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Early every February, the fiends at Wormwood take time to assemble lists of their favorite musical monstrosities from the previous year and present them to you humanoids. The time has come for the 2015 edition! You can see what tickled our fancy HERE. And as a special treat, I present the #1 choices of each Worm-scribe below. You'll see it's a pretty diverse bunch!

DARK STARR                                  STATE URGE                                        "Confrontation"

COLONEL ANGUS                           IRON MAIDEN                                      "The Book of Souls"

SGT. DETH                                      SLAYER                                                 "Repentless"

THRASH-HEAD                               KISKE/SOMERVILLE                             "City Of Heroes"

PROFESSOR JOCKO                        ADRENALINE MOB                                "Dearly Departed"

DR. ABNER MALITY                        LIGHTNING BOLT                                  "Fantasy Empire"

THERON MOORE                             RAM                                                        "Svbversvm"

THE GREAT SUN JESTER                 PENTAGRAM                                          "Curious Volume"

THOR                                               ANTIGAMA                                             "The Insolent"

OCTOPI MILLS                                MY DYING BRIDE                                   "Feel The Misery"

LORD RANDALL                               BLACK BREATH                                      "Slaves Beyond Death"

And in addition to the lists above, we have our regularly scheduled Torture Chamber, which features perhaps a few contenders for Best of 2016!

PRONG                                                    "X-No Absolutes"

TEXTURES                                                "Phenotype"

AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED                         "Arc"

LYCUS                                                     "Chasms"

UNDER THE CHURCH                                  "Rabid Armageddon"

BOMBS OF HADES                                      "Death Mask Replica"

PEACE KILLERS                                          "Peace Killers"


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It's time to head back to that nostalgic killing field of Camp Crystal Lake. We're on our way to talk to Mr. ARI LEHMAN, who also happened to be the very first person to portray the beloved but murderous JASON VOORHEES! Ari played Jason before the young fiend ever found that hockey mask! But since that fateful day in 1980, he's gone on to front his own unique horror-metal band FIRST JASON! I managed to keep sharp objects away as I asked Ari what it was like to be at the birth of a legend, what his relationship with the late BETSY PALMER was like, what Jason means to him personally and also about the musical mayhem he's been spreading the last couple of decades. Put on your splatter-proof bib and prepare to get slashed HERE!

Next week should see our annual TOP 10 OF 2015 lists from the Wormwood writers. As usual, we went down to the wire getting submissions, but they're in and next week you get to see what us scum thought of 2015 musically. Always a fun time! Also, working on getting some new interviews...more to follow!

This week's edition of the Torture Chamber is one of our expanded versions, bursting at the seams with the fruit of the underground! And we have the first review from a NEW writer known only as MOON BEAST!

SECRETS OF THE MOON                                          "Sun"

PRIMAL FEAR                                                        "Rulebreaker"

COAL CHAMBER                                                     "Rivals"

MAGIC CIRCLE                                                      "Journey Blind"

MILLARIUM                                                           "First Blood Running"

SANKTUARY                                                          "Winter's Doom"

ABHORRENT                                                          "Intransigence"

DIVIDED MULTITUDE                                              "Divided Multitude"

PURTENANCE                                                         "To Spread The Flame of Ancients"


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The invasion has begun! From the depths of the cosmos, SPACE INVADERS have launched their attack! And the first target is Wormwood Laboratories! DARK STARR braves their fire and interviews three members of Europe's reigning space rock kings about their past, present and future! He speaks to BAAL BRAIN, PAUL POTT and DIRK JAN MUELLER and tries to find out what makes them tick. The answers are pretty odd and even a little spacy, so take your protein pill, put your helmet on and check it out HERE!

We should have a new member of the Worm Crew headed your way next week Prepare for the first strike from MOON BEAST!

The Torture Chamber now beckons with the latest reviews! Dare you refuse the invitation?

CORRECTIONS HOUSE                                         "Know How To Carry A Whip"

BAPHOMET'S BLOOD                                           "In Satan We Trust"

EXUMER                                                            "The Raging Tides"

CLOAK OF ALTERING                                           "Manifestation"

VOICE OF RUIN                                                  "Born Of The Dark"

MUTILATED BY ZOMBIES                                      "Decimation Sentence"

TALES OF THE TOMB                                            "Volume 1: Morpras"


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Here's an interview you can put in the "dead file"! The body of CHRIS REIFERT, drummer and vocalist of long-time death metal sickos AUTOPSY, was recently delivered here to Wormwood Laboratories, where I proceeded to revive the corpse and then interrogate the subject. For a dead man, Chris was pretty humorous and had a lot to say about how Autopsy sticks to its guns and keeps spreading the sickness. If you like your metal nice and sick, I would suggest you don't pass this chat up. Click HERE and let the inquest begin!

