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Make sure your gas masks are on for this week's main Wormwood feature. LORD RANDALL bravely entered the lair of shooting star Swedish death metal miscreants STENCH and the smell almost knocked him out! The Lord hooked up with guitarist/vocalist JONATHAN HULTEN to find out what makes the forward-thinking Stench so different from many of their more "retro" minded Swedish compatriots and how their new album "Venture" differs from past output. It's a short but penetrating inquiry with a rising new scent in the world of dismal death...investigate more HERE!

The Lord has been busy lately! He also grabbed a chat with indescribable New Mexican weirdos OLD MAN GLOOM! That will be upcoming soon, along with 1349, Dog Fashion Disco, Jeff "Oly" Olson and more! Wrestling fans take note! I'll be doing a live report on the upcoming STATELINE PRO WRESTLING show featuring SABU and ROB CONWAY and also a concert report on epic metal masters MANILLA ROAD! More interesting tidbits to be revealed...

The fiends are never finished with their foul deeds in the Wormwood Torture Chamber. This week brings yet more victims!

MAUSOLEUM GATE                                                           "Mausoleum Gate"

EXODUS                                                                          "Blood In, Blood Out"

TODAY IS THE DAY                                                           "Animal Mother"

WHITE EMPRESS                                                              "Rise of the Empress"

HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS                                                  "Big Trouble"

WOLVHAMMER                                                                 "Claw Into Black Sun"


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I'm proud to present one of the best and most affecting interviews we've ever done at Wormwood Chronicles. I had the chance to speak to bassist CASEY ORR of Texas thrash legends RIGOR MORTIS and we spent quite a bit of time talking about two of Casey's great friends that have passed on...MIKE SCACCIA and DAVE BROCKIE, aka ODERUS URUNGUS. Mike got his start with Rigor Mortis and his last recorded work appears on their "comeback" (and sadly last) album "Slaves To The Grave". He also found great success in MINISTRY and REVOLTING COCKS. As for Mr. Brockie, Casey once played the part of BEEFCAKE THE MIGHTY in GWAR and got to know the maniacal mastermind of the Antarctic mutants that way. Casey really opens up about his relationswith both men, how their deaths devastated him and what their legacy is. He also reminisces about the glory days of Texas heavy metal and the general hard luck of Rigor Mortis. He's one hell of a nice Texas gentleman and you can read all his had to say right HERE.

There is some cool stuff headed your way at Wormwood. I can now confirm a brand new interview with SEIDEMANN of Norwegian black metal hellions 1349 is in the works! I also grabbed something with TODD SMITH of crazy funk/jazz/psycho metallers DOG FASHION DISCO. LORD RANDALL grabbed a chat with fast rising Swedish degenerates STENCH and THE GREAT SUN JESTER should have another one of his patented bull sessions with former TROUBLE drummer JEFF "OLY" OLSON. I'm also doing a new Wormwood Files on the exorcism of ANNELIESE MICHEL. Should have some more interviews soon!

Another big time edition of the Torture Chamber is yours to behold. Click below to begin your journey...

OBITUARY                                                     "Inked In Blood"

1349                                                             "Massive Cauldron of Chaos"

REVOCATION                                                 "Deathless"

MADROST                                                      "Into the Aquatic Sector"

ORANGE GOBLIN                                            "Back From The Abyss"

PRINCIPALITY OF HELL                                   "Fire And Brimstone"


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Let's jump in the VW Minibus and travel back to SoCal in the early 70's. We're going to meet a very important person...a foreign dignitary with class and a lot of money. There's only one problem...HE'S DEAD! I'm talking about the one and only COUNT YORGA, the bloodthirsty Bulgarian vampire who brought old school horror to the hip and happening shore of Southern California. The Count was one of the leading monsters of that long ago era and he was brought to life by actor ROBERT QUARRY, who enjoyed brief stardom due to that portrayal. I try to shine a light on Quarry and the popularity of Yorga HERE...join me if you dare!

Right now, Wormwood is going through a period where it will either produce a lot of cool new stuff or retreat back into the shadows. Which way will it go? Should have a better idea by next week. Working on some interesting things but can't reveal much because it's not a sure thing. I'd like to keep WC going but I can kind of see the end if things don't pick up.

More Torture Chamber follies for you this week and it's a pretty gruesome bunch this time....

