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Once in a while, someone comes along that becomes the voice of an entire style of music. For SEAN PECK, it's classical heavy metal in the style of Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate and Manowar and he is definitely the man of the moment. I managed to squeeze in a detailed and revealing chat with Sean, who has no less than three current products bearing his name. And we talk about them all! We find out the story behind the latest epic concept album by CAGE entitled "Ancient Evil", we get the lowdown on the second album from the fast-rising supergroup DEATH DEALER and finally we learn how he hooked up with two of metal's greatest guitarists for his newest endeavor, DENNER/SHERMANN! And because too much is never enough, you'll also learn about a mind-blowing new project he's involved with. See if you can keep up with him HERE!

I can now confirm we will be getting an interview with Mr. ARI LEHMAN of FIRST JASON...the first person to play the infamous JASON VOORHEES in the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise. Not only that, but he's the lead singer in a cool punk/metal band! I'm also working on getting an interview with one of the sickest and longest running death metal bands in the biz. Plus more is on the way, including a live report of KING DIAMOND and EXODUS in action!

This is Thanksgiving week in the States, so we've got a STUFFED version of the Torture Chamber with some very unusual entrants. Sample the feast here...

GENTLEMANS PISTOLS                                          "Hustlers Row"

RAMLEH                                                              "Circular Time"

THY CATAFALQUE                                                 "Sgurr"

SNAFU                                                               "Present Day Plague"

PUTREVORE                                                        "Tentacles of Horror"

EARTHSIDE                                                        "A Dream In Static"

GNOSIS                                                             "The Third Eye Gate"

COLD NORTHERN VENGEANCE                                "Maelstrom"

BLOODWAY                                                         "Mapping the Moment With the Logic of Dreams"


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Time once more for a new edition of the Wormwood Files! I'm sure you fiends that worship creepy crawly webspinners will be overjoyed to learn we are on the lookout for real life GIANT SPIDERS this time around! Where better to look than the steaming jungle hell of the African congo? It is here that most reports have come of scuttling spiders the size of a German Shephard. These cuties are fairly well known in these parts and called j'ba fofi. We also look at Papua New Guinea and Venezuela as possible breeding grounds for enormous eight-leggers. Grab an economy size can of Raid and join me in my search HERE!

Happy to report that we will have an interview with the masterful Hungarian metal band THY CATAFALQUE, who are continuing to chart new courses in the avant-garde. We also to have a live concert report of KING DIAMOND and EXODUS in action.

And now for the part you have all eagerly been awaiting...the weekly dive into the depths of the Wormwood Chronicles Torture Chamber!

QUEENSRYCHE                                                              "Condition Human"

BLACK BREATH                                                              "Slaves Beyond Death"

VOID OF SLEEP                                                              "New World Order"

SADIST                                                                         "Hyaena"

BLACK TRIP                                                                   "Shadowline"

VI                                                                                "De Praestigiis Angelorum"


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Heads up, you mother@#$%in' losers! SGT. DETH has returned to active duty and he has dived into the dirtiest sewer he can find to grab an interview with a bunch of f@#$ing scumbags called POTTYMOUTH. Specifically, he shot the shit with JASON BOCCIA aka DREAD SPAGHETTI. Mr. Spaghetti did a 5 year stretch with the miscreants in GREEN JELLY before trying something even more repulsive with Pottymouth. Find out all about this rotten son of a bitch and his musical plans to offend humanity HERE!

I'm working on a couple of interesting items for future consumption right now and should have details locked down shortly. I can tell you that one of them is an interview with a guy who not only played one of the biggest horror icons of the modern age but quite an accomplished rock n' roller as well.

Here's this week's ultra-eclectic roundup of Torture Chamber reviews to confuse your conformist brains!

KADAVAR                                                      "Berlin"

VHOL                                                           "Deeper Than Sky"

KILLING JOKE                                                "Pylon"

PETER PAN SPEEDROCK                                   "Buckle Up and Shove It"

RUACH RAAH                                                 "Hate Fanaticism"

DE PROFUNDIS                                              "Kingdom of the Blind"


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This week I'm proud to present my chat with one of the most influential men in the extreme metal scene, ERIK RUTAN of HATE ETERNAL! He has had a hand in producing 80 different metal releases and is the guiding force between perhaps the fastest, most intense band in death metal, Hate Eternal. He's also a very well-spoken and intelligent gentleman who opened up about a lot of personal issues, such as the tragic demise of former HE bandmate JARED ANDERSON (who hailed from my own hometown). He also talks about how to separate Erik the musician from Erik the producer, the art of new album "Infernus" and possible new plans for his long dormant project ALAS. This is one of the best talks I've had in a while, so check it out HERE!

