album "The Deviant Chord". There was no better time for me to talk to band mastermind MARK BRIODY than now. We find out what brought the band back to life, what Mark considers the most underrated JP album, the secrets behind the cover art of "The Deviant Chord" and much more! Read the whole interview HERE!

The ranks of Worm-dom are swelling once more! Soon you will be hearing from the GIL-MAN! Look for reviews from this classic metal enthusiast soon! Also glad to report that DARK STARR has secured an interview with the up and coming prog oddities BUBBLEMATH! Things are rolling right along and I will soon be announcing some more new interviews and features for the hallowed halls of Wormwood...

A peek into this week's Torture Chamber reveals several names of interest such as ALICE COOPER, BLUT AUS NORD and EVIL INVADERS!

EVIL INVADERS                                                            "Feed Me Violence"

BLUT AUS NORD                                                           "Deus Salutis Meae"

ALICE COOPER                                                             "Paranormal"

DEAFKIDS                                                                    "Configuracao do Lamento"

SATYRICON                                                                  "Deep Calleth Upon Deep"

SACROSCUM                                                                "Drugs and Death"


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One visit to Europe's greatest metal festival WACKEN was not enough for our friend THRASH-HEAD...the Holy Lands of heavy metal call to the metal fan's spirit like Mecca calls to the devout Muslim. So this year he made the journey back to the fields of mud and blood for a second go-round. Did it match his first experience? You will find out in this highly detailed review of the four days of WACKEN! It includes no holds barred looks at such diverse acts as EMPEROR, MEGADETH, VOLBEAT, BATUSHKA, ABORTED and many, many more! Get the full story on WACKEN 2017 HERE, including many exclusive pics!

This may not be the last concert review this year. Rumor has it that SOLOMON G may return with a look at the great festival for fans of classic metal, FROST AND FIRE! And in addition to new boy EL CHIEF, we may be getting another new scribe at Wormwood, one that checks out a lot of great shows on a regular basis!

This week's Torture Chamber is full of a lot of dark and foreboding entries...

DEMON EYE                                                          "Prophecies and Lies"

HAEMORRHAGE                                                    "We Are The Gore"

BELPHEGOR                                                         "Totenritual"

JUPITERIAN                                                         "Terraforming"

PAGAN ALTAR                                                      "The Room of Shadows"

AXEMASTER                                                         "Crawling Chaos"


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We have talked to many metal bands here at Wormwood but none more metal than LORDS OF THE TRIDENT! They are the band that Manowar tells to turn down the volume! Hailing from all corners of time and space, but headquartered in Madison, WI, the Lords are becoming a force in the Midwest scene. Therefore, THERON MOORE ventured into their lair and conversed with lead singer FANG VON WRATHENSTEIN! The answers to his questions were about what you'd expect from a guy named "Fang Von Wrathenstein" and are wildly entertaining to read. Learn the storied history of this mighty bands and their plans for future conquest. Your experience begins HERE!

Yes, we do indeed have a new writer here at Wormwood Laboratories....welcome aboard, EL CHIEF! El Chief has already been hard at work for us. Not only has he produced a review of the new EXHUMED album which you can read below, but he's gone down to Antarctica and grabbed an interview with BLOTHAR THE BERSERKER, the replacement for the late, lamented ODERUS URUNGUS in GWAR! You can look forward to that down the road here. I'm also in possession of THRASH-HEAD's in-person review of the greatest metal fest of all, WACKEN 2017! We got his report on last year's edition and this year promises to be even bigger! There should be even more announcements in the weeks ahead!

As promised, here is this week's edition of the Torture Chamber, featuring the debut of EL CHIEF!

EXHUMED                                                                 "Death Revenge"

JAG PANZER                                                             "The Deviant Chord"

ARGUS                                                                     "From Fields of Fire"

ENSIFERUM                                                              "Two Paths"

RIG TIME!                                                                 "War"

DROWNING THE LIGHT                                              "Varcolaci Rising"


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It seems fitting as we enter the fall season that we turn to England's masters of doleful metal, PARADISE LOST! The band has been a mainstay of the metal scene for close to 30 years and with new album "Medusa", they have never been heavier or more vital. Therefore, I make my way to the misty moors to speak with lead guitarist GREGOR MACKINTOSH about not only "Medusa", but man's insignificant place in the universe, the futility of religion and much more. Venture ye now forth on this grim path and read further HERE about the darkness of Paradise Lost.

Looks like we may just have a new writer on the way. I am cautiously optimistic! More details soon!

This week's edition of the Torture Chamber is an all-Mality edition. Hope I get that new blood soon!!!

KING PARROT                                                          "Ugly Produce"

PLANET EATER                                                         "Blackness From the Stars"

THROANE                                                                "Plus Une Maine A Mordre"

ICE WAR                                                                 "Ice War"

BIG/BRAVE                                                             "Ardor"

NECROVOROUS                                                      "Plains of Decay"


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The brutallest of the brutal, DYING FETUS don't mince words or mess around. I found that out when I interviewed drummer TREY WILLIAMS recently. The long running death metallers are leaving a bloodstained trail with their new album "Wrong One to Fuck With", but I managed to escape alive from their grasp. The chat was a somewhat contentious one, as Trey set me straight on a couple of points and revealed that the band may not be quite as deep as some (including me) have pegged them. Put on some protective gear and find out more HERE.

Things are definitey hopping in Worm-land. There are hints of a new writer or two in the future. Also some great stuff on the way like interviews with JAG PANZER, PARADISE LOST, BELL WITCH, LORDS OF THE TRIDENT and some more I cannot yet let out of the bag. Plus a new Philm Phreaks article on DEL TENNEY and that live WACKEN report. Stay tuned and strap yourselves in, Wormites!