ELECTRIC WIZARD                                                       "Time To Die"

COLUMNS                                                                    "Please Explode"

IRON REAGAN                                                              "The Tyranny of Will"

THOSE WHO BRING THE TORTURE                                 "Piling Up"

ZODIAC                                                                       "Sonic Child"

ABYSMAL LORD                                                            "Storm of Unholy Black Mass"

MUTILATED VETERANS                                                  "Necro Crust Warhead"


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Time for a little trip to a place where everything is dry except the imagination. Our guide is THE GREAT SUN JESTER and he takes us into the California desert to chat with the master of heavy yet laid-back rock, JOHN GARCIA. Now this is a man who has been active in almost as many bands as there is cactus plants in the Mojave, including UNIDA, HERMANO, the most recent VISTA CHINO and of course, the renowned KYUSS. Even that's not enough, because he's got a smoking new solo album out bearing his name. It was an excellent time for GSJ to check in with Mr. Garcia and find out what drives him. The result is another patented interrogation with top notch quality and if you can stand the heat, you can read it HERE!

We've also got an extra big dose of Torture Chamber fever if you can handle it!

CANNIBAL CORPSE                                "A Skeletal Domain"

RIGOR MORTIS                                     "Slaves To The Grave"

HAMMERFALL                                        "(r) Evolution"

KEITZER                                               "The Last Defence"

AMERICAN                                            "Coping With Loss"

HORNED ALMIGHTY                               "World of Tombs"

COUNT BEETLE                                      "The Sleeping Keep"

PROTOKULT                                           "No Beer In Heaven"

SHARDS OF HUMANITY                           "Fractured Frequencies"


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We've got a harrowing tale for you this week at Wormwood. What's it like to come to the edge of death's abyss and not fall in? That's what I ask HELMUTH of the Austrian war machine BELPHEGOR! We've talked to this demonic gentleman before but never like this. Helmuth was nearly crippled and killed by a bout with typhoid, but after 8 agonizing months of recovery, he returned to the fiery blackened death of Belphegor and their ferocious new album "Conjuring The Dead". Nobody is unscathed by an incident like this. Find out Helmuth's brush with death affected his thinking and approach to the band. This is a very personal journey into the dark heart of one of extreme metal's most notorious characters and you can read it HERE!

We've also got a pretty brutal collection of Torture Chamber reviews for you this time around! Keep your head low when you check these out!

DECAPITATED                                                                     "Blood Mantra"

MEGATON LEVIATHAN                                                         "Past 21 The Arctic Cell"

AEVANGELIST                                                                     "Writhes In The Murk"

DEATH PENALTY                                                                  "Death Penalty"

ATARA/ MISERABLE FAILURE                                                "Hang Them"

CROSS EXAMINATION                                                          "Dawn of the Dude"


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The world of American heavy rock would be a lot different without the input of VICTOR GRIFFIN. For years, he's been the guitar architect of the legendary band PENTAGRAM...a band he has just recently rejoined! He's also added his soulful playing to the deeply spiritual music of A PLACE OF SKULLS and is now contributing to a classic rock oriented band IN-GRAVED! Our doom master THE GREAT SUN JESTER recently had an extremely personal and revealing chat with Mr. Griffin where he spoke honestly about his approach to art, his "realistic" take on his Christian faith and his amazing career. If you enjoyed GSJ's recent interviews with ERIC WAGNER of BLACKFINGER and BRUCE WARTELL of TROUBLE, you will surely enjoy this one. Dig into it HERE!
And of course, we have more Torture Chamber reviews for you to peruse! Here they are...
CARDINAL WYRM                              "Black Hole Gods"
STRIKER                                         "City of Gold"
NAZARETH                                      "Rock N Roll Telephone"
HOD                                              "Book of the Worm"
DRUNK DAD                                    "Ripper Killer"
DYING OUT FLAME                           "Shiva Rudrastakam"


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Excuse the delay in getting this Wormpost up, but I spent the last week trudging through the Badlands of South Dakota with a posse on my trail! Enough of that! Let's take a look instead at the fine interview that DARK STARR has conducted with the very intriguing prog metal project TELERGY! Telergy is the brainchild of one ROBERT MCCLUNG and Starr gets to pick Mr. McClung's brain to find out what makes this outfit so unique. Mr. McClung is a talkative and intelligent guy, so you'll be sure to enjoy the interview which you can investigate HERE!

Many long-time Worm-fiends know about the tremendous setbacks and obstacles suffered by our former contributor EARTHDOG aka Lance Barnard. After a brief return to his homeland of Australia, ED is now back in the States but his condition is grave. To be blunt, he is suffering from a terminal condition and he doesn't have a cent in the world. Some friends have seen to it that he will have a roof over his head during these dreadful days, but expenses are beyond belief and ED and friends need all the financial help they can get. Here is a fund where you can contribute to making his remaining time a little more comfortable and stress-free. I hope you will give generously as I have. Here's the link to the fund:  https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/dxd5/ed-barnard-emergency-food-and-housing-fundraiser?utm_source=facebook

Now for the latest Torture Chamber updates!!!