An extra large helping of Torture Chamber reviews this week, with all kinds of exotic flavors for you to roll across the tongue!

CHILDREN OF BODOM                                            "I Worship Chaos"

RITUAL KILLER                                                      "Exterminance"

ADVERSARIAL                                                        "Death, Endless Nothing and the Black Knife of Nihilism"

SEVEN WITCHES                                                    "The Way of the Wicked"

HAMMERCULT                                                        "Built for War"

BEVAR SEA                                                            "Invoke the Bizarre"

THE FIEND                                                             "Greed Power Religion War"

HOPE DRONE                                                          "Cloak of Ash"

CHRIST                                                                  "Tower"


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THERON MOORE is one of the hardest working Worm-slaves here at WC...I know, I whip him mercilessly! This week he has not one but two incisive underground interviews for us here. First, he takes some heavy fire as he speaks to Minnesota's grindcore maniacs AMBASSADOR GUN, who have been touring the States relentlessly and also have a bulldozing new release "Tomb of Broken Sleep" out. Theron speaks to singer/guitarist LUKE HERE. The guys in Ambassador Gun are kindred spirits to the second band we have under the microscope this week. That would be Chicago's punk metal terrorists OF WOLVES. He gabs to not just founding member STEVE WOLVES but the whole dang band as well. Checi it out at this link.

Big names are along for the ride in the Torture Chamber this week so shut up, strap yourselves in and hang on!

HORRENDOUS                                               "Anareta"

SLAYER                                                        "Repentless"

SKEPTICISM                                                 "Ordeal"

ANFINNSAAS                                                "Anfinnsaas"

DENNER/SHERMANN                                      "Satan's Tomb"

NORYLSK                                                     "Catholic Dictatoship"


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This week Mr. OCTOPI MILLS goes on all fours as he interviews SCRUFF from the veteran British punk/metal wolfpack known as HELLBASTARD. These guys have been a constant presence in the deepest underground for almost 30 years and Scruff sure has a lot to say about what has kept them going. We hear his heartfelt feelings about animals and the environment, the evil of humanity and the integrity of the Hellbastard approach to music. This is a very deep and honest interview, so get your rabies shot and check it out HERE!

Hope to have one more big interview this year...will let you humanoids know when I bag it. Suffice to say, it might just make you SICK! Until then, we have chats with AMBASSADOR GUN, POTTYMOUTH, WITH THE DEAD, SEAN PECK, OF WOLVES and more to keep you occupied.

The Torture Chamber this week features some high-profile victims so dive right into it...

WASP                                             "Golgotha"

TEMPLE OF BAAL                              "Mysterium"

MOTORHEAD                                   "Bad Magic"

WITH THE DEAD                              "With The Dead"

LUCIFER'S FRIEND                           "Awakening"

ZEBRAS                                          "City of Sun"

MEATWOUND                                   "Addio"

TSAR BOMB                                     "Exterminans: XI-IX"

KILL RITUAL                                    "Karma Machine"


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At last one of the Worm-crew has made it to the Holy Land. It took nothing less than a chance to review the world's greatest heavy metal festival to get our old friend THRASH-HEAD out of retirement, but Thrash took the bait and made his way to Germany and the small town of Wacken to behold the ultimate metal spectacle. He delivers this thorough report of every day of the event, including performances by SAVATAGE, JUDAS PRIEST, OBITUARY, UDO and more. In the end, he could barely work up enough willpower to leave the festival grounds and come back to the boring USA! You can read his report and see photos from the event right HERE!

Add LEE DORRIAN to the list of interviews upcoming here. Lee is well known for being a member of CATHEDRAL and NAPALM DEATH, but now hangs his hat in a killer new band called WITH THE DEAD, featuring former members of ELECTRIC WIZARD! Look for that down the road. OCTOPI MILLS tells me he's grabbed a chat with chilling folk-metal disciple PETRICHORUS as well!

A rather gloomy collection of names inhabits this week's Torture Chamber...open the door and see for yourself!

