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Your old pal Dr. Mality is one tired customer this week. I spent the last few days attending the annual NYDM SPRING BASH and also meeting with the nefarious MISTRESS HYDRA so I didn't really have the time to put up a major interview or feature. No rest for the wicked! However, I did find time to throw up some new reviews in the ever-loving TORTURE CHAMBER, which you can read below. Also, expect a thorough report on the Bash in the weeks to come, along with interviews with TYGERS OF PAN TANG, DEATHWISH, APE SHIFTER and more!

Speak of the Devil and he shall appear! Here's those new TC reviews!

MY SLEEPING KARMA                                                  "Mela Ananda-Live"

BEREFT                                                                    "Lands"

NARGAROTH                                                             "Era of Threnody"

TEHOM                                                                     "The Merciless Light"

HARK                                                                       "Machinations"

ZOMBIE ASSAULT                                                       "Video Nasty"


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You can meet them right here in the pages of Wormwood! THE GREAT SUN JESTER recently visited the exotic realm of Ohio to speak to one of the grooviest, riffiest bands around, the mighty LO PAN! Specifically, he hooked up with drummer JESSE BARTZ to speak about the evolution of these burly riff-rockers and the manifold influences upon their sound. It's a brisk, snappy chat that you can check out HERE!

LORD RANDALL has returned from realms unknown and brought back an interview with the controversial black metallers NARGAROTH! Look for that to darken your horizons in the upcoming weeks. Also, the next update might be brief and to the point, as I plan on spending most of the upcoming weekend at NYDM SPRING BASH 2017! You can expect to see a report on the event here as usual!

Now, here are several tasty nuggets from the most recent edition of the Wormwood Torture Chamber!

MEMORIAM                                                                      "For The Fallen"

FUCK YOU PAY ME                                                            "Dumbed Down"

VESCERA                                                                        "Beyond the Fight"

TUMOURBOY                                                                   "Damaged System"

THE HOUNDS OF HASSELVANDER                                       "Ancient Rocks"

KANSAKUNNAN YLPEYS                                                     "Kansakunnan Ylpeys"


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This week Mr. THERON MOORE helps take us on a trip through the heavy metal history of the Cheese State as he interviews KURT MANTHE! Kurt is currently vocalist for the rising death metal band VERMILLION but his roots go back to the very beginnings of the scene. Hear about his early days with the ground-breaking CORPSICLE and some of the other great WI. bands of the 80's and 90's, as well as national and international bands he's been lucky enough to play with. It's the true story of a real metal dog who's been down in the trenches for many years and you can soak it all up HERE!

Should definitely have some more very interesting news for all you Worm-fiends soon...have to make sure all T's are dotted and I's crossed. Ahem...

The music flows freer than the spice of Arrakis in the new Wormwood Torture Chamber. Behold...

POWER TRIP                                                       "Nightmare Logic"

BLOODFEAST                                                      "The Future State of Wicked"

APE SHIFTER                                                      "Ape Shifter"

ERUPTION                                                          "Cloaks of Oblivion"

BLACK MAGIC SIX                                               "Choose Death"

APOSTATE VIATICUM                                           "Before the Gates of Gomorrah"


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Something a little bit different posts this week in the Philm Phreaks section. I take a detailed and appreciative look at the life and times of one of my favorite actors, WILLIAM SMITH! Don't know the name? I guarantee you know him, though....whether he was brawling with Clint Eastwood in "Any Which Way You Can", telling young Conan about the "Riddle of Steel", or raping Miss Kitty on "Gunsmoke", he's been one of the most visible character actors of the last 50 years. But there's a lot more to William Smith that just movie and TV roles. Learn more about this fascinating man HERE!

LOTS of news to report this week. THE GREAT SUN JESTER has gotten us an interview with stoner metal gods LO PAN and you don't even have to go to Little China to read it! DARK STARR has snagged a chat with the blazing guitar maestros of APE SHIFTER while I grabbed a conversation with BITTY from Wisconsin's thrash/punk maniacs DEATHWISH. I'm getting a start on the next Wormwood Files article about the ENFIELD POLTERGEIST and before long we'll have our annual report on NYDM SPRING BASH....this time with a big twist! Even more is in the works so stay tuned and get ready to rock with Wormwood!

