“Video Nasty”

By Dr. Abner Mality

If you’re a sucker for 80’s horror and oldschool Swedish death metal, you’ll probably want to check out Zombie Assault. How these guys escaped the clutches of Razorback Records, I’ll never know, but they’ve got every trademark you’d expect from a band on that label. Obsession with old VHS horror and H.P. Lovecraft, cover art right out of Creepy or Eerie magazine and plenty of sampled bits from their favorite schlock movies. We all know the drill and Zombie Assault are another in a very long line of bands mining this particular territory.

They do get the gnarly old Stockholm guitar sound right. There’s even the cheap kind of feeling that old Swedish demos had. And the riffs are morbid but catchy. They are also very, VERY familiar. If you’re not too picky, cuts like “Mortuary”, “The Eel and the Sword” and “She’s Giving Me The Innsmouth Look” will satisfy your insatiable craving for morbid Swedish death metal. But really, Zombie Assault is just another rotted face in a growing crowd of corpses.