And now the big news I was hinting about last week. The Good Doctor has managed to nab not one but two major interviews that will appear shortly here at Wormwood! First, I talked to "THE DEMOLITION MAN" TONY DOLAN from VENOM INC. about the genesis of this band containing 2/3 of the original VENOM as well as Tony himself. That was a really cool chat you don't want to miss! And I also grabbed an interview with RALF SCHEEPERS from the German true metal masters, PRIMAL FEAR! In addition, we've got a great tribute to the late great LEMMY KILMISTER coming up! More to follow...

It now seems fitting to introduce a super-sized version of the Torture Chamber, with musical styles all across the underground map...

SAXON                                                               "Battering Ram"


CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX                                     "Dark New Age"

MAMMOTH STORM                                                "Fornjot"

LIBERTY'S EXILES                                                "The Price of Immortality"

FROZEN OCEAN                                                   "The Prowess of Dormition"

BLOOD OF THE WOLF                                            "I: The Law of Retaliation"

SILENT LINE                                                        "Shattered Shores"

THE OXFORD COMA                                               "Paris Is Mine!"


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What's it like to have a huge imagination and ambitious ideas but no money to bring them to life? For DAVID L. HEWITT, the answer was "to hell with money, go ahead and do it anyway"! The story of this multi-talented Hollywood creator is all about overcoming obstacles. In recent years, Mr. Hewitt has risen to become a respected member of Hollywood's special effects fraternity. But we look here at his early days and crazy low budget films like the abysmal King Kong knock-off 'THE MIGHTY GORGA' and the spaced-out reimagining of "The Wizard of Oz" known as "THE WIZARD OF MARS". We look at the fun days of Dave's career in depth HERE and you can join us for the ride!

Should have some big news concerning interviews coming up shortly! Also a possible new Worm-crew member! And I can confirm the next Wormwood Files will be about the baleful BATSQUATCH! More news next week.

We have a Torture Chamber with all first time victims...a veritable plethora of wild new music for you to explore!

NIGHT VIPER                                                       "Night Viper"

MARASMUS                                                          "Conjuring Enormity"

SEER                                                                  "Volumes 1 & 2"

DRACONIAN                                                         "Sovran"

REVENGE                                                             "Behold Total Rejection"

EYE OF NIX                                                          "Moros"


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Another year starts here at Wormwood Laboratories and we kick it off with a revealing interview with one of America's most enduring metal acts, the mighty PENTAGRAM! THE GREAT SUN JESTER has a very personal chat with guitarist VICTOR GRIFFIN that you're sure to find illuminating. Victor talks about the issues of reconciling his Christian faith with a band called Pentagram, the unique relationship he has with Bobby Liebling and the genesis of the latest album entiled "Curious Volume". It's our second talk with Mr. Griffin, but this one is centered firmly on Pentagram and explores the 40 year legacy of that great band. Read it HERE!

2016 also starts off with an overstuffed version of the Torture Chamber featuring some pretty dark and brutal music!

GOROD                                                       "A Maze of Recycled Creeds"

DIAVOLOS                                                   "You Lived, Now Die"

INVOCATION SPELLS                                     "Descendant The Black Throne"

AEVANGELIST                                              "Enthrall to the Void of Bliss"

MANEGARM                                                 "Manegarm"

PIGS                                                          "Wronger"

D.O.A.                                                        "Hard Rain Falling"

HAMMER HORDE                                           "Fed To The Wolves"

MELTED SPACE                                             "The Great Lie"

SEPULCHER                                                 "Mausoleum Tapestry"


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Since we rebooted the Wormwood Chronicles website several years back, we've been updating the site almost every week. This is the 300th post on our front page since that time. Whether you are a new Worm-fiend or a devoted follower, we are glad you're here. This week's update is pretty quiet due to the holiday season and some pressing life changes for Ye Olde Doctor. I can tell you that coming up immediately will be interviews with AUTOPSY, PENTAGRAM and SPACE INVADERS, as well as a look at low budget SF director DAVID L. HEWITT. Plus the always interesting WORMWOOD TOP 10 lists for 2015. So there's that to look forward to and more...

I have a heavy heart as I write this. Unless you live in a septic tank, you've heard the news that LEMMY KILMISTER of MOTORHEAD has passed away at the age of 70. What an amazing rock and roll life he lived. You can be sure we will do some kind of tribute here at Wormwood. There will never be another like him!

