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This week finds me in one of my favorite habitats...a dreary old cemetery. There I get to hook up with guitarist AXEL RITT of Germany's veteran metal manaics GRAVE DIGGER, who have been stalking the boneyards since 1980! They've just released a back to basics bruiser called "Return of the Reaper" that will get any headbanger's neck sore. Why the return to the more oldschool style? What is it that makes German fans so crazy? Grab a spade and dig up the answers with me HERE!

You can add Austrian demons BELPHEGOR to the list of interviews that will appear here at Wormwood! I guarantee a real interesting read with sinister frontman HELMUTH, who talks candid about his brush with death and other subjects. Plus, interview with VICTOR GRIFFIN, YOB, ERIC WAGNER and TELERGY are all on the way.

An interesting Torture Chamber awaits you this week, with a pretty wide variety of acts to consider...

ALESTORM                                                                   "Sunset On The Golden Age"

CORRUPT MORAL ALTAR                                                "Mechanical Tides"

CASTLE                                                                        "Under Siege"

ENGLISH DOGS                                                             "The Thing With Two Heads"

BASTARD SAPLING                                                        "Instinct Is Forever"

LILLIAN AXE                                                                  "One Night In The Temple"


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A real treat for all you Worm-maniacs this week! THE GREAT SUN JESTER has a detailed and fascinating interview with guitarist RICK WARTELL of the Chicago heavy rock legends TROUBLE! This is a band that has made some deep marks on the metal scene over the last 30 years and are still going strong today. Jester probes deep with questions covering the history of Trouble and Mr. Wartell delivers some honest and revealing answers. In a couple of weeks, we'll be featuring a "bookend" interview from GSJ where he speaks to former Trouble singer and current BLACKFINGER frontman ERIC WAGNER. Look for a TON of cool stuff coming from Mr. Jester in coming weeks. In the meantime. dive into the TROUBLE interview HERE!

We've got a rip-snortin' edition of the Torture Chamber to dig into this time around, with plenty of heavy duty and gnarly acts!

MAYHEM                                              "Esoteric Warfare"

NUNSLAUGHTER                                   "Angelic Dread"

HALCYON WAY                                      "Conquer"

JOHN GARCIA                                       "John Garcia"

PSYCHO                                               "Chainsaw Priest"

BRIMSTONE COVEN                              "Brimstone Coven"


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Gather around, ladies and gentlemen, as I relate a tale of the abnormal and the unbelievable! This is the subject of our latest edition of the Wormwood Files...the sad and grotesque tale of the man with two faces, EDWARD MORDRAKE! Was he for real? Or just a tall tale, a legend? That's what we look at in this article. How could a man survive with a face on both the front AND back of his skull? Could there have been any others like him? Where does fantasy end and truth begin? Get all the freakish facts on Poor Edward right HERE!

In Wormwood news, lovers of doom and stoner rock will be having a field day in the coming months, as we have interviews with ERIC WAGNER of BLACKFINGER, RICK WARTELL of TROUBLE, JOHN GARCIA of KYUSS, MIKE SHEIDT of YOB and even the legendary VICTOR GRIFFIN! That's in addition to chats with GRAVEDIGGER and TELERGY! On the other side of the coin, there may be major changes in the way things are done around here. Will let you know later...

This edition of the Torture Chamber has reviews of JUDAS PRIEST, THE MEATMEN and BELPHEGOR! Check it out!

JUDAS PRIEST                                                    "Redeemer of Souls"

THE MEATMEN                                                    "Savage Sagas of The Meatmen"

BELPHEGOR                                                       "Conjuring the Dead"

STEEL PROPHET                                                 "Omniscient"

BULBUL                                                             "Hirn Fein Hacken"

ENERGUMEN                                                      "Void Spiritualism" 7"

ASCENDED DEAD                                               "Arcane Malevolence" 7"

GHOULGOTHA                                                    "Prophetic Oration of Self" 7"

KURNUGIA                                                         "Tribulations of the Abyss" 7"


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This week I go for a ride on the sleazy side of town and pick up a furry prostitute by the name of GOATWHORE! She looks kinda freaky with those horns and that beard but wow, what a trip! Actually, this Louisiana-based band have been stalking the Earth for 16 years now and have produced some vile and vicious works, including their latest "Constricting Rage of the Merciless". I also took time out to talk to their loquacious frontman, BEN FALGOUST, who had plenty to say! In this interview we take a trip down memory lane not only into the past of Goatwhore but the great days of the metal scene before the Internet. Lots of fun reading there! We also examine the recording philosophy behind the new album and talk about some influences on the band that may not be that obvious. Get your condoms out and read the interview HERE!