Now let's dive into the gloom of the latest Wormwood Torture Chamber....

MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN                                               "Cypress Ave."

DESULTORY                                                                  "Through Aching Aeons"

MAUSOLEUM GATE                                                        "Into the Dark Divinity"

NEXUL                                                                          "Paradigm of Chaos"

ULVEDHARR                                                                  "Total War"

ARALLU                                                                         "Six"


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If for some reason you didn't get enough BLUE CHEER with last week's interview with the late great DICK PETERSEN, we've got even more for you this week! Once again, THERON MOORE does the honors and this time talks to none other than DUCK MCDONALD. If anything, this interview is even more of a blast to read, as Duck talks honestly about Dick's last days, who actually owns the Blue Cheer name, his run-ins with famous names like GRACE SLICK and MANOWAR's ERIC ADAMS and even his time with the notorious SHAKIN' STREET, including his story about the infamous Milwaukee riots at the BLACK SABBATH/BLUE OYSTER CULT show in 1980! It's a fun and fascinating interview sure to keep you entertained and you can sample it right HERE!

Things are finally beginning to pick up at Wormwood laboratories! I've managed to grab an interview with the recently reformed power metal legends JAG PANZER in addition to my DYING FETUS chat. Always a busy boy, Theron tells me he has traveled beyond time and space to speak to Wisconsin's masters of over the top fantasy metal, LORDS OF THE TRIDENT! I'm also going to take a stab at a new film article about low budget wizard DEL TENNEY, who created the "Horror at Party Beach" amongst others. This is in addition to a live report on Europe's notorious WACKEN festival and some other goodies in the works!

Some very familiar names pop up in this week's edtion of the Torture Chamber...look and see!

ACCEPT                                                           "The Rise of Chaos"

BYZANTINE                                                      'The Cicada Tree"

HIDEOUS DIVINITY                                           "Adveniens"

HORRIFIED                                                       "Allure of the Fallen"

PARADISE LOST                                                "Medusa"

ZAUM                                                               "Eidolon"


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We are proud to present the first of two in-depth interviews THERON MOORE conducted a few years back with members of the world's first metal band, BLUE CHEER! This week we have his chat with DICK PETERSEN, founder of this seminal band. Dick tells us about his musical origins, what happened when the band offered DICK CLARKE a hash pipe, the bad vibes they got from playing with THE GRATEFUL DEAD and much more! You can check out this magical interview HERE...next week we will present Theron's talk with the late DUCK McDONALD!

I wrangled an interview with America's most brutal band DYING FETUS and you can look for that here soon! I hope to announce even more upcoming events from Wormwood soon...we are trying to get back on track with a vengeance!

As usual, here are more diverse and demented entries in the Wormwood Torture Chamber...

HADES ARCHER                                                                        "Temple of the Impure"

WARBEAST                                                                               "Enter The Arena"

KIMI KARKI                                                                              "Eye For An Eye"

LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER                                                        "Dios Carne"

AERIAL SCHOOL                                                                        "Love Is Calling"

THE LURKING FEAR                                                                   "Out of the Voiceless Grace"


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This week we have more new additions to the Wormwood Torture Chamber, including such oddities as STEEL MAMMOTH and THE DAHMERS as well as new stuff from INCANTATION and the NEUROSIS side project HARVESTMAN. Let it never be said that we here at Wormwood are focused on just a genre or two. Also, there's finally some exciting news to report. THERON MOORE has given us access to 2 extraordinary interviews with members of the world's first metal band, BLUE CHEER! We will run his talks with DICKIE PETERSON and DUCK MCDONALD, both of whom have passed on now...these are full of amazing stories from the very birth of hard rock n' roll and beyond!

Here's what we have for you this week:

PORTRAIT                                                            "Burn the World"

INCANTATION                                                      "Profane Nexus"

HARVESTMAN                                                       "Music For Megaliths"

STEEL MAMMOTH                                                  "Atomic Oblivion"

THE DAHMERS                                                      "In the Dead of Night"

BATTLE RAIDER                                                    "Battle Raider"


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No major interviews or articles here this week, but that doesn't mean we are slacking around. The Torture Chamber is as busy as ever and includes some notable new names like QUIET RIOT, STEVE GRIMMETT and a slew of dark and evil bands. Check them out!!!

STEVE GRIMMETT                                                        "Personal Crisis"

EXPULSION                                                                 "Nightmare Future"

SLOW DEATH                                                               "Hate-Filled World"

NIGHTBRINGER                                                            "Terra Damnata"

CRAFTEON                                                                   "Cosmic Reawakening"

QUIET RIOT                                                                 "Road Rage"

DEPHOSPHORUS                                                          "Impossible Orbits"


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We haven't done a film article here at Wormwood in quite a while, but now the drought is over, as I take a close look at what may be the most morbid, death-obsessed film in history, 1972's cult British horror "THE ASPHYX"! It's quite the dreadful tale of a Victorian scientist who discovers a way to see and capture The Asphyx, the literal spirit of death. He thinks imprisoning this shrieking little horror will give mankind immortality. But what if immortality is a fate worse than death? If you've never heard of this unique feature, this is a great place to learn more of THE ASPHYX!

Hope to have some news concerning new features here soon. We may have a couple of weeks where we have reviews exclusively.

Speaking of reviews, this week's Torture Chamber seems rather grim and morbid itself, a fitting accompaniment to the Asphyx article!

DANZIG                                                              "Black Laden Crown"

VENOM INC.                                                       "Ave"

RHINO BUCKET                                                   "The Last Real Rock N Roll"

TEMPLE OF VOID                                                 "Lords of Death"

DEATH YELL                                                        "Descent Into Hell"

MORBID EVILS                                                    "Deceases"

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