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This week I parachuted into the SAVAGE LAND where flesh-eating humanoids dwell to grab a chat with the band GRUESOME. These fiends are aptly named, given their devotion to carnage and gore. They are a heart-felt tribute to the early albums of the immortal DEATH and helping to keep that style alive for new generations! I spoke to a very chatty and friendly drummer GUS RIOS about this sadistic bunch. We had a fun talk that was a nostalgic romp through the early days of the death metal scene, covering subjects likely how closely Gruesome adhered to the laws of Death, the inevitable association with cover artist Ed Repka and what it's like to be an analog band in a digital world! Get ready to chew the fat (and skin and muscle) with Gus right HERE!

We also have a short and sweet live concert review of the mighty SEPULTURA on their 30th Anniversary tour with Germany's DESTRUCTION, tech-metallers ARSIS and more. The esteemed SGT. DETH does the honors, which you can observe HERE!

And then there's the ever-lovin' Torture Chamber, which features big new reviews of ARMORED SAINT, ANTIGAMA and more...

ANTIGAMA                                                                    "The Insolent"

ARMORED SAINT                                                           "Win Hands Down"

GOATSNAKE                                                                  "Black Age Blues"

KOMMANDANT                                                               "The Architects of Extermination"

TURBOWOLF                                                                  "Two Hands"

CONTINUUM                                                                   "The Hypothesis"


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It's that time of the year when I do my rundown of the best metal festival in the American Midwest, NYDM SPRING BASH 2015! This year's edition was the fifth and also the best, featuring performances by the likes of WHIPLASH, DECEASED, ARTILLERY, NOVEMBER'S DOOM, VIKING and many, many more! I've got the rundown on all three packed days of the event, held at The Metal Grill in Cudahy, WI...the good, the bad and the unholy! This is a textbook example of how to run a grassroots fest so look HERE and get all the details!

An extra large dose of the Torture Chamber this week, with some pretty wild entries!

RAVEN                                                                                 "ExtermiNation"

DEATHHAMMER                                                                     "Evil Power"

HARD ACTION                                                                       "Sinister Vibes"

SHAWN JAMES & THE SHAPESHIFTERS                                   "The Gospel According To Shawn James & The Shapeshifters"

GEORGE KOLLIAS                                                                  "Invictus"

BLAST UNICORN                                                                    "Van Halo"

ABSTRACTER                                                                         "Wound Empire"

COME BACK FROM THE DEAD                                                  "The Coffin Earth's Entrails"

SAMMAL                                                                                "Myrskyvaroitus"


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On your feet or on your knees, humanoids, as DARK STARR travels to Asgard to interview prog metal killers ODIN'S COURT! He was granted an audience with band mastermind MATT BROOKINS, who had plenty to say. Are they prog, are they metal, are they melodic hard rock? Or all of the above? Matt tells it like it is and also speaks candidly about illegal downloading, the band's many influences and what his ideal music festival would be! Lift up thy head and hear his words HERE!

Now you can add the name of ARMORED SAINT to the list of upcoming interviews at Wormwood Chronicles! I snatched an interview with bass god JOEY VERA! Also coming up are HELLOWEEN, GRUESOME, OBSEQUIAE, SPACE PROBE TAURUS and more! If everything goes well, we should be adding a couple more major names to the list. Plus, I'm working on something different that has nothing to do with music, but should please all fans of the paranormal and bizarre! More details to come....NYDM Spring Bash report next week!

This week we would like to welcome a new voice to the chorus of Wormwood...RENATO BRUJO joins the Wormcrew. Check out his review of SECRETS OF THE SKY below!

SECRETS OF THE SKY                                                      "Pathway"

ENFORCER                                                                      "From Beyond"

SIGH                                                                               "Graveward"

HEIDEVOLK                                                                      "Velua"

SULPHUR AEON                                                               "Gateway To The Antisphere"

HAMMER KING                                                                 "Kingdom of the Hammer King"


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We've been burning the midnight oil at Wormwood Laboratories this week and the result is a motherlode of intriguing content for you Worm-fans out there! First off, I head into the frozen tundra of North Dakota to interview the state's brightest metal prospects, FROSTHELM! Bassist JIMMY CHERRY tells us about the rise of this furious band and the good and bad of being in such a remote scene. That chat you can find right HERE! Then, the esteemed COLONEL ANGUS gives us a live concert review of MICHAEL SCHENKER'S recent appearance in Chicago. This review includes a lot of cool photos, which you can check out HERE. Finally, rounding out this whirlwind week, we have THERON MOORE'S review of the recent "found footage" science fiction film AREA 51. Is it worth your time? Get the answer HERE!