Yes, things are slow currently at Wormwood and there are many personal obstacles to face, but we hope to have some major annoucements soon. I know that our buddy THE GREAT SUN JESTER grabbed a chat with none other than ERIC WAGNER, former singer of TROUBLE and current crooner for BLACKFINGER so that will be upcoming for sure, along with my talk with guitarist AXEL RITT of GRAVEDIGGER. We also have SGT DETH's critique of the Rockstar Mayhem Fest coming...

The Torture Chamber this week is pretty dark, you'll want to bring a torch when you step inside...

TOMBS                                                              "Savage Gold"

GOATWHORE                                                     "Constricting Rage of the Merciless"

HUMUT TABAL                                                    "The Dark Emperor ov The Shadow Realm"

MORTALS                                                           "Cursed To See The Future"

INCARNATED                                                      "Try Before Die"

MIND                                                                 "Save Yourself From Hell"

SEPTICFLESH                                                     "Titan"


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With a tear in my eye, I write my in-depth review of the fourth and final edition of DAYS OF THE DOOMED, the finest doom/stoner fest in the Midwest. This year's DOTD was the best, with sets by TROUBLE, JEX THOTH, AGE OF TAURUS and ORODRUIN, amongst many others. I cover the whole event and pay tribute to MERCYFUL MIKE SMITH, the organizer of this gathering of gloom. There are plenty of exclusive pics included as well. You can get the post-mortem right HERE. Bow your heads in solemn tribute to Days of the Doomed...

My Wormwood Files article on the bizarre case of EDWARD MORDRAKE is complete and will be appearing soon. I can also confirm I snagged an interview with Germany's morbid soldiers of true metal, GRAVE DIGGER! I am trying hard as hell to keep interesting articles going for you humanoids every week but it is not easy. There may be a week or two where we are quiet here at Wormwood Labs but be patient, we will have plenty of miscellaneous madness for you in the future!

One part of Wormwood that will never close is the Torture Chamber. Always plenty of victims there! Here's this week's bunch...

CRUSADER                                           "Onward Into Battle"

GRAVE DIGGER                                    "Return of the Reaper"

FROM HELL                                          "Ascent From Hell"

INCANTATION                                      "Dirges of Elysium"

CUTTHROATS 9                                    "Dissent"

EMPTINESS                                          "Nothing But The Whole"


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This week, Wormwood's space warrior DARK STARR heads to the Great White North to grill what may be Canada's best prog rock band since Rush: DRUCKFARBEN! This unit with the strange German name has been opening a lot of eyes with their latest album "Second Sound", which Starr himself describes as one of the best mergers of classic and modern prog ever made. He meets up with guitarist ED BERNARD to find out what's going in Toronto, how these guys came up with their signature sound and what kind of a "fantasy festival" they would put together. You can join in on the fun HERE!

We have quite a juicy selection of Torture Chamber reviews this week, covering a lot of stylistic ground and featuring some prominent names. Behold...

MARTY FRIEDMAN                                                           "Inferno"

VALLENFYRE                                                                   "Splinters"

ORIGIN                                                                          "Omnipresent"

KING OF ASGARD                                                           "Karg"

OCTOBER FILE                                                               "The Application of Loneliness..."

TANKARD                                                                      "R.I.B."


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My Wormwood travels have taken me to strange places to meet equally strange characters, but never have I ventured into the radiation-blasted hell of the world after atomic holocaust. That's where you must go to meet MAZATHOTH, INHALATOR II and WOLF-RAMI, otherwise known as NIGHTSATAN. These three bizarre beings inhabit the same kind of wasteland that Mad Max does but their weapons are synthesizers instead of shotguns and crossbows. Nightsatan plays eerie synthetic soundscapes dedicated to the world after the bomb. They are also movie stars and have released a short film based on their insane adventures, entitled "Nightsatan and the Loops of Doom". I put on my rad-suit and talked to all three of the synth-warriors. The result was one of the most fun group-chats in the history of Wormwood! Grab your Geiger Counter and join the fun HERE!

While we're on the subject of holocaust, see if you can withstand the hell of this week's extra large Torture Chamber!

