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This week, Wormwood's space warrior DARK STARR heads to the Great White North to grill what may be Canada's best prog rock band since Rush: DRUCKFARBEN! This unit with the strange German name has been opening a lot of eyes with their latest album "Second Sound", which Starr himself describes as one of the best mergers of classic and modern prog ever made. He meets up with guitarist ED BERNARD to find out what's going in Toronto, how these guys came up with their signature sound and what kind of a "fantasy festival" they would put together. You can join in on the fun HERE!

We have quite a juicy selection of Torture Chamber reviews this week, covering a lot of stylistic ground and featuring some prominent names. Behold...

MARTY FRIEDMAN                                                           "Inferno"

VALLENFYRE                                                                   "Splinters"

ORIGIN                                                                          "Omnipresent"

KING OF ASGARD                                                           "Karg"

OCTOBER FILE                                                               "The Application of Loneliness..."

TANKARD                                                                      "R.I.B."


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My Wormwood travels have taken me to strange places to meet equally strange characters, but never have I ventured into the radiation-blasted hell of the world after atomic holocaust. That's where you must go to meet MAZATHOTH, INHALATOR II and WOLF-RAMI, otherwise known as NIGHTSATAN. These three bizarre beings inhabit the same kind of wasteland that Mad Max does but their weapons are synthesizers instead of shotguns and crossbows. Nightsatan plays eerie synthetic soundscapes dedicated to the world after the bomb. They are also movie stars and have released a short film based on their insane adventures, entitled "Nightsatan and the Loops of Doom". I put on my rad-suit and talked to all three of the synth-warriors. The result was one of the most fun group-chats in the history of Wormwood! Grab your Geiger Counter and join the fun HERE!

While we're on the subject of holocaust, see if you can withstand the hell of this week's extra large Torture Chamber!

DWELLERS                                                                 "Pagan Fruit"

CANNABIS CORPSE                                                     "From Wisdom To Baked"

PILLORY                                                                     "Evolutionary Miscarriage"

ZGARD                                                                       "Contemplation"

MORDBRAND                                                              "Imago"

SEVENDUST                                                               "Time Travelers and Bonfires"

HOLLOW                                                                    "Mordrake"

VANHELGD                                                                 "Relics of Sulphur Salvation"

SKINFATHER                                                               "None Will Mourn"

INFEST                                                                       "Cold Blood War"


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This week, we REALLY cross the lines of good taste here at Wormwood Chronicles as we grab our shovels and head out to the graveyard to uncover all the horrid facts about films inspired by body snatchers and grave robbing ghouls! First we take a look at the real life crimes of the two most notorious grave robbers of all time, BURKE AND HARE! Then we take an in-depth look at films inspired by their exploits, especially 1945's "The Body Snatcher" with BORIS KARLOFF, 1959's "The Flesh and The Fiends" with PETER CUSHING and 1985's "The Doctor And The Devils" with TIMOTHY DALTON! If you have enough nerve, join us on our midnight expedition HERE!

I can finally confirm that we will have a great interview with former TROUBLE frontman, current BLACKFINGER singer and all-around doom icon ERIC WAGNER! I'm also going to be doing the next Wormwood Files about the man cursed with two faces, EDWARD MORDRAKE! Plus interviews with NIGHTSATAN, GOATWHORE and DRUCKFARBEN on the way.

Lots of cool Torture Chamber material on the way, too. But first, here's this week's crazed collection...

EYEHATEGOD                                                                "Eyehategod"

BLOODY HAMMERS                                                        "Under Satan's Sun"

AXEGRESSOR                                                                "Last"

GREENLEAF                                                                   "Trails and Passes"

SHAVED WOMEN                                                            "Just Death"

METSATOLL                                                                   "Karajajuht"


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OK, Worm-fiends, you've probably heard the name RANDY KASTNER before if you're a regular reader of this site. The man is a true wizard at putting together worthy underground metal shows in Southern Wisconsin. I have reviewed a lot of them here, including the recent NYDM SPRING BASH 2014...a show which almost never came to be! I thought it would be cool to speak to one of the hard-working dudes who bust their hump to put on the great shows we all enjoy. What's the secret to success in this tough business? What were some of Randy's favorite bands to work with? What is it about "pay to play" promoters he detests? Find about all this...and also Randy's inspiring battle against serious illness...right HERE...but don't tell the old grump I sent you!

