"Flesh Assimilation"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Here is one roaring maelstrom of a chaotic death metal band to rip off your head and kick it into a trash can! I first sampled Zom on an EP about a year and a half ago and was none too impressed with the Irish band's insanely unfocused ruckus. Well, they've learned since then....but not enough to soften their sound!

"Flesh Assimilation" is like being sliced and diced by the skull-faced Martian goons of "Mars Attacks". There's a strong sci-fi element to Zom and the album is stitched together with industrialized retro SF sound effects to prove it. In between those segments, we have an album that sounds like it was recorded inside a blast furnace. Fans of Portal, Krypts and early Bolt Thrower will find this mandatory! A constant raw pounding with interjections of killer mid-paced riffing and roaring monster man vocals is what you ger here. The song "Gates To Beyond" is repeated twice on my promo but is so good I don't mind! A brutal mind-mangler of a song that brings back memories of the early days of Earache Records! Zom has found a better way to structure their songs than on their previous EP. There's still moments of total noise frenzy (especially on "Tombs of the Void) but they are used judiciously instead of being pervasive. The result yields spine-crushing classics like "The Depths" and the title track, which have catchy galloping sections along with utter hell. The dark and cavernous production keeps this definitely on the underground side of the fence.

"Flesh Assimilation" is the real coming out party for Zom. They now will be one of the "true" death metal bands to reckon with....we will all be assimilated. There is no resistance...