DWELLERS                                                                 "Pagan Fruit"

CANNABIS CORPSE                                                     "From Wisdom To Baked"

PILLORY                                                                     "Evolutionary Miscarriage"

ZGARD                                                                       "Contemplation"

MORDBRAND                                                              "Imago"

SEVENDUST                                                               "Time Travelers and Bonfires"

HOLLOW                                                                    "Mordrake"

VANHELGD                                                                 "Relics of Sulphur Salvation"

SKINFATHER                                                               "None Will Mourn"

INFEST                                                                       "Cold Blood War"


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This week, we REALLY cross the lines of good taste here at Wormwood Chronicles as we grab our shovels and head out to the graveyard to uncover all the horrid facts about films inspired by body snatchers and grave robbing ghouls! First we take a look at the real life crimes of the two most notorious grave robbers of all time, BURKE AND HARE! Then we take an in-depth look at films inspired by their exploits, especially 1945's "The Body Snatcher" with BORIS KARLOFF, 1959's "The Flesh and The Fiends" with PETER CUSHING and 1985's "The Doctor And The Devils" with TIMOTHY DALTON! If you have enough nerve, join us on our midnight expedition HERE!

I can finally confirm that we will have a great interview with former TROUBLE frontman, current BLACKFINGER singer and all-around doom icon ERIC WAGNER! I'm also going to be doing the next Wormwood Files about the man cursed with two faces, EDWARD MORDRAKE! Plus interviews with NIGHTSATAN, GOATWHORE and DRUCKFARBEN on the way.

Lots of cool Torture Chamber material on the way, too. But first, here's this week's crazed collection...

EYEHATEGOD                                                                "Eyehategod"

BLOODY HAMMERS                                                        "Under Satan's Sun"

AXEGRESSOR                                                                "Last"

GREENLEAF                                                                   "Trails and Passes"

SHAVED WOMEN                                                            "Just Death"

METSATOLL                                                                   "Karajajuht"


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OK, Worm-fiends, you've probably heard the name RANDY KASTNER before if you're a regular reader of this site. The man is a true wizard at putting together worthy underground metal shows in Southern Wisconsin. I have reviewed a lot of them here, including the recent NYDM SPRING BASH 2014...a show which almost never came to be! I thought it would be cool to speak to one of the hard-working dudes who bust their hump to put on the great shows we all enjoy. What's the secret to success in this tough business? What were some of Randy's favorite bands to work with? What is it about "pay to play" promoters he detests? Find about all this...and also Randy's inspiring battle against serious illness...right HERE...but don't tell the old grump I sent you!

It's time for another extra large helping of the Torture Chamber, packed with nutritious underground goodies of all shapes and sizes. Dig in...

DUST BOLT                                                      "Awake The Riot"

VADER                                                             "Tibi et Igni"

ASTRA (it)                                                        "Broken Balance"

MEKONG DELTA                                                "In A Mirror Darkly"

GHOUL                                                             "Hang Ten"

XANIMA                                                            "Prototype: Homo Sapiens"

NEAR DEATH CONDITION                                   "Evolving Towards Extinction"

CLARK COLBORN                                               "Frank Made Me Do It"

CEMETERY LUST                                                "Orgies of Abomination"


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This week finds Lord Randall in his element, that being the world of medieval grandeur which is the realm of Swedish melodic metal masters FALCONER. He visits the castle of STEFAN WEINERHALL, the lord and master of Falconer to learn more of this underrated band. He discovers why Falconer doesn't particularly care for the touring lifestyle, how they have coped with changes in frontman and what motivates them to continue despite not getting the recognition they are due. Ye may sample the wit of Lord Randall and Baron Weinerhall HERE.

Add GOATWHORE to the list of bands we've snagged an interview with. I've been after these furry prostitutes for a long time and I've finally bagged them! Also get ready for a bittersweet review of the final DAYS OF THE DOOM festival in Milwaukee, featuring TROUBLE, STONE MAGNUM, JEX THOTH and many others.

This week's Torture Chamber will take you to some strange places, like the post-atomic wasteland of Finland after the bomb and also Pakistan!

PORTRAIT                                                     "Crossroads"

SERPENTINE PATH                                         "Emanations"

MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS                    "Jamat-al-Maut"

NIGHTSATAN                                                 "Nightsatan And the Loops of Doom"

DELAIN                                                         "The Human Contradiction"

COLTSBLOOD                                                "Into the Unfathomable Abyss"

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