by Octopi Mills

One man Ukrainian music comes to me today which reminds me of some old Norwegian black metal with pagan themes and a more later folk sound. There is use of atmospheric keys, incorporation of many old black metal sounds, then it breaks into a folkish moment, making a cluster of old things, like some soup with various ingredients and decrees of these said flavors. I can predict much after the first track or two, though I cannot outright slander this man, for at least it is not mindless pop music or some hip hop nonsense. It is metal, which I would imagine comes from a fellow who listened to all the old classic black metal albums in wintry times, and had to make his own; a sense of contribution that has been done and done for it's sake, and who can say whether it has merit or not?

Perhaps a memory of Enslaved's second album comes to mind, perhaps a bit of this and that without dropping names; it is this that makes it a wild tasting soup with excessive flavors. It has a wintry sound, a more modern folk metal sound, a black metal approach, all these bells and whistles of what you hear in most of this sort of music always, though however divided by styles and creeds. There are moments that grab onto me, but lose me, as if I have felt it before, in a classic album of the sort, and done better then. This might sound pretentious, but it can be said time and time again, thus making my review plain and too uninteresting because it is not done is such a way to excite praise or give forth great wordy ridicule, which could be seen as a lukewarm broth driveling from a mediocre boil. In this way my review is not worth reading, though we will and must play our parts. This is being said, it is better than much of the black metal made by masters who later lost their way, though this is not a very good point of merit. This happens a lot in this type of music; the apprentices outclassing the masters...and perhaps even in life itself amongst human arts. The more I listen I appreciate it more than a lot of the other stuff I have heard that is newer and more unknown, as it seems to be able to pull off a nice wintry atmosphere with some class, and integrity without being completely boring.

Often when one is sincere in his heart, his music will reach forth to a select few others whom will find it to be a amulet of sorts, and with this approach it will never matter whether or not I ever return to this album or what i say about it here...I think there will be many who enjoy this much greater than most other things floating around in the streams these days.