"No Limit To The Evil"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Are you ready for some HEAVY METAL?

Not hair-splitting genre stuff, but just pure metal? I suspect Zero Down from Seattle may be able to help you out. This is a musical collision between NWOBHM, sleazy hair metal and stomping AC/DC and/or Motorhead type crunch. I could not bestow classic status upon this record, but it's fun to listen to and unless you're one of those sour types sitting in a basement spray painting pentagrams on everything, it will satisfy your metal tooth.

I sense a few influences beyond the obvious here....some old Y & T, some grimy rawk n roll ala Nashville Pussy, a touch of Thin Lizzy. The vocalist has a very agreeable raw voice that occasionally cuts loose with a high pitched falsetto. Most of the material is mid-paced, crunchy and's not speed metal, that I will tell you right now. None of the songs totally blew me away, but none really disappointed, either. Not too many albums I can say that about. If you're looking for highlights, the opening track "Return of the Godz" is a great introduction to Zero Down with a NWOBHM-meets-Skid Row kind of tune. I also recommend the great sleaze rocker "Steve McQueen" and the fast-burning "Phantom Host". This is one of those rare albums that can unite metalheads across the spectrum. But I still feel that ZD has not reached its peak yet...I think they can operate on a higher level.

Probably an awesome band to see in a dive on a Friday night while nursing a C & C and eyeing the knockers on that barmaid...