Interview with author / UFOlogist DR. BRUCE MACCABEE

By Theron Moore

Dr. Maccabee is the author and coauthor  of nearly three dozen technical articles and a hundred plus UFO related articles over the  last 25  years, many of which  have appeared in the MUFON Journal and MUFON Symposium proceedings. 

Maccabee wrote the last chapter of "The Gulf Breeze Sightings" by Edward and Frances Walters (Morrow, 1990) as well as the UFO history chapter of "UFOs: Eugen und Zeichen", published  in Germany, 1995. He and Edward Walters co-wrote, "UFOs  Are  Real,  Here's  The  Proof",  (Avon Books, 1997), authored The  UFO/FBI Connection (Llewellyn Books,  May,  2000) and the novel,  "Abduction  in  My Life",  (November,  2000).  He’s mentioned  in “Who's Who in Technology Today” and “American Men  and  Women  of  Science”  and has  made many appearances on radio, TV shows  and documentaries.

WORMWOOD CHRONICLES: Let’s go way back. Can you tell me about NICAP and how you came to join the organization? As I understand it there were MJ-12 members involved in  this  organization,  is that correct  or did  I understand this wrong?

BRUCE MACCABEE: I joined in 1968(?) because I had read about it in some UFO books and because it was not far from where I was going to school (American University, Washington DC) There were a  couple of CIA guys who were on the board of control at various times. The only potential MJ member was Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter who resigned from the board in 1962(?)

WC:And even before joining NICAP, what got you interested in Ufology? Did you have an eyewitness experience, did you see something you couldn’t explain?

BM: No experience but read some books and was aware of the news stories about UFO sightings in 1965 and 66

WC: During your time working at the Naval  Ordinance  Laboratory in Maryland  did  you ever see or hear anything related to UFOs and the military, specifically, a Navy  connection?  Did  you  see documents  / evidence  related  to this,  maybe  encounter people who were involved in this?

BM: One guy gave me a copy of the report he had written about his sighting. Not aware of any Navy documents at NOL which became NSWC.

WC: Again,  during  this  time  period  where you  worked  at  the  Naval  Ordinance Laboratory  in Maryland did you ever hear Area 51 or Dulce  or Raven  Rock  or  Greenbrier mentioned?  Was there ever any mention or conversations regarding D.U.M.B.s (Deep Underground Military Bases) on land or underwater?

BM: I heard about Area 51 and Raven Rock and DUMB or Greenbrier, but not in a Navy context. Heard about them in a UFO context along with everyone else.

WC: How did you ultimately come into possession of the infamous FBI "flying disc file” which you’ve referred to as "the REAL X-Files?” Is this a real “smoking gun,” is it something everyone in the UFOlogy world needs to pay attention to?  Could you briefly summarize what’s in these files?

BM: While researching the McMinnville photo case (Trent, 1950) I learned that Trent had been interviewed by the FBI so I requested any UFO documents from the FBI headquarters in DC. They had nothing on Trent but had a lot of pages of docs, mostly from 1947 to 1955.

WC: Since 1990, which UFO  sightings  in  your  opinion,  are  the  most  significant  to  date?  And what about the “Phoenix Lights,” is it significant?

BM: Sightings in Gulf Breeze Florida and vicinity in early 1990’s.  Western Ohio sightings 1995- 1999, Ohio-Indiana police chase (2000?), first part of the Mexican Air Force sighting (radar UFO) 2004, O’Hare Airport 2006. Note that I have concentrated on early sightings so am not familiar with all the “recent” stuff. Phoenix Lights significant for the 8:30 flyover (later videotaped sightings probably flares).

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WC: Do you believe in the US Government / Military – ET collusion theory?  Anthony Sanchez, author of "UFO Highway"  believes  there  is  a  collusion  happening  right  now  between  the US military and The Greys at Dulce, New Mexico via testimony  he  received  from  his  mysterious source, “Colonel X.” If so, then what  about  Area  51  and  Edwards  AFB  or  Holloman  AFB and Los Alamos?

BM: I don’t think the military is in collusion with “them” but I think some portion of the military knows what is going on and has known since the late 40’s as demonstrated in my book "The FBI CIA UFO Connection".

WC: Your opinion: Will we ever see a day when full disclosure happens?

BM: I suspect that disclosure will come when “they” decide it is time to disclose.

WC: Final  question: Do  you  see today’s modern UFOlogy  community being  more open and forthright with  one  another  in  terms  of  sharing  information  and  putting  forth solid  ideas and theories or hoarding / spreading  disinformation  all  in  the  name  of  book  deals  and  money  and media  appearances?   Are we doing a good job or not making the grade?

BM: I expect that things will stay about as they are, with ufologists running the gauntlet of skepticism and ufology will be as varied as there are people “doing” ufology.

WC: Any projects, etc. you’d like to mention?

BM: New book:  "Abduction in My Family"…..out soon…