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PROFESSOR BERNARD QUATERMASS is one of the most influential fictional characters of the 20th century, even if you've never heard of him. The star of multiple BBC TV serials and theatrical films, Quatermass was portrayed by numerous actors and was a "scientific warrior" who battled the paranormal and the bizarre. His escapades greatly influenced the likes of Dr. Who and the X-Files. In this new Philm Phreaks article, I take a look at all of the Quatermass stories and the actors who played the professor. This includes films like "The Creeping Unknown" and "Five Million Years to Earth". Whether you're a long time fan or just learning about the character now, check out what I have to say about him HERE.

I can confirm that we've got an upcoming interview with guitarist/madman JOHN GALLO of the difficult to classify BLIZARO. If you've never heard these guys, check them out! A unique combination of classic doom metal, 70's horror prog and soundtracks from the Italian giallo films of years ago. There will be also be a review of this year's NYDM SPRING BASH, featuring the likes of DESTRUCTOR, RUTHLESS and HEXX! Plus lots more insanity from the Wormcrew!

A double wide edition of the Torture Chamber is thundering down the highway of doom right at you! Stay right where you are!

KATATONIA                                                    "The Fall of Hearts"

JUDAS PRIEST                                                "Battle Cry" DVD

LIKE RATS                                                      "II"

BEASTMAKER                                                  "Lusus Naturae"

STRANGULATE                                                "Catacombs of Decay"

BOUDAIN                                                       "Way of the Hoof"

BLOODTHIRST                                                 "Glorious Sinners"

RAGEHAMMER                                                  "The Hammer Doctrine"

GLORIA MORTI                                                 "Kuebiko"

CARDINALS FOLLY                                            "Holocaust of Ecstasy and Freedom"


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This week sees THOR return to the Worm-wars as he puts his nose to the grindstone and looks into the extreme world of AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED. They may possibly be America's most over the top grindcore band and their new EP "Arc" offers 3 slabs of devastating doom-paced annihilation. THOR talks to RICHARD JOHNSON about what grindcore really is and what the unique idea behind Nosebleed's new series of EP's is. This is a short but penetrating conversation with a truly forward-thinking and utterly brutal band which you can sample HERE.

Speaking of "extreme", you can sample this week's Torture Chamber reviews and get an extreme range of edgy music from all acros the spectrum!

DESASTER                                                   "The Oath of an Iron Ritual"

DISCHARGE                                                 "End of Days"

GAME OVER                                                  "Crimes Against Reality"

ATALA                                                         "Shaman's Path of the Serpent"

NECROT                                                       "The Labyrinth"

ORESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE                          "Different Creatures"


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Something different from Wormwood this week. Our Worm-sociate THERON MOORE dives deep into dark places to come up with an interview with DAVID F. SANDBERG, one of the most promising new genre directors around. Mr. Sandberg raised a lot of eyebrows and frazzled a lot of nerves with his short subject "LIGHTS OUT!", which he is now making into a full fledged movie. Theron asks him about his approach to horror, his thoughts on special effects and when to use them, and future projects like the "Lights Out" movie and another upcoming feature "Pictured". Here's a chance to look into the mind of a new generation horror creator who is reshaping the genre. Read on HERE...

Some good news to report. THOR has gotten an interview with leaders of the American extreme metal scene AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED! They make your ears bleed as well as your nose and probably your brain, too, once you read the interview.  In a similar vein, I grabbed a chat with up and coming science fiction death metal monsters NUCLEUS from Chicago so keep an eye out for that. Plus OCTOPI MILLS is preparing an article that goes deeper into the paranormal and supernatural than Wormwood has ever ventured before! All that plus my series on the QUATERMASS movies and an all-new Wormwood Files article!

Right now we will smack you upside the head with more Torture Chamber reviews you can shake a meat cleaver at!!!

EXTREME NOISE TERROR                                                 "Extreme Noise Terror"

BLACK COBRA                                                                "Imperium Simulacra"

CRISIX                                                                         "From Blue to Black"

MANTAR                                                                        "Ode To The Flame"

WEIRD LIGHT                                                                "Doomicus Vobiscum"

KAWIR                                                                         "Father Sun, Mother Moon"

TINY KNIVES                                                                 "Black Haze"

ABHOMINE                                                                    "Larvae Offal Swine"

CHERUBS                                                                      "Fist In The Air"


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One of the most enduring and influential cult records of the late 1980's was "Journey Into Mystery" by Pittsburgh-based band DREAM DEATH. With its mixture of gloomy sludge and riffy thrash, that album was a forerunner of many later acts who would try to duplicate the formula. The recorded works of Dream Death, however, have been few in number. They have blessed us with a grim new album called "Dissemination", though, so the time was right for me to connect with DD mastermind BRIAN LAWRENCE, who has been with the band in all phases of its existence. He tells me why the time was right to return to Dream Death's roots and why he's really a positive person despite the band's relentlessly dour outlook. Plus we get to hear one of the best SPINAL TAP stories ever. Begin your journey HERE...