Coming soon to Wormwood, I can confirm an exclusive interview with the European metal superstars HELLOWEEN! This is the biggest chat we've had in a while. Also coming soon are interviews with GRUESOME, ODIN'S COURT and SPACE PROBE TAURUS, plus some others I hope to announce soon! Also, look for live reviews of NYDM SPRING BASH 2015 and a recent SEPULTURA/DESTRUCTION show!

Now for this week's Torture Chamber entires...and there are some real intriguing ones this time around, including the return of OCTOPI MILLS!

ACID KING                                                                     "Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere"

OBSEQUIAE                                                                   "Aria of Vernal Tombs"

KING PARROT                                                                "Dead Set"

GALLEY BEGGAR                                                            "Silence and Tears"

DAVID SHANKLE GROUP                                                 "Still A Warrior"

KAMELOT                                                                       "Haven"


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In the placid Midwest town of Dubuque, Iowa, the dead are restless...and hungry! Three ghouls have risen from their tombs and are searching for human flesh! And at the same time, they are bringing the horror of true death metal to their human prey. They are MUTILATED BY ZOMBIES and our boy THERON MOORE managed to survive long enough to get an interview with them. What's it like playing gruesome gory metal in this unusual locale? What are the dudes up to when they aren't ripping humans apart? And what are their plans for the rest of helpless humanity? Why don't you click HERE and find out....before it's too late!

I'm in talks to interview one of the biggest European metal bands there is! By this time next week, I'll let you know just who they are. And I'm also thinking about adding lacy underthings to my usual leather vest and jeans as I prepare to write a report on the outrageous 70's biker flick "THE PINK ANGELS". So that's how we swing here at Wormwood!

Speaking of swinging, let's go out on a limb and drop the noose on the latest Torture Chamber reviews...

AGNOSTIC FRONT                                                     "The American Dream Died"

SATAN'S WRATH                                                       "Die Evil"

SIX FEET UNDER                                                       "Crypt of The Devil"

CAVE OF SWIMMERS                                                 "Reflection"

KORPIKLAANI                                                            "Noita"

TYRANT GOATGALDRAKONA                                       "Horns In The Dark"


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The Great Sun Jester was recently abducted by a UFO. Not just any garden variety flying saucer, but the legendary British hard rock band! Once aboard, he grabbed an interview with veteran drummer ANDY PARKER, whose steady stickwork keeps the craft afloat. This isn't Wormwood's first go-round with Mr. Parker, but it's for sure the most in-depth. Andy gives some very honest opinions about the stability of the band, his conditions for rejoining it, where he thinks the new album "A Conspiracy of Stars" rates in the UFO discography and where the band goes from here. It's a real in-depth chat of great interest to all UFO-nauts and you can check it out here...

More Torture Chamber shenanigans on tap this week!

MINSK                                                          "The Crash And The Draw"

INCULTER                                                     "Persisting Devolution"

DOGHOUSE SWINE                                        "Fearless"

HOUSE OF ATREUS                                        "The Spear And The Ichor That Follows"

MORBID EVILS                                              "In Hate With the Burning World"

ALTERED EXISTENCE                                     "Eyeconic"


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I, Dr. Abner Mality, have once again put on my psychic investigator's hat as I present another edition of the Wormwood Files. For this edition, we head to the Great White North...the pleasant Nova Scotian village of Amherst, to be exact. Over 100 years ago, this little town played host to one of the most notorious and violent poltergeist hauntings ever recorded. An unremarkable young girl named ESTHER COX inexplicably became the target of vicious supernatural attacks including pins being jammed into her and lit matches falling from the ceiling onto her bed. This remains the most talked about paranormal mystery in Canadian history, one without obvious solution even today. Was it all a big conspiracy, was Esther attacked by demons or were the demons just in her mind? Judge for yourself, but only after reading HERE!

An extra big helping of Torture Chamber stew on the menu this week, with all sorts of exotic spices. Sample it here!