It's time for another extra large helping of the Torture Chamber, packed with nutritious underground goodies of all shapes and sizes. Dig in...

DUST BOLT                                                      "Awake The Riot"

VADER                                                             "Tibi et Igni"

ASTRA (it)                                                        "Broken Balance"

MEKONG DELTA                                                "In A Mirror Darkly"

GHOUL                                                             "Hang Ten"

XANIMA                                                            "Prototype: Homo Sapiens"

NEAR DEATH CONDITION                                   "Evolving Towards Extinction"

CLARK COLBORN                                               "Frank Made Me Do It"

CEMETERY LUST                                                "Orgies of Abomination"


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This week finds Lord Randall in his element, that being the world of medieval grandeur which is the realm of Swedish melodic metal masters FALCONER. He visits the castle of STEFAN WEINERHALL, the lord and master of Falconer to learn more of this underrated band. He discovers why Falconer doesn't particularly care for the touring lifestyle, how they have coped with changes in frontman and what motivates them to continue despite not getting the recognition they are due. Ye may sample the wit of Lord Randall and Baron Weinerhall HERE.

Add GOATWHORE to the list of bands we've snagged an interview with. I've been after these furry prostitutes for a long time and I've finally bagged them! Also get ready for a bittersweet review of the final DAYS OF THE DOOM festival in Milwaukee, featuring TROUBLE, STONE MAGNUM, JEX THOTH and many others.

This week's Torture Chamber will take you to some strange places, like the post-atomic wasteland of Finland after the bomb and also Pakistan!

PORTRAIT                                                     "Crossroads"

SERPENTINE PATH                                         "Emanations"

MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS                    "Jamat-al-Maut"

NIGHTSATAN                                                 "Nightsatan And the Loops of Doom"

DELAIN                                                         "The Human Contradiction"

COLTSBLOOD                                                "Into the Unfathomable Abyss"


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In a surprise to no one, we here at Wormwood have spoken to some dark and nasty characters over the years. But this time we've really pushed things to the limit. I snagged an interview with Chicago's most misanthropic band, the nefarious LORD MANTIS! These dudes started out with bad intentions and have managed to get progressively more brutal with each release. That brings us to their newest "Death Mask", which boasts a cover that has offended even many death metal fans. How does a band get to be this negative? I ask guitarist KEN SORCERON all about it...if you've got guts enough for the answers, read them HERE!

It's always a happy occasion when we get to welcome a new member of the Wormcrew (especially since many seem unable to take this place for long) and this week I'd like to introduce you to MR. THERON MOORE, who does a great review of the new CORROSION OF CONFORMITY release which you can read below. This dude is a horror loving metal fiend like the rest of us and has a new novel "The Kill Sisters" on the way, so you know he fits right in. For now, at least...

And now let's jump right into the fetid swamp that is the Wormwood Torture Chamber...

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY                                                       "IX"

LOUDBLAST                                                                                 "Burial Ground"

HAWKWIND                                                                                 "Space Hawks"

TRIPTYKON                                                                                  "Melana Chasmata"

DRUCKFARBEN                                                                             "Second Sound"

DIE CHOKING                                                                               "Die Choking"

FUCKED UP                                                                                   "Year of the Dragon"

HAYMAKER                                                                                    "Let Them Rot"


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I've been waiting to share this with you Worm-maniacs for quite a while now! Time to tell you about the colossal metal event known as NYDM SPRING BASH 2014...three days of underground metal bliss featuring the likes of POSSESSED, INTERNAL BLEEDING, MASTER and many, many more! This edition of the Bash had a lot of human interest (or maybe that's INhuman interest?) surrounding it! My story has got all the intrigue, laughs and tragedy right HERE...including a ton of exclusive photos from the event! You won't find a more comprehensive report anywhere!

Now some Wormwood news. Expect interviews with gnarly hate-mongers LORD MANTIS, European melodic vikings FALCONER, prog wunderkinds DRUCKFARBEN...and even Wisconsin's metal promoter extraordinaire and the brains behind the Bash, RANDY KASTNER! Plus I'm working one a movie feature all about films inspired by grave robbers! Coming up soon is also my review of the 4th annual DAYS OF THE DOOMED festival! Other things that me and the Wormcrew are working on will have to be kept a secret for now. Speaking of the Wormcrew we will soon be expanding by one, as we add MR. THERON MOORE to the club!!!

