By Dr. Abner Mality

The members of Zolle are busy trying to create their own language, if the song titles of their debut record are anything to go by. "Trakthor", "Leequame", "Trynchatowak" and the ever-popular "Moongitruce" all make their appearance here. Such gibberish speaks of unorthodox minds at work...and Zolle lives up to that expectation.

This record has a feeling of delirious happiness to it. It's an instrumental album full of brief, chunky bits of raw, bouncy riffing that put an instant smile on my face. To say these guys are quirky is the understatement of the year. They've come up with a heavy, grungy attack that sounds like a drunken Helmet jamming with a doped up Meshuggah. Lots of weird time signatures, but brilliant catchy riffs abound in each song. Zolle infuse these little chunks of madness with a playful feeling that's infectious. I can't get enough of weird tunes like "Forko" and "Mayale"! It's just fun stuff to listen to!

The album speeds by in a flash and doesn't outstay its welcome...a very wise approach, because this could get tedious if over-exposed. They generally stick to their successful formula faithfully. Only on last cut "Moongitruce" do things get even stranger. This one is even more repetitive and trance-inducing, with woozy riffs finally giving way to a weird krautrock landscape of synthesized chirp and shimmer. The drumming throughout is twisted and off the hook.

I understand Zolle is from Italy and is part of the "Supernatural Cat" crew headed up by members of Ufomammut. That figures, but don't expect a replay of that band here. Zolle is its own happy little animal and one I was most surprised and delighted to meet.