DRAGONFORCE                                                       "Maximum Overload"

OVERKILL                                                               "White Devil Armory"

KRIEG                                                                    "Transient"

ION VEIN                                                                "Ion Vein"

BOLZER                                                                  "Soma"

KHTHONIK CERVIIKS                                               "Heptaedrone"

RABBITS                                                                 "Untoward"


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This week's edition of Wormwood brings us an enlightening conversation with MIKE SCHEIDT of the epic doom masters YOB, among others! YOB is one of the most consistently interesting and challenging heavy bands of the modern generation, coming up with their own immense interpretation of metal and offering music that enlarges the brain with thought as opposed to killing it with blood, alcohol and destruction. How does Mike balance the two opposing sides of YOB? What's his take on spirituality in metal and who are some of the artists that inspire him? You can find out HERE in a very cool chat with this thoughtful and well-spoken representative of the arts of high volume!

We will have an interview with VICTOR GRIFFIN pretty soon as well as BELPHEGOR's HELMUTH! Also preparing perhaps the most far-flung interview I've ever conducted, from a country hardly known for any kind of Western music, much less metal. More to come on that. And look out for a new article examining the bloody legacy of ROBERT QUARRY and COUNT YORGA!

Now for the Torture Chamber entries for this week...

TORN THE FUCK APART                                           "Sexually Transmitted Torture"

ACCEPT                                                                  "Blind Rage"

STEAK                                                                    "Slab City"

VARGA                                                                    "Return of the Metal"

GLASSHAMMER                                                        "Ode To Echo"

MARTYRDOD                                                            "Elddop"


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This week's edition of Wormwood has got it all! First, it gives me tremendous pride to present one of the best interviews ever to appear in these hallowed halls, GREAT SUN JESTER's penetrating interrogation of ERIC WAGNER! The former TROUBLE and current BLACKFINGER/SKULL frontman lays it all down in this one. The interview covers the decision to leave TROUBLE, the difficulty of staying creative, the legalization of marijuana and even the search for God! Don't take my word for it...read this great chat HERE and prepare to go deep inside a truly gifted mind!

That's not all! SGT. DETH took a trip to the Rockstar Mayhem Fest and files this brief live report with us. Who ruled and who drooled? Special attention is paid to CANNIBAL CORPSE, BODY COUNT and TRIVIUM! Get the dope HERE!

And to top it all off, we have an extra large version of the Torture Chamber for you to dig into. Prepare to examine these nuggets...

MALPRACTICE                                                                     "Turning Tides"

YOB                                                                                    "Clearing the Path To Ascend"

BLACK ANVIL                                                                       "Hail Death"

CARDINALS FOLLY                                                               "Our Cult Continues!"

MIDNIGHT                                                                           "No Mercy For Mayhem"

THE GREAT SABATINI                                                           "Dog Years"

JOHN WILKES BOOTH                                                           "Useless Lucy"

DEVANGELIC                                                                       "Resurrection Denied"

STERILE JETS                                                                      "Liquor Store"


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This week finds me in one of my favorite habitats...a dreary old cemetery. There I get to hook up with guitarist AXEL RITT of Germany's veteran metal manaics GRAVE DIGGER, who have been stalking the boneyards since 1980! They've just released a back to basics bruiser called "Return of the Reaper" that will get any headbanger's neck sore. Why the return to the more oldschool style? What is it that makes German fans so crazy? Grab a spade and dig up the answers with me HERE!

You can add Austrian demons BELPHEGOR to the list of interviews that will appear here at Wormwood! I guarantee a real interesting read with sinister frontman HELMUTH, who talks candid about his brush with death and other subjects. Plus, interview with VICTOR GRIFFIN, YOB, ERIC WAGNER and TELERGY are all on the way.

An interesting Torture Chamber awaits you this week, with a pretty wide variety of acts to consider...

ALESTORM                                                                   "Sunset On The Golden Age"

CORRUPT MORAL ALTAR                                                "Mechanical Tides"

CASTLE                                                                        "Under Siege"

ENGLISH DOGS                                                             "The Thing With Two Heads"

BASTARD SAPLING                                                        "Instinct Is Forever"

LILLIAN AXE                                                                  "One Night In The Temple"

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