And now time for a double heavy shot of the Torture Chamber, which will leave your brain reeling and stomach quivering!

HOUR OF PENANCE                                                      "Regicide"

HIGH SPIRITS                                                              "You Are Here"

KILLGASM                                                                    "A Stab In The Heart of Christ"

BLACK TAR PROPHET                                                    "Deafen"

SEPTEKH                                                                     "Plan For World Domination"

VESTAL CLARET                                                           "The Cult of Vestal Claret"

SOREPTION                                                                 "Engineering the Void"

SONS OF FAMINE                                                         "Sons of Famine"

REDNECK                                                                    "Possession"


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Sorry, humanoids, the Good Doctor and Wormwood Laboratories got engulfed by a storm of technological bullshit the last couple of weeks....i.e,, the Worm-computer got zapped by malware, which caused me to spend hours (and dollars) getting the damn thing fixed. Hence, the brief hiatus which is now over. My apolgies to you Wormfiends out there! Good news is, we are now back on track! And no better way to get back in the groove than an interview from our own DARK STARR! This time, Starr heads up to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada where he speaks to one of the most interesting bands from the Great White North, ELECTRIC SOUL! These dudes mix up prog, funk and hard rock in the most intriguing ways. Catch the talk with band engineer EDOUARD DUROCHER at this location!

After the hiatus, I'm rarin' to get back in action in a big way. Expect some major announcements in this spot soon!

And yes, your Torture Chamber withdrawal symptoms are now at a merciful end. Check out this wild and wooly edition!

BEHEMOTH                                                             "The Satanist"

ADMIRAL SIR CLOUDESLEY SHOVELL                        "Check 'Em Before You Wreck 'Em"

PRONG                                                                   "Ruining Lives"

E-MUSIKGRUPPE LUX OHR                                       "Spiralo"

EDGUY                                                                   "Space Police - Defenders of the Crown"

PRIZEHOG                                                              "Re-Unventing The Whool"


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ACHERON is a river that flows through Tartarus, the Greek underworld, conveying the souls of the dead and the damned to their final destination. It's also the name of one of America's longest lasting and most diabolical underground metal bands. In this week's edition of Wormwood, I take a luxury yacht up the Acheron to meet with VINCENT CROWLEY, the infernal brain behind the band. Mr. Crowley is an erudite and articulate man who makes no bones about his rather...ahem...inverted faith. This interview cuts to the core of Acheron's philosophy and music, expressed most forcefully on the new album "Kult des Hasses". I had a hell of a time speaking to Vincent so take a look at what makes this infernal bunch tick right HERE!

A super-sized version of the Torture Chamber awaits your inspection this week. I defy anyone to find a more eclectic collection of underground music than this!

WHITECHAPEL                                          "Our Endless War"

GAMMA RAY                                             "Empire of the Undead"

SARGEIST                                                "Feeding The Crawling Shadows"

ANTI-MORTEM                                          "New Southern"

HALCION HALO                                         "Wild Heart"

SABBATORY                                              "Endless Asphyxiating Gloom"

BAT                                                          "Primitive Age"

ALEHAMMER                                              "Barmageddon"

THE SOCKS                                               "The Socks"

CORMORANT                                             "Earth Diver"


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Not long ago, I ventured into the concrete canyons of Chi-Town to experience the 2014 DECIBEL TOUR at the House of Blues. This riotous event featured the Gods of Melodic Gore, the mighty CARCASS, along with a strong supporting cast featuring THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, GORGUTS and more. Yes, I returned alive from the experience, although it was not easy and I'm here to deliver my report on the macabre event. Do Carcass still have the magic live? How did Gorguts fare? Who was the surprise of the event? And is House of Blues really one of the most annoying venues? You can find out the answers to these questions and many more right HERE!

This week's Torture Chamber is a mixed bag, featuring all manner of musical miscellaney. Discover for yourself...

ANUBIS GATE                                            "Horizons"

LORD MANTIS                                            "Death Mask"

EARTH CRISIS                                            "Salvation of Innocents"

PSYCHOTIC GARDENING                             "Hymnosis"

MAGNUM                                                   "Escape From The Shadow Garden"

SHRAPNEL                                                 "The Virus Conspires"

SUICIDAL ANGELS                                     "Divide And Conquer"

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