CATTLE DECAPITATION                                                "The Anthropocene Extinction"

SATAN                                                                      "Atom By Atom"

CAGE                                                                        "Ancient Evil"

NECHOCWEN                                                              "Heart of Akamon"

WITCHSORROW                                                          "No Light, Only Fire"

DOGBANE                                                                  "When Karma Comes Calling"


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This week, Wormwood kickstarts their mean machines and hits the road with the roughest, scruffiest bunch of bikers since...the cast of "Les Cage Aux Folles"! I take a look at the cult 1972 biker flick THE PINK ANGELS, which follows the adventures of drag queens disguised as bad-ass chopper freaks at they travel to a fateful "cotillion" in Los Angeles. There's never been a movie quite like this, which managed to shock even the Good Doctor with its mind-blowing ending. What happens when radically different counter-cultures collide? Hop on your hog and find out HERE, honey!

Next week will bring THRASH-HEAD's extremely detailed look at the world's greatest metal festival, WACKEN! Plus, I can confirm an interview with the busiest man in heavy metal, SEAN PECK, who's the lead singer for three great bands with records out this year...CAGE, DEATH DEALER and SHERMAN/DENNER! We are jam packed with cool stuff for the rest of the year!

To top it all off, a maximum capacity edition of the Torture Chamber, with releases from all around the world and just about every underground genre!

BATTLECROSS                                            "Rise To Power"

WINDHAND                                               "Grief's Infernal Flower"

THE FALL                                                  "Sub-lingual Tablet"

HORNA                                                     "Hengen Tulet"

BEHOLD! THE MONOLITH                             "Architects of the Void"

IIVII                                                        "Colony"

DEFECT DESIGNER                                      "Ageing Accelerator"

DISTRICT 97                                              "In Vaults"

DALKHU                                                    "Descend...Into Nothingness"


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Not only do they have one of the coolest band names around, but Sweden's WOMBBATH is also one of the most under-rated death metal bands from that capital of grim musical destruction. After a 22 year layoff, the guys have returned with a head-splitting and ferocious new effort entitled "Downfall Rising". I determined the time was right to reach out to band leader and sole remaining original member HAKAN STUVEMARK to find out what was going on with the bloody Swedes. You can read the result HERE but make sure to wear your medical gear, because it might get messy!

Look for that first-hand report from  WACKEN 2015 next time around! And I should have another interview to add to a growing pile that includes the eclectic likes of POTTYMOUTH, HATE ETERNAL, PENTAGRAM and AMBASSADOR GUN!

We've got some super heavy hitters up this week in the Torture Chamber, as you can see for yourself below!

MY DYING BRIDE                                              "Feel The Misery"

AMORPHIS                                                      "Under the Red Cloud"

IRON MAIDEN                                                  "The Book of Souls"

DEATH DEALER                                                 "Hallowed Ground"

ACT OF DEFIANCE                                             "Birth And The Burial"

MORBID SLAUGHTER                                         "A Filthy Orgy of Horror and Death"


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DARK STARR gets a chance to pick the brains of a master of dark progressive rock...Mr. DALE SIMMONS of the band EXOVEX! Dale has worked with an amazing array of musical talent from diverse projects like GUNS N ROSES, DEVO, PORCUPINE TREE, NINE INCH NAILS and STEELY DAN through the years and you'll get to hear his impressions of working with them. You'll also hear about the new EXOVEX album "Radio Silence" and the great artists who inspired it. This is a project and an interview worthy of your attention, so look into it HERE!

SGT. DETH tells me that he grabbed a filthy interview with POTTYMOUTH member DREAD SPAGHETTI, who was also in a band you might have heard of called GREEN JELLO! Look for that jiggly chat soon, along with interviews of PENTAGRAM, HELLBASTARD, HATE ETERNAL, WOMBBATH and possibly more. I also should be getting a first hand report on WACKEN 2015 from Wormwood alumni THRASH-HEAD very shortly!

Now for a heaping helping of Torture Chamber reviews covering about every underground genre you can think of!

KATAKLYSM                                              "Of Ghosts and Gods"

AUTHOR & PUNISHER                                 "Melk En Honing"

IN DEFENCE                                              "Don't Fuck With the Dungeon Master"

YELLOWTOOTH                                           "Crushed By the Wheels of Progress"

PETRICHORUS                                            "Hawkraft"

CUT UP                                                     "Forensic Nightmares"

DEATHRITE                                                "Revelation of Chaos"

DISTANT SUN                                             "Dark Matter"

WATERTANK                                               "Destination: Unknown"

VAEE SOLIS                                                "Adversarial Light"

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