THEORIES                                                               "Regression"

UNLEASHED                                                            "Dawn of the Nine"

ILIUM                                                                     "My Misanthropia"

ANAL VOMIT                                                           "Peste Negra, Muerte Negra"

ODIN'S COURT                                                        "Turtles All the Way Down"

SUBVERSION                                                          "Animi"

EOHUM                                                                   "Revelations: Aurora of an Epoch"

INVINCIBLE FORCE                                                  "Satan Rebellion Metal"

TEMPERANCE                                                           "Limitless"


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The freaks of Wormwood have scoured the entire world to find interesting content for you humanoids to experience. Never have we traveled farther than we did for this interview! I put on my climbing gear to ascend the Himalays and visit the legendary Kathmandu in Nepal to speak to the #1 Himalayan metal band, DYING OUT FLAME! The band plays a unique combination of traditional Hindu music and crushing death metal, which they call Vedic metal. What's it like to play metal in such an exotic location? What is the spiritual aspect of Dying Out Flame that separates it from Western metal bands? I talk to bassist/vocalist AABEG GAUTAM to learn the answers and they are very surprising indeed. In the history of Wormwood, we've never had a discussion quite like this, so experience the fire of Shiva HERE!

This week's Torture Chamber reviews also range far and wide, including punk, thrash, glam and black metal! Behold...

SANTA CRUZ                                                     "Santa Cruz"

GRUESOME                                                       "Savage Land"

EVIL INVADERS                                                 "Pulses of Pleasure"

KRUEGER                                                          "Return To Death"

POISON IDEA                                                    "Confuse and Conquer"

ARVAS                                                              "Black Satanic Mysticism"


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A bit of a lull here at Wormwood Laboratories. The Good Doctor is recovering from a wild weekend at the NYDM Spring Bash...my head is ringing in more ways than one...and we won't be having a major interview or feature posting this week. We do have a full slate of upcoming goodies here...new interviews with GRUESOME, MUTILATED BY ZOMBIES, ODIN'S COURT, SPACE PROBE TAURUS, FROSTHELM, a live report on the upcoming SEPULTURA/DESTRUCTION show, a Wormwood Files on the Amherst Haunting and of course, an in-depth look at the Bash. So we ain't exactly been laying around the pool here at WC!

We do have some juicy new Torture Chamber reviews for you, with a bit of a spacy theme uniting some...

SORCERER                                                               "In The Shadow of The Inverted Cross"

DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT                                         "Stellar"

MONSTERWORKS                                                      "The Existential Codex"

POMBAGIRA                                                              "Flesh Throne Press"

THE WILD BEYOND                                                    "The Wild Beyond"

HALSHUG                                                                  "Blodets Band"


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Lord Randall didn't have far to travel for this week's big Wormwood feature. Adams County, TN, is close to his old stomping grounds and it's also ground zero for the famous story of the Bell Witch...the most famous spook in American history. That tale has inspired a couple of dudes from Portland, Oregon to create a dire doom metal band named BELL WITCH. Randall hooked up with DYLAN DESMOND of Bell Witch in a dank Tennesse cave haunted by the old hag and got some dirt on the spectral duo and their music. Discover the anatomy of a doom metal haunting HERE!

News starting to trickle in about the shape of Wormwood in coming weeks. The Good Doctor has snagged interviews with drummer GUS RIOS from the sensational new band GRUESOME, who are dedicated to recreating the early sounds of DEATH! I can vouch that that's a killer interview. I also talked to JIMMY CHERRY from the North Dakota black/thrash warriors FROSTHELM! Theron Moore informs me that he's got interviews with MUTILATED BY ZOMBIES and SPACE PROBE TAURUS coming up and DARK STARR will lay a chat with prog metal wizards ODIN'S COURT upon us. Plus I will have a blow by blow review of the 5th annual NYDM SPRING BASH and a new Wormwood Files featuring the Great Amherst Haunting! Plus other stuff that's still under wraps!

Now for this week's session in the Torture Chamber. And it's bigger than usual, so pack a lunch...

THE SANITY DAYS                                                             "Evil Beyond Belief"

TORCHE                                                                           "Restarter"

DEHUMAN                                                                        "Graveyard of Eden"

KINGS DESTROY                                                              "Kings Destroy"

NIGHT DEMON                                                                 "Curse of the Damned"

SONUS UMBRA                                                                 'Winter Soulstice"

SATAN'S HOST                                                                 "Predating God Parts 1 & 2"

MARC GUNN                                                                     "Saint Patrick's Day Songs For Kids"

UNREST                                                                           "Grindcore"

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