We're going to get some pretty unique articles at Wormwood pretty soon. OCTOPI MILLS is working on something completely different which will appear in our Wormwood Files section while I'm trying to get an interview with the creator of CADABRA RECORDS, a spoken word label specializing in spooky works by H.P. LOVECRAFT and CLARK ASHTON SMITH. And we're working very hard on an extremely diverse range of interviews with artists from all over the music spectrum. More to come!!!

Of course, I'm not going to let you off the hook without the latest Torture Chamber reviews. So here they are....

DIAMOND HEAD                                                     "Diamond Head"

DARKESTRAH                                                         "Turan"

METAL CHURCH                                                      "XI"

CRIMINAL                                                              "Fear Itself"

MORGUE SUPPLIER                                                 "Morgue Supplier"

AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR                                      "Friday the 13th"


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This week, THERON MOORE takes a journey into the past of one of America's most vibrant heavy metal scenes...Chicago, Illinois. To accomplish this, he talked to an expert on the subject, Mr. GARY GOLWITZER, a veteran of two of the Windy City's most notable metal bands, WRATH and STYGIAN. This is a great walk down memory lane, as Gary recalls the glory days of Chicago metal and some of the now departed clubs such as the Thirsty Whale and Medusa's. It's also a look at his own personal trip from cover bands to Wrath to Stygian and back to Wrath again. Lots of great tidbits and info are here, so come along for the ride and hear what he has to say HERE.

Just got back from the 2016 edition of the NYDM Spring Bash in Milwaukee. This year was the Good Doctor's first selling HOT N HEAVY hot sauce up there so it was quite a different experience than usual! But I still got to check out great bands like BLACK DEATH, DESTRUCTOR and RUTHLESS. A report will eventually be forthcoming...

More hijinx, hilarity and horror in the Wormwood Torture Chamber this week...an expanded edition, to boot!

DEAD TO A DYING WORLD                                            "Litany"

SURGICAL METH MACHINE                                           "Surgical Meth Machine"

AVANTASIA                                                               "Ghost Lights"

URGEHAL                                                                  "Aeons In Sodom"

NOVEMBRE                                                                "Ursa"

NUCLEUS                                                                  "Sentient"

TORTURE RACK                                                          "Barbaric Persecution"

THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK                                        "Blackened Visions"

ZOMBI                                                                      "Shape Shifter"


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The end is near! Society is collapsing! And who better to help you get ready for doomsday than a bunch of knucklehead Canadian punks called THE DAYGLO ABORTIONS? These thrashing fiends have been annoying humans of all persuasions since 1979 and their newest platter of offensive hyper-punk is entitled "Armageddon Survival Guide". I headed into the bunker to speak to MURRAY THE CRETIN about the shit hitting the fan and the droll Mr. Cretin had a ton of funny stuff to tell us about the value of pissing people off, the inanity of social media, political chaos and the time a bunch of drunk Croatian skinheads made the Abortions play their entire set twice! It's tons of fun so check out what Murray had to say HERE!

An extremely bizarre and obscure edition of the Torture Chamber awaits, with a lot of original and unique music to check out!

SKUGGSJA                                                 "A Piece For Mind and Mirror"

BLIZARO                                                    "Cornucopia della Morte"

AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE                             "Tango Umbrella"

NECRONOMICON (Canada)                            "Advent of the Human God"

ODIN'S COURT                                            "Deathanity"

DROIDS ATTACK                                          "Sci Fi Or Die"


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This week we're back on track with major features...and we've got a good one to break the drought! THERON MOORE caught up with one of America's best metal guitarists, DAVID T. CHASTAIN! This guy has been active in the scene since the early 80's and has contributed in innumerable ways, including legendary records with CHASTAIN and CJSS, as well as other bands like SPIKE and ZANISTER. He's also the owner and head producer for the Leviathan Records label. He has a brutally honest chat with us regarding the state of modern metal and music in general and what it takes to survive. He also talks about the new Chastain and CJSS records! An incisive talk with an American legend which you can read HERE.

Upcoming: interviews with the cult doom/death masters DREAM DEATH, a nostalgic talk with GARY GOLWITZER of Chicago mainstays WRATH and STYGIAN, a talk with prog/doom/psych merchants BLIZARO, an article looking at the famous PROF. QUATERMASS series of classic SF films and a brand new Wormwood Files article. Plus some other stuff that I shall reveal later!

