“Larger Than Death”

By Dr. Abner Mality

I first encountered Zero Down in 2015 with their album “No Limit To The Evil” and found it an enjoyable dose of rough and unpretentious pure heavy metal. Pretty much everything I stated about that album can be cut and pasted in regards to “Larger Than Death”. This is just a fun band to listen to if you want to shut your brain off and jam to some straight heavy metal.

It’s simple and enjoyable music. Between The Buried And Me it is not. Lead singer Hawk has got a raw and lusty voice that reveals some of his punk background. It’s loud hollering with a lot of gusto that tears into tried and true lyrical subjects like cowboy outlaws, demonic fiends and just plain badasses.  Songs like “Mean Machine” and “Lone Wolf” have a very rootsy metal tone that doesn’t rely much on speed or shredding licks. They can kick things up a notch, though, and unleash some fast burners like “Lightning Rod” and “Western Movies”. The best is saved until last with “Horns”, which could not be more metal if it was made of titanium. Great raunchy tune with serious hooks.

Much like their previous album, there are no clunkers or needless ballads here, but also no one song that blows you into next week (the closest being “Horns”).  Zero Down can be relied on for pure crunch and should hopefully reach a few more ears this time out.