By Dr. Abner Mality

Better pack plenty of patchouli if you plan on stepping into Zaum’s world.  Long, slow and boasting more droning chants than a Buddhist convention in Bangkok, these Canadians immerse themselves in head-tripping doom designed for fans of OM, Sleep and Bong. Can you dig it?

To the surprise of none, “Eidolon” is composed of two tracks each one side in length that give you plenty of time to assume the Lotus Position and contemplate the vastness of infinity. Expect nothing to be rushed here….with each track, you have to wait for four minutes plus of somber flutes and chanted mantras before the almighty RIFF checks in. Both songs have a lot of frequent breaks for mellow, Southeast Asian sounds and chants to make themselves known. But when Zaum gets heavy, they don’t do it halfway.

You either have a taste for this stuff or you don’t. I’m right on the bubble with it. There’s no doubt that proper lighting, the correct surroundings and a mule train’s worth of Mary Jane will put you in a better frame to appreciate it.  If you like Buddhist ambient and meditation music, that helps, too.

Armed with this additional wisdom, ascend to the next level with Zaum or just plain zone out.