The final Torture Chamber of 2015 brings us the welcome return of RUSTY COFFINNAILS and a wonderfully wild selection of reviews!

VARG                                                         "The End Of All Lies"

SUNN 0)))                                                   "Kannon"

RAM                                                           "Svbversvm"

VISION OF DISORDER                                   "Razed To The Ground"

AFFLICTION GATE                                         "Dying Alone"

SAVAGE                                                       "7/Loose N Lethal"


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One of the more interesting bands that the Good Doctor has heard in the last few years is THY CATAFALQUE, the avant-garde metal creation of one TAMAS KATAI. Originally from Hungary but now based in Scotland, this man has managed to combine electronic ambience, European folk influences, pounding metal of all varieties and even some techno to create something very unique and instantly identifiable. His latest masterpiece under the Thy Catafalque name is "Sgurr" and I figured that it's release was a good occasion to pick Mr. Katai's brains and learn the secrets of this one-of-a-kind outfit. You can find out some of his surprising answers HERE.

The year is coming to an end and the holidays are nigh, so all here at Wormwood wish you pathetic scum the very best season possible!

We also have some festive and seasonal goodies in the Torture Chamber for you, as you can see below!

VASTUM                                                     "Hole Below"

GRONHOLM                                                 "Relativity Code For Love"

GLORYHAMMER                                            "Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards"

TWITCHING TONGUES                                  "Disharmony"

SPECTRAL LORE                                           "Gnosis"

WHISKEY RITUAL                                         "Blow For The Devil"

BLACKOSH                                                  "Whores, Booze and Black Metal"


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The day after Thanksgiving is commonly known as Black Friday. And so it was for SGT. DETH this year. But not because of any ridiculous shopping deals...because the Sarge headed into Chicago to witness KING DIAMOND and EXODUS in concert! Being the good soldier he is, he brought back this recon report on the activities there, including a visit from GRANDMA! Read all about the festivities and check out exclusive pics HERE!

DARK STARR has reported in from the far reaches of the universe and tells me that he grabbed an interview with the galactic space rockers known as SPACE INVADERS! So that's another upcoming goody you can look forward to. We might be making some adjustments to the Wormcrew in the near future...stay tuned for details. Other things coming up soon include interviews with AUTOPSY, THY CATAFALQUE and FIRST JASON!

Got a very wide-ranging selection of reviews in the Torture Chamber this time out!

NUCLEAR                                                            "Formula For Anarchy"

MIRROR                                                              "Mirror"

AUTOPSY                                                            "Skull Grinder"

FLIGHT                                                               "Flight"

TYRANNY                                                            "Aeons In Tectonic Interment"

THE CARBURETORS                                              "Laughing In the Face of Death"


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There have been a lot of cool interviews here at Wormwood Laboratories lately but I have to say this one is a special favorite. I have a heart-to-heart with Mr. LEE DORRIAN, one of the most respected names ever in the doom metal field. After the breakup of his monumental band CATHEDRAL, Lee has now put together a new bone crushing project called WITH THE DEAD, featuring the contributions of former ELECTRIC WIZARD members TIM BAGSHAW and MARK GREENING. Lee tells us how this unusual band came to be and a lot more. We hear about the hard times following the end of Cathedral, the harsh clash with Electric Wizard and the long hard road to success of his doom metal label RISE ABOVE RECORDS. This is a long heartfelt discussion that covers a lot of ground and you can savor it HERE!

I'm tickled a bright and ugly shade of pink to tell you humanoids I've also managed to grab an interview with the disgusting CHRIS REIFERT from death metal psychopaths AUTOPSY. That will be turning your stomachs here very shortly. We've also swung a chat with none other than ARI LEHMAN of FIRST JASON...not only was he the very first guy to play homicidal goalie JASON VOORHEES in the movies but he also plays in a very successful metal/punk band!And I can confirm my next film article will look at the career of DAVID L. HEWITT, "The Wizard of Zero"!

And to keep things nice and festive, let head into the Torture Chamber and see what grisly delights await us there...

HOODED MENACE                                                   "Darkness Drips Forth"

GRAVE                                                                  "Out of Respect For The Dead"

KRONOS                                                               "Arise New Era"

42 DECIBEL                                                           "Rolling In Town"

CHRISTIAN MISTRESS                                            "To The Death"

NAR MATTARU                                                       "Ancient Atomic Warfare"

GRAVE RITUAL                                                      "Morbid Throne"

SACRIFICIUM CARMEN                                           "Ikuisen Tulen Kammlossa"

FUCK THE FACTS                                                   "Desire Will Rot"

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