And now we've got the usual aural hijinks with the WC Torture Chamber so strap on your crash helmets!

IRON REAGAN                                                  "Crossover Ministry"

REBEL WIZARD                                                "Triumph of Gloom"

SIX FEET UNDER                                              "Torment"

TORREFY                                                         "The Infinity Complex"

GOATMOON                                                     "Stella Polaris"

XIBALBA                                                         "Diablo, Con Amor, Adios"

OOZEPUS                                                        "Your Limit"


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LORD RANDALL finds both God and The Devil this week as he encounters the unique musical unit known as SABBATH ASSEMBLY. This top notch gathering of musicians is lyrically and philosophically influenced by the Process Church of the Final Judgment, a religious sect that came into being during the late 1960's and which was infamous for worshipping Jesus and Satan! Lord speaks to drummer DAVE NUSS to learn more about the band and its connection to the Process Church as well as their latest offering of praise, "Rites of Passage". It's some pretty deep conversation and certainly one of the most unusual interviews we've ever done at Wormwood. Let the secrets be revealed unto ye HERE!

Things are starting to pick up at Wormwood Laboratories again. I snagged an interview with the great British metal band TYGERS OF PAN TANG and their long time mastermind ROBB WEIR! Also, Mr. THERON MOORE has donated an extensive interview with Wisconsin metal mainstay KURT MANTHE, currently in VERMILLION and formerly of CORPSICLE. This will be a treat for lovers of Midwest metal history. My look at character actor WILLIAM SMITH is done and I'll soon be starting the next Wormwood Files feature about the ENFIELD POLTERGEIST. There may soon be a lot more on the way as well!

"HEAVY" seems to be the key word for this week's edition of the Torture Chamber. Read on and learn why!

STRIKER                                                                       "Striker"

MORDBRAND                                                                 "Wilt"

FALLS OF RAUROS                                                          "Vigilance Perennial"

DRUG HONKEY                                                               "Cloak of Skies"

BASEMENT TORTURE KILLINGS                                         "There's Something About Beryl"

ENTARTUNG                                                                  "Baptized In the Faith of Lust"


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This week a dream comes true for your old pal DR. MALITY as I get to board the "Overbus" and speak mano y mano with a musical hero, BOBBY "BLITZ" ELLSWORTH from the awesome OVERKILL! We managed to hook up at a recent show in Chicago and I asked Bobby about the latest change in the band, if Bobby sees an end to Overkill's fantastic career and the details behind the new videos they've just unleashed. Blitz being Blitz, there's a lot of funny stuff along the way, too. In addition to the interview, I also review that Chicago show also performed with NILE! You can see what it's all about HERE!

Work proceeding on my article about cult movie legend WILLIAM SMITH and I may soon be talking to a NWOBHM legend. The next Wormwood Files will be a look at one of the great hauntings in history, the tale of the ENFIELD POLTERGEIST. Much more on the way!

"Hard and heavy" are the words to describe this week's Torture Chamber, featuring some names you should know and a few you might not!

OBITUARY                                                     "Obituary"

APOKRIFNA REALNOST                                    "Na Rekah Valvinoskih"

FELL RUIN                                                     "To The Concrete Drifts"

NIDINGR                                                       "The High Heat Licks Against Heaven"

LOCK UP                                                       "Demonization"

POISON RITES                                               "Poison Rites"


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Prepare to banish all light and hope from your eyes as we venture into the dreadful world of IMMOLATION! This isn't our first go-around with the death metal veterans but it is the most entertaining and thorough! I speak to main man ROSS DOLAN, a curiously cheerful chap given the overwhelming bleakness of Immolation's worldview. We have a great talk about what drives Immolation year after year, the pre-internet days of death metal, the obstacles they endured while recording new album "Atonement" and a whole lot of other cool stuff. This is honestly the most fun I've had on an interview in a while so get ready for a new level of devastation HERE!

I can't reveal much of what we're working on right now at Wormwood Laboratories but I think you folks are really going to enjoy what we've got coming up. Take it from Dr. Mality...have I ever been known to lie?

And now, see if your nerves can withstand an extra big dose of the Torture Chamber!