An economy sized edition of the Torture Chamber now beckons, with a range of underground music wider than any hitherto experienced!

ANTHRAX                                                          "For All Kings"

DAYGLO ABORTIONS                                           "Armageddon Survival Guide"

RAGNAROK                                                        "Psychopathology"

HOLY GRAIL                                                       "Times of Pride and Peril"

HEMOTOXIN                                                       "Biological Enslavement"

BLOOD CEREMONY                                               "Lord of Misrule"

GRIME                                                               "Circle of Molesters"

CLITEATER                                                         "From Enslavement to Clitoration"

ALTARAGE                                                         "NihL"


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Another quiet week here at Wormwood Labs but the silence is about to end. Upcoming we will have an interview with MURRAY THE CRETIN from the long running tardpunks THE DAYGLO ABORTIONS. Some funny stuff and pointed political chat in that one! Also, Mr. THERON MOORE tells me he's got a talk with the great metal guitarist DAVID T. CHASTAIN as well as GARY GOLWITZER from the Chicago institutions WRATH and STYGIAN. Some other names we are working with include AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED and BLIZARO, along with others I can't quite mention yet. Also I can tell you humanoids that I will be doing a new Philm Phreaks article looking at the film history and legacy of PROFESSOR QUATERMASS, one of the great sci-fi heroes! So keep an eye on this space...

In a shameless bit of self-promotion (what other kind of self-promotion is there, anyway), I would like to say a few words about my new venture, HOT N HEAVY SAUCES! The Good Doctor has spent extra time in his lab coming up with a new line of heavy metal themed hot sauces. We have three LOUD varieties...ANGEL OF GARLIC, CAJUN HELL and the sinister CHURCHBURNER. You can read more about them here: www.hotnheavysauces.com. I sell them there and also plan to take them on the road to various live events, including the upcoming NYDM Spring Bash! In the Rockford, IL area, you can get them at CULTURE SHOCK, KATE'S PIE SHOP and the OLIVE OIL EXPERIENCE, with other venues on the way!

The usual wild melange of musical miscellany is now up in the Wormwood Torture Chamber!

GYGAX                                                    "Critical Hits"

INVERLOCH                                             "Distance/Collapsed"

ATROCIOUS ABNORMALITY                         "Formed In Disgust"

THE CASUALTIES                                      "Chaos Sound"

TUSMORKE                                              "Fort Bak Lyset"

ADMIRAL SIR CLOUDSLEY SHOVELL             "Isobelle" single

BEASTMAKER                                           "You Must Sin" single

TAARKUS                                                 "Stones" single


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A bit of a slow week in the wake of Easter. Rest assured, we are working on a bunch of interesting material for you Wormfans to peruse. In the meantime, amuse yourselves with an extra large helping of reviews in our world famous TORTURE CHAMBER, featuring Greek black metal, Swedish doom, instrumental riff rock and a whole lot more!

ROTTING CHRIST                                            "Rituals"

STRIKER                                                        "Stand In the Fire"

UNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS                         "The Night Creeper"

THE ERKONAUTS                                             "I Did Something Bad"

GEHENNAH                                                     "Too Loud to Live, Too Drunk to Die"

MOUNTAIN OF WIZARD                                     "Casting Rhythms & Disturbances"

MORITO ERGO SUM                                           "A Mournful Foreboding"

MEGASCAVENGER                                             "As Dystopia Beckons"

SINPHOBIA                                                     "Awaken"


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Over their lengthy career, the Finnish band CONVULSE have been hard to pin down. Shifting from pure grisly death metal to peppy death n roll to Folkish death-prog, they are a creatively restless bunch. Therefore, the ideal band for Wormwood Chronicles to interview. I talk to supreme growler RAMI JAMSA about the band's odd twists and turns, their worship of the Finnish prog bands of the 70's and how becoming a trio actually helped them keep their creative spark alive. It's an interesting journey which you can join HERE!

We might be coming to a bit of a slow spot here at Wormwood as the Good Doctor is getting involved in some new world-conquering plans in my laboratory and it's taking a big chunk of my time. I will spill the beans later on this other endeavor, but stay patient, because I promise good stuff is coming up here.

Speaking of good (and weird) stuff, here's this week's edition of the Torture Chamber:

ORANSSI PAZUZU                                           "Varahtelija"

DREAM DEATH                                                "Dissemination"

DEADLY SIN (SLOTH)                                       "Another Sin"

CASKET ROBBERY                                            "Evolution of Evil"

EMBALMER                                                     "Emanations From The Crypt"

UREAS                                                          "The Black Heart Album"

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