By Dr. Abner Mality

Here comes the sludge wagon, let's all jump aboard! Lots of that going on lately, so why not Yellowtooth? This band features veterans hailing from such destructive acts as Invasion, Nocturnal Torment and Sea of Tranquility and they can smell money as well as anybody else, hence this new act focusing on filthy sludge metal with a Southern tinge.

Now we aren't exactly starving for more of that, but Yellowtooth keeps it basic and very, very dirty on "Disgust". It's a raw and no pretention example of how this kind of music should be done, with angry, coarse vocals, a thick guitar sound and catchy riffing. Opener "Wizard Dust" (a typical sludge title if ever I heard one) gets things cracking with a chugging kind of sludge, chock full of staccato riffs and Dixie-fried soloing. Quite a few songs in that typical vein, such as "John Wilkes Booth", "Soulstalker" and "On The Trail of Lewis Medlock". But there are some surprises as well..."75 Black Pontiac" emerges as my favorite tune of the set...this is classic heavy 70's rock that's been dragged through the swamp and back not once but several times. The result has hooks so big you just can't resist. "Traitor" shows more of the band's death metal roots, with a very nasty death/sludge crossover. Last track "The 11th Hour" is slightly more melodic and in traditional doom metal fashion, albeit dirty in the typical Yellowtooth style.

In a very over-exposed subgenre, Yellowtooth does just enough to stand out. "Disgust" is recommended if you're into very raw, death-tinged sludge metal. If you're not, then walk on by.