SEPULTURA                                                            "Machine Messiah"

DEATHWISH                                                           "Unleash Hell"

THE DRIP                                                               "The Haunting Fear of Inevitability"

JOHN GARCIA                                                         "The Coyote Who Spoke In Tongues"

VENEREAL  BAPTISM                                                "Deviant Castigation Liturgy"

JACK RUSSELL'S GREAT WHITE                                  "He Saw It Comin'"

INVASION                                                              "Destroyer of Mankind"

IRON MAGAZINE                                                     "Queen of Hell" EP

FORCA MACABRA                                                    "25 Anos"


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It's time for another bone-breaking trip into the grunt n groan zone of pro wrestling! I give a blow-by-blow report on the END OF INNOCENCE card staged by one of the best independent wrestling leagues in the country, AAW! The card took place in the peaceful Illinois town of Lasalle-Peru and featured such notable wrestling stars as KONGO KONG, PENTAGON DARK and AAW heavyweight champion SAMI CALLIHAN trying to put each other in the hospital. Who had the best match? Who put on the best performance? Read my bare-knuckled report HERE and find out for yourself!

THE GREAT SUN JESTER tells me he's working on an interview with the masters of stoner rock riffage LO PAN so that's something to look forward to. THOR tells me he's trying to rope a certain frantic crossover band named after a metallic president into a chat and I'm working on something that will take us back to the days of war elephants and Hannibal The Great. Cryptic enough for you? I should be clearing up the mystery soon!

And now, time for you to immerse yourself in the brutal world of Wormwood's Torture Chamber!

CELLADOR                                                        "Off The Grid"

EX DEO                                                            "The Immortal Wars"

ANVIL STRYKEZ                                                 "Anvil Strykez"

BEAR MACE                                                       "Butchering The Colossus"

AL ATKINS                                                        "Reloaded"

UNEARTHLY TRANCE                                           "Stalking The Ghost"


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Our journeys this week take us to Rome, Italy and in some ways, to the war-torn battlefields of the Middle East, where we meet the masters of brutal death metal, HOUR OF PENANCE! I have a penetrating chat with PAOLO PIERINI and GIULIO MOSCHINI about the ideas behind their monstrous new album "Cast The First Stone". It's a discussion about the madness of religious warfare that drags on and on from the Crusades up to today. A lot of serious talk from both gentlemen and a discussion you shouldn't pass up! Check it out right HERE!

We turn now to this week's Torture Chamber, which features a gaggle of bands who have never graced Wormwood before and who hail from all over the world!

BEHEADED                                                        "The Beast Incarnate"

THE GREAT OLD ONES                                         "EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy"

WITHERFALL                                                      "Nocturnes and Preludes"

MURO                                                               "El Cuatro Jinete"

LUCIFER'S FRIEND                                              "Too Late For Hate"

BLACKCAT MANOR                                               "Relentless" EP


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Let it never be said that Wormwood is afraid to do something different! This week we take a break from our usual skull-splitting fare to hang out with musical wizard PAUL RICHARDS from the world-famous CALIFORNIA GUITAR TRIO! DARK STARR does the honors with Mr. Richards and finds out what's been happening with the CGT lately. It's not often we get to talk to musicians with the kind of pedigree that Mr. Richards has so take advantage of the opportunity and see what he's got to say HERE.

Big news from The Good Doctor! Last Friday night I got to board a tour bus and hang out with one of my musical heroes in the ever-lovin' flesh...none other than BOBBY "BLITZ" ELLSWORTH from the grizzled thrash veterans OVERKILL! You'll get to read my interview with Blitz in just a few weeks! Also, the subject of the next PHILM PHREAKS article here will be the amazing life and career of one of Hollywood's great character actors, WILLIAM SMITH! More news should be forthcoming soon!

We got a "double wide" version of the Torture Chamber for you this week, so wear glasses to prevent eye strain!

WATCHTOWER                                                      "Concepts of Math, Vol 1"

IMMOLATION                                                        "Atonement"

PANZERFAUST                                                      "The Lucifer Principle"

ALTAR OF BETELGEUZE                                           "Among the Ruins"

WARCRAB                                                            "Scars of Aeons"

WITCHE'S BREW                                                   "Against The Grain"

EPOCH                                                                "Sancrosanct"

EARTH AND PILLARS                                              "Pillars 1"

INVERTIA                                                            "The Bidding of Tyrants"

GRAVEBREAKER                                                    